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  • TeamCity 9.1.1 (build 37059) Release Notes
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  • TW-17256 - Do not start the server if installation files from previous TeamCity version are present
  • TW-34196 - Set IAM role on ec2 build agents
  • TW-40352 - Support .NET 4.6 as target framework in .NET Inspections runner
  • TW-40631 - Add option to allow auto ip assignment on VPC instance creation

Usability Problem

  • TW-41776 - Trim the entered value when asking for TeamCity data directory on first start
  • TW-41957 - Incorrect order of items in select typed parameter
  • TW-41976 - Misleading tip for 'SBT commands' field
  • TW-42058 - Ignored test marked as successful (SBT runner, scala)


  • TW-23568 - should not be logged as undefined.
  • TW-35645 - Swabra still detects AssemblyInfo files as modified after they have been reverted by AssemblyInfo patcher
  • TW-36336 - Xcode logs (to error output) fails the build even with a deselected "an error message is logged by build runner"
  • TW-39123 - On occasions the "anchor build value" is reset to 0
  • TW-39499 - Agent loses pool on TC restart
  • TW-39826 - stderr: Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine.
  • TW-41323 - Exception in teamcity-server.log: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "agent_type_info_pk" (PSQL)
  • TW-41629 - "Critical error in project settings in VCS" health report is displayed to users without permissions in the affected project.
  • TW-41698 - Agent registration SQL PRIMARY KEY error
  • TW-41704 - When "Show changes from snapshot dependencies" is on, REST call for changes does not return snapshot changes
  • TW-41735 - Projects popup search does not work while page is loading
  • TW-41772 - Failed to collect changes from SVN server, processExternalChanges
  • TW-41802 - Duplicates step hangs on uploading duplicates
  • TW-41805 - Rename into
  • TW-41821 - Message "Parameter "FAJJrRzyXW4RW" is undefined." in build log before first build step starts
  • TW-41828 - IllegalArgumentException: Argument for @NotNull parameter 'buildData' of jetbrains/buildServer/web/util/MessagesPrinter.<init> must not be null while processing request: POST '/buildLog/incBuildLog.html?buildId=NNN&counter=CCC
  • TW-41836 - TC Server failed to start up on upgrade to 9.1
  • TW-41837 - Agent fails to connect after upgrade to 9.1, reporting "For input string" error
  • TW-41849 - Versioned settings don't work for Perforce with non-trivial client mapping
  • TW-41852 - Unable to find runner parameter Mono required to run this build
  • TW-41853 - Build log tab for queued build shows message "Too much memory is required to load all messages"
  • TW-41855 - Build chain is hanging in the queue with status "Build settings have not been loaded from VCS yet"
  • TW-41875 - Missing nodes in build log when expanding
  • TW-41876 - TeamCity doesn't work with Perforce before 2010.2
  • TW-41881 - %system.MSTest.N.N% usage in non-MSTest runner is not converted to new parameter
  • TW-41882 - Build hangs in queue when its versioned settings mode changes
  • TW-41890 - TeamCity fails to compile VS 2015 solution with projects targeting .NET 4.6
  • TW-41891 - Build promotions data for queued builds removed by build queue optimizer is not cleaned anyhow
  • TW-41916 - Misplaced progress icon on login page
  • TW-41925 - Swabra exclude rules do not work for modified files
  • TW-41933 - AccessDeniedException on attempt to trigger a build via REST
  • TW-41946 - MSTest build step fails if all tests are Ignored in 9.1
  • TW-41947 - Dissociate from pool icon is not shown for projects in Chrome
  • TW-41955 - Lots of warnings Unexpected server response status: 503 on agent start
  • TW-41960 - Custom MSTest path not populated when loading build step
  • TW-41963 - Not the latest SBT version downloaded on agent when I select <Auto> SBT installation mode
  • TW-41969 - NoSuchMethodError on early versions of SBT
  • TW-41975 - Unexpected error on PerfMon tab: According to the TLD or the tag file, attribute buildPromotion is mandatory for tag buildLog
  • TW-41978 - Error during setup Update to newest Teamcity V9.1 on Windows 7 SP1 x64
  • TW-41981 - "Edit Parameter" dialog does not set appropriate "Kind" ("Configuration parameter" is always selected)
  • TW-41982 - NPE in WebPublisher
  • TW-41987 - TeamCity cleanup doesn't finish due to flush patterns cache on disk, error: java.lang.NullPointerException
  • TW-41988 - "Agent manager" role should include "Administer build agent machines" permission
  • TW-41996 - Filtered list in UI can have several items duplicated
  • TW-42006 - Error while parsing SBT command (on windows agents only)
  • TW-42020 - Visual studio test publishes 'null' report
  • TW-42024 - Warning parameter <name> is undefined can be shown in build log if disabled step has parameter reference
  • TW-42060 - On changing some build type settings, old value is returned as response to PUT instead of the new value
  • TW-42066 - Exception on attempt to save empty size in free disk space build feature
  • TW-42082 - .Net Framework 4.6 is not detected by agent


  • TW-41637 - JavaScript TypeError: b.changeLogTable(...).get(...).refresh is not a function
  • TW-41816 - "Failed to build patch for build" when fetching sources from Perforce

Performance Problem

  • TW-35154 - High CPU usage while running a build with many failed tests (related to jetbrains.buildServer.serverSide.BuildTests.createDiff)

Security Problem

  • TW-41815 - JavaScript injection via VCS file name in changes popup
  • TW-41915 - JavaScript injection from username on build chains page, queued build


  • TW-41984 - Misplaced Finish Build Trigger UI with empty Branch Filter
  • TW-41997 - SBT runner displays wrong TeamCity name in build logs
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