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  • TeamCity 9.1.2 (build 37168) Release Notes
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TeamCity 9.1 Release Notes

TeamCity 9.1.1 (build 37059) Release Notes


  • TW-9891 - Use internal EC2 address for agent-to-server connections when both are on EC2
  • TW-39883 - Allow to acces to TFS from Visual Studio Addin installed in Visual Studio 2015
  • TW-40280 - Better build status icons
  • TW-42291 - Cancel remote run after its start

Usability Problem

  • TW-29813 - IDEA plugin UI bloopers
  • TW-40850 - Agent reboot information missing
  • TW-42004 - Build trigger dialog is initially shown without any content


  • TW-22647 - Server-side checkout patches can be left in agent temp directory until agent restart
  • TW-32203 - Git Fetch with Https Password core.askpass broken with space in team city install directory name
  • TW-33344 - Running TestNG tests from Idea run configuration: looks like the "-excludegroups" parameter is ignored
  • TW-37314 - TeamCity could not checkout files with names containing CP1251 characters (server-side checkout)
  • TW-37706 - Scheduled Trigger uses UTC day instead of selected Timezone
  • TW-37887 - Exception in the log during build log viewing
  • TW-38692 - .NET CLT: Internal exception thrown: Asking for writer lock unexpected!
  • TW-39113 - User's role count can include roles in already deleted projects
  • TW-39857 - No progress info logging from in-process git fetch
  • TW-39905 - Incorrect roles counter for Groups is displayed when project is deleted.
  • TW-40126 - Build Logs need to be refreshed when using nested meta-runners
  • TW-40472 - Error is displayed in the right pane of DiffView for all files.
  • TW-40474 - .net Code analysis crash and slow down the build
  • TW-40538 - System properties defined in build configuration aren't passed to Gradle script
  • TW-41418 - Legacy VS-Addin installer does not detect Visual Studio 2015.
  • TW-41730 - Wrong approximate number of changes on project overview (graph with merge commits case)
  • TW-41809 - Default location of Data Directory should be in all users-accessible location
  • TW-41850 - HTTPS agent-server connection section in documentation is confusing
  • TW-41929 - Non-existing project files aren't removed from Versioned Settings repository
  • TW-41943 - Git plugin should not fail on invalid encoding
  • TW-41974 - Queued build page tabs have internal build configuration id in URL
  • TW-42021 - Versioned Settings sometimes does not cleanup temporary perforce workspaces and changelists
  • TW-42047 - No links to issues in history build changes popup
  • TW-42055 - Add agent connection protocol (polling/xml-rpc) to usage statistics
  • TW-42073 - Wrong layout on change details page
  • TW-42080 - Unable to do agent checkout if checkout path contains spaces
  • TW-42105 - Long Git labeling which blocks other builds starting
  • TW-42106 - Long time interval between server start and agent registration.
  • TW-42109 - IndexOutOfBoundsException from run custom build
  • TW-42111 - Versioned settings stored in Perforce; Failed to load build configuration settings from VCS on build start
  • TW-42126 - Unnecessary builds can be started in build configuration with checkout rules in case when there were changes in repository but all of them were excluded by checkout rules
  • TW-42127 - Make Jacoco report generator problems more visible
  • TW-42144 - Inconsistent handling of wildcards in MSTest runner
  • TW-42149 - Additional data related to snapshot dependency build problem is not support properly during import
  • TW-42175 - Sticky pending change in snapshot dependency + non-stop repeating builds due to this change
  • TW-42180 - VCS trigger with quiet period or per-checking triggering can trigger builds with delay
  • TW-42183 - "Issue tracker not supported message" instead of "Issue not found" in Bugzilla integration popup
  • TW-42184 - 'Cannot add missing files' error during versioned settings commit
  • TW-42186 - Swabra reports that directory is deleted while in fact it does not
  • TW-42190 - Queued build may not be replaced with already started build because of race condition
  • TW-42192 - Teamcity fails to start after upgrade
  • TW-42195 - Failed to publish artifacts "The system cannot find the path specified"
  • TW-42200 - TeamCity fails to collect changes in AWS CodeCommit repository over ssh
  • TW-42206 - Add 9.1 Command Line Run Tool download links
  • TW-42221 - Do not ignore custom path to the results file in MSTest runner.
  • TW-42222 - Teamcity 9.1.1 fails to start maven build with maven 3.3.x
  • TW-42229 - Failed to execute Labeling task. SQL exception: Data truncation: Data too long for column 'label'
  • TW-42230 - Perforce sync -q can hide some important information during checkout, we should remove it.
  • TW-42233 - Visual Studio Tests runner shouldn't enforce usage of test lists when metadata file is specified
  • TW-42249 - Redundant 'git fetch' during agent-side checkout
  • TW-42254 - Test Connection doesn't test connection for VCS Root which is not bound to build types
  • TW-42260 - Line numbers in PMD reports may be parsed incorrectly
  • TW-42276 - NoSuchElementException in BuildLogTailImpl.add
  • TW-42278 - Schedule Trigger appears to use settings from VCS when it should use current settings by default
  • TW-42283 - VSTest runner: remove forced requirement on .Net framework 4.5 if x64 mode is selected
  • TW-42284 - "Failed to load build configuration settings from VCS" error after build configuration move to unversioned project
  • TW-42288 - Timeout error while collecting changes in git VCS root with ssh protocol
  • TW-42292 - BuildChainChangesCollector produces too much debug logging
  • TW-42303 - Sort issue tracker types alphabetically by display name
  • TW-42324 - Non-ASCII configuration parameters corrupted in server's HTTP response in polling (unidirectional) mode.
  • TW-42326 - Upgrade bundled JVM to version 1.8.0_60
  • TW-42331 - Inherit from TC server to GitFetcher process
  • TW-42336 - "Failed to load build configuration settings from VCS" error due to names clash
  • TW-42355 - Teamcity is refering to old path(which does not exist) when we try to upload SSH key
  • TW-42371 - "You do not have enough permissions to access build type" error in the pending changes popup
  • TW-42372 - Parameters in VCS config's URL won't validate (even if the build runs)
  • TW-42373 - Assigning an IAM role to an EC2 agent profile fails: is invalid
  • TW-42384 - Rest API: Parameter value cannot be empty on project creation
  • TW-42390 - Command Line Runner: custom script content not affected by "teamcity.runner.commandline.stdstreams.encoding"
  • TW-42404 - testOccurrences REST API fails on SQL Server when there are more than 2100 build configurations
  • TW-42405 - binding to a non-assigned username is allowed for guest account ("it's me" tooltip appears)
  • TW-42414 - Too active cloud logging "Failed to start agent"
  • TW-42415 - SBT runner: add support for nested test suites
  • TW-42419 - Build fails to checkout from Git with error: Failed to build patch for build ... due to error: Cannot find commit ... in repository
  • TW-42420 - Switching to unidirectional agent-server communication protocol without server restart may result in hanging builds
  • TW-42421 - Duplicating "ExternalMakeMessageHandlerAntTaskExtension" in ant.task.extensions
  • TW-42425 - Inspection report can be broken/incomplete: some hits are not shown (incomplete inspection_info database table)
  • TW-42428 - Agent can go into default pool instead of the selected one on authorization
  • TW-42439 - File Content Replacer BOM should not be treated as a part of file contents


  • TW-42366 - Failed to start build. Null Pointer
  • TW-42367 - Unexpected Error when creating a build configuration from a template. Syntax error, unrecognized expression: #bt44_$dataFilesSharePath

Performance Problem

  • TW-41544 - Slow merge commit analysis during changes persisting
  • TW-42238 - Build chain optimizer can perform optimization of the same node in chain several times

Security Problem

The issues will be made public in several weeks

  • TW-34381 - User without view settings permission can get build configuration settings
  • TW-42112 - Project administrators can modify some data of a VCS root they have no edit permission for
  • TW-42139 - Project administrators can get settings of a project they have only view permissions for
  • TW-42266 - XXE and Xml bomb attacks possible via xml for xml test reporter build feature
  • TW-42273 - XXE and Xml bomb attacks possible via build.xml in ant runner and steps auto discovery feature
  • TW-42346 - XML attacks possible via pom.xml in maven runner


  • TW-42431 - Typo in comment in th AssemblyInfo Patcher build feature
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