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PhpStorm EAP 142.4912 Release Notes

PHP Completion


WI-17528 (Feature)

Code completion when overriding class properties with new default values

WI-28812 (Feature)

Provide completion for methods when implementing interface

WI-6223 (Feature)

Complete parens after function-like constructs (isset etc)

WI-8035 (Feature)

Getters and setters autocomplete proposal like in IntelliJ

WI-16918 (Feature)

Autocomplete method name and signature when overriding parent

WI-26877 (Usability Problem)

Provide completion for possible injections after @lang

WI-22118 (Usability Problem)

No autocompletition for function and constants in namespace

WI-28862 (Usability Problem)

Remove "<Generic>" from completion list after @lang

WI-28861 (Usability Problem)

Provide getter/setter completion for trait

WI-28860 (Usability Problem)

Don't suggest completion for getter/setter if there is already a keyword before

WI-28810 (Bug)

Completion should take into account final modifier

WI-28811 (Bug)

Function keyword inserted twice if function name starts with f

WI-28858 (Bug)

Getters and setters shouldn't be suggested for constants

WI-28859 (Bug)

Getters and setters completion shouldn't suggest private fields of parent classes/traits

PHP Inspections


WI-28456 (Bug)

Null Coalesce Operator creates not initialized warning

PHP Refactoring


WI-28316 (Usability Problem)

Disable extract refactorings for return types

PHP debug


WI-28712 (Usability Problem)

Debug console: Provide completion for variable $this

WI-28715 (Usability Problem)

Debug console: Provide completion for fields/methods

WI-28564 (Usability Problem)

Debug console: Show error message in case of error evaluating code

WI-28562 (Usability Problem)

Debug console: Provide completion for variables defined in REPL

PHP lang


WI-27713 (Feature)

Support PHP 7 Context sensitive lexer (allows use keywords for Method names )

WI-27450 (Feature)

Support PHP 7 generator delegation (yield from)

WI-28786 (Bug)

Variable in string leads to copy without unescaping

WI-28847 (Bug)

Redundant extra backslash escaping within strings.

WI-28807 (Bug)

Incorrect quote scaping when the whole string is replaced

WI-28809 (Bug)

Paste string before another one scapes quotes from the first

WI-28321 (Bug)

Constructor/Destructor/Clone methods can't declare a return type

PHP test


WI-28544 (Cosmetics)

Remove leading :: (double colon) from tests with data provider

Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..


WI-27750 (Bug)

Lock on deployment settings saving



WI-28445 (Bug)

HTTP request run-configuration: set encoding for response content

No subsystem


IDEA-143686 (Feature)

Add ability to export class hierarchy to text file

IDEA-145094 (Bug)

PSI invalidated outside transaction

IDEA-144892 (Bug)

Distraction free mode: Cancel action for compilation is not working

IDEA-138829 (Bug)

Default project encoding has changed in WebStorm 10

IDEA-136385 (Bug)

Find Action / Search Everywhere: "Show Log in Explorer/Finder" action is missing

IDEA-133942 (Bug)

Focus often stays in editor when dialogs are shown

IDEA-144866 (Bug)

Changes in DocumentImpl related to setting bulk update mode broken ability to reformat non-physical document in non-dispatch thread

WEB-16334 (Bug)

Code-completion/inspection not working properly with node modules with closure structure.

IDEA-142785 (Bug)

Export settings: IDEA generates 0-sized settings.jar

IDEA-137007 (Exception)

NPE at sun.font.FontDesignMetrics$MetricsKey.init(



WEB-17950 (Feature)

CSS breadcrumbs

WEB-15537 (Task)

Emmet: Change $VAR0$ variables to $END$ in templates which has single variable

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-144945 (Bug)

Incorrect notification "The file is indented with 3 spaces instead of 2" in Dart file

IDEA-144408 (Bug)

Adjusting Settings via a Quick-Fix allows alters Default

Code Navigation


IDEA-106194 (Feature)

Search in File structure dialog with paste support

IDEA-22690 (Usability Problem)

Show definition for class should show the package

Code: Completion


CPP-898 (Bug)

No Intellisense for large files, idea.max.intellisense.filesize ignored



DBE-1546 (Cosmetics)

"Text" tab title should be renamed to "DDL"



IDEA-144953 (Usability Problem)

Navigate from Evaluate Dialog should close it

WEB-18080 (Bug)

JS console doesn't print log messages any more

IDEA-145015 (Bug)

Quick evaluate expression (ctrl+alt+8) instruction is silently ignored when an attempt is made to evaluate the same expression a second time.



IDEA-137362 (Usability Problem)

Commit Changes dialog diff area to small

IDEA-105203 (Usability Problem)

diff section in commit window is not resizable

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-111564 (Feature)

Leave caret where is if inline refactor mode is exited with Shift-ESC

Editor. Error Highlighting


IDEA-144686 (Bug)

Inconsistent coloring in Maven pom.xml/Spring config.xml files

External Tools


IDEA-110240 (Bug)

Auto select run tool after commit

File Watchers


WEB-18147 (Bug)

File watchers: file watchers don't listen to changes in files generated by other watchers



WEB-13515 (Feature)

Emmet: add settings for placing $END$ at the end of template text

WEB-13513 (Usability Problem)

There should be useful exit from emmet/live templates necessary variables enumeration.



WEB-13892 (Feature)

Writing html tags in jsx blocks does not autocomplete the closing tag like when editing html

WEB-17979 (Bug)

Component is not resolved

WEB-18073 (Bug)

'Find usages' does not work for react component



WEB-18094 (Feature)

TypeScript 1.6: ES6 Generators support

WEB-18106 (Bug)

TypeScript: member visibility doesn't work for variables in module

WEB-18150 (Bug)

Typescript: Child properties not found if parent property has multiple types

WEB-17633 (Bug)

Intellisense for typescript classes-in-modules not work, for simple classes produces duplicate jump-to results

User Interface


IDEA-136007 (Feature)

Hide gutter icons in Distraction-free mode

IDEA-145126 (Usability Problem)

an option to hide 'tool window' buttons

IDEA-145084 (Cosmetics)

Use of made up word 'abstragate'

IDEA-86906 (Bug)

Move to Opposite Group should keep cursor focus

IDEA-137147 (Bug)

Fatal error initializing 'org.intellij.images.fileTypes.impl.ImageFileTypeManagerImpl' (MacOSX 10.10.3 beta)

IDEA-70943 (Bug)

Tooltip animations and buggy visibility are exceedingly frustrating

IDEA-145115 (Bug)

Code lenz popups do not hide until clicked

IDEA-132765 (Bug)

Floating progress indicator doesn't disappear after exiting Distraction Free mode or Presentation mode

Version Control


IDEA-137693 (Usability Problem)

Apply patch requires the patch file to be selected in file chooser

IDEA-144946 (Bug)

Exceptions from shelf after project move to another folder

IDEA-144287 (Bug)

after rebase failure IDEA should be able to restore itself from the shelf (semi-)automatically

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-145118 (Cosmetics)

Perforce login dialog: add blank space to message

IDEA-144949 (Bug)

Shelve/unshelve doesn't work with renamed or moved files

IDEA-113824 (Bug)

Perforce asks to delete inactive empty changelist with p4 shelved changes

IDEA-144951 (Bug)

Don't allow to delete empty changelists that have associated Perforce shelves

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