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Hub 1.0.529

Release date:


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Fixed in build: 1.0.507 .. 1.0.529 from JPS

IssueStateDescriptionAssigned to
JPS-3033 FixedMissing team flag for removed roles (Developer, Project Admin)Evgeniy Schepotiev
JPS-3054 FixedReverse Proxy Authentication requiredAlexey Barsov
JPS-3046 FixedNo way to select roles by serviceEvgeniy Schepotiev
JPS-3049 FixedIncorrect error format on merge of undeletable roleEvgeniy Schepotiev
JPS-3032 FixedAdd notes about backup before migrationEkaterina Ivanova
JPS-3002 VerifiedCan't create Active Directory or LDAP Auth ModuleEvgeniy Schepotiev
JPS-3035 FixedHTTP ERROR 405 during login under IIS reverse proxy (Worked in 6.0)Alexey Barsov
JPS-3003 FixedAfter migrating YouTrack 6.5 to external hub I can't see all users in HUBEvgeniy Schepotiev
JPS-3048 FixedFailed to restart HUBEvgeniy Schepotiev

Hub 1.0.507

Release date:

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Fixed in build: 1.0.529 .. 1.0.583 from JPS

IssueStateDescriptionAssigned to
JPS-3110 Fixed[object Object] is shown in field Project for All Users groupMaxim Erekhinskiy
JPS-3083 FixedPermissionQuery.canAccess() false positiveMaxim Mazin
JPS-3079 FixedOn sync do not check allSynced flagEvgeniy Schepotiev
JPS-2905 FixedMembers of a group are shown among new member candidatesMaxim Erekhinskiy
JPS-2657 FixedHub-2-Hub migration improvementsEvgeniy Schepotiev
JPS-1135 FixedGetting startedEkaterina Ivanova
JPS-1136 FixedInstallation and upgradeEkaterina Ivanova
JPS-1133 FixedHub 1.0 documentationEkaterina Ivanova
JPS-3091 FixedMove all permissions check to PermissionCacheEvgeniy Schepotiev
JPS-2115 FixedProvide 'Select All' for all tablesMaxim Erekhinskiy
JPS-3101 FixedDo not merge roles by default (except "System Admin")Evgeniy Schepotiev
JPS-3098 FixedRestore lastAccessTime updating on each httpRequest to hub-hosted Leonid Stryuk
JPS-3114 FixedMigration: all fields of conflict shown as error on bad renameMaxim Erekhinskiy
JPS-2754 FixedCheckbox for selecting all checkboxes from list are goneMaxim Erekhinskiy
JPS-3103 FixedFor cloud infrastructure show message "Your license is expired" when license has expiredEvgeniy Schepotiev
JPS-3115 FixedHub bans extra users if YT license has reportersEvgeniy Schepotiev
JPS-3105 Fixed[Migration name conflict resolution] Renamer should verify if result name already exist on target hubMaxim Erekhinskiy
JPS-3092 FixedEnvirmonmentImpl was holded by AuthorisationCodeStoreEvgeniy Schepotiev
JPS-3129 VerifiedGet 503 error if run hub against database with license limit exceeded and -Djetbrains.jetpass.role.permissions.reset=trueMaxim Mazin
JPS-2978 FixedException in Hub log after data import from one Hub instance to anotherEvgeniy Schepotiev
JPS-3088 FixedCan't init servlet org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationNotAllowedException: Error creating bean with name 'interface jetbrains.springframework.configuration.runtime.ServiceLocatorListener': Bean creation not allowed while this factory is in destruction (Do not request a bean from a BeanFactory in a destroy method implementation!) Evgeniy Schepotiev
JPS-3109 FixedHub fails to start on empty DBMaxim Mazin
JPS-3107 FixedProhibit 2 simultaneus mergesEvgeniy Schepotiev
JPS-3063 VerifiedHub does not ask for a group successor on deletion if -Djetbrains.jetpass.groups.list is set to trueOleg Bakhirev
JPS-3087 FixedMake license generation time more "liberal"Maxim Mazin
JPS-3085 FixedREST exception for URL: /hub/api/rest/usergroups java.lang.NullPointerExceptionEvgeniy Schepotiev

Hub 1.0.503

Download: Hub 1.0.503 MSI       Hub 1.0.503 ZIP

Release notes: First public release

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