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  • IntelliJ IDEA 15 142.2887.3 Release Notes
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IDEA-122195 (Feature)

Add additional options to Tab Closing Policy

IDEA-141034 (Bug)

Plugin versions comparison is too unflexible

IDEA-141327 (Bug)

Bookmarks are not sorted by line

IDEA-129815 (Bug)

Completion popup shows "Invalid" elements very often

IDEA-141728 (Bug)

IntelliJ IDEA does not start after license server URL change

IDEA-141669 (Bug)

Resource bundle duplicate entries

IDEA-141700 (Bug)

Generated equals method has inverted comparison of primitive fields

IDEA-141686 (Bug)

Incorrect warning

IDEA-136578 (Bug)

Distraction Free Mode (tabs placement: none) bug

IDEA-127380 (Bug)

Managed Bean Inconsistency errors inspection

WEB-17050 (Exception)

PsiInvalidElementAccessException when switch between debugger tabs



WEB-15779 (Performance Problem)

Lazy loading of css descriptors

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-126629 (Bug) is not AutoCloseable in some cases

IDEA-137395 (Bug)

Redundant cast inspection: false positive in ternary if

Code Coverage


IDEA-141999 (Bug)

Coverage tool window causes other tool windows to hide when dumb mode begins

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-99343 (Bug)

Complete code-reformat on auto-import

IDEA-141982 (Exception)

SOE at com.intellij.psi.formatter.common.NewLineBlocksIterator.a

Code Navigation


IDEA-134148 (Usability Problem)

Navigate to... File (ctlr-shift-n) show project files in .idea directory



IDEA-92676 (Bug)

Strange CFML parsing problem

Compiling Project


IDEA-141765 (Bug)

Unable to compile IDEA 15 EAP from source



DBE-1142 (Bug)

Error Connecting with New Redshift JDBC Drivers



DBE-1215 (Bug)

Sql console: current schema in not remembered upon restart



DBE-1364 (Bug)

AbstractMethodError when using JDBC driver for java 1.4 (was: 142.2675.6 no longer works with Oracle10G and older databases)

DBE-1341 (Bug)

Native introspector for MySQL 5.1 failed to load routine parameters

DBE-1342 (Bug)

'information_schema.c.CONSTRAINT_TYPE' isn't in GROUP BY

DBE-1344 (Bug)

USERENV error when syncing schema on Oracle 9i db



DBE-1367 (Bug)

MSSQL: Data view for views containing errors (any) merely show no data, error is suppressed 142.2675.6

DBE-1308 (Bug)

XSS in quick documentation for DB table when column type is BLOB

DBE-467 (Bug)

Save to file silently fails when permission to write denied

DBE-1330 (Bug)

Function Editor: Refresh action refreshes all opened views for the same DB object

DBE-1339 (Bug)

oracle timestamp not sortable in table view

DBE-1351 (Bug)

order arrays in viewer



IDEA-141308 (Usability Problem)

Introduce shortcut to focus filter criteria row

IDEA-141666 (Bug)

Show Visualization... in Database tab is not working

IDEA-141887 (Exception)

DDL data source: RENAME TABLE: CCE at DbDataSourceImpl.populateState()



IDEA-79921 (Feature)

Suspend one thread while debugging

IDEA-81893 (Bug)

"Do not step into the classes" feature does not work after calling of "Smart step" (Shift+F7)

IDEA-141772 (Bug)

Debugger: Smart Step Into inside lambda suggests method calls outside of this lambda

IDEA-141775 (Exception)

Debugger: Groovy: AIOOBE at ExtractLightMethodObjectHandler.extractLightMethodObject() on Step Out



IDEA-141846 (Bug)

Diff dialog in commit: inaccurate layout of editor for commit message

Eclipse Integration


IDEA-132813 (Bug)

Eclipse integration: format of .iml linked to .classpath is changed unreasonably

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-141851 (Bug)

Editor completion suggests "loading..." even after end of loading

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-74158 (Feature)

Move Caret to Next Blank Line

IDEA-142033 (Bug)

Change in Scratch file language selection

Editor. Error Highlighting


IDEA-128176 (Bug)

Good code is red: Unicode supplementary character range

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-141963 (Feature)

Intention. Switch prefix/postfix operator.

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-70451 (Feature)

really need RegEx case transformation options during replace.

IDEA-141800 (Bug)

"Except comments" replacement option doesn't work as expected

IDEA-141160 (Bug)

Indexing prevents "Find in Path"

IDEA-141824 (Bug)

Replace In Files does not actually start replace operation when Preview tab is active



IDEA-141726 (Bug)

Generate getter / setter problem within mxml class.



IDEA-103342 (Feature)

groovyc -configscript support in compiler

IDEA-140463 (Usability Problem)

When Groovy Console is launched show 'Run' tool window with its output automatically

IDEA-141017 (Performance Problem)

Reference resolution is slow in projects with large Gradle classpath

IDEA-141098 (Bug)

Groovy shell fails with ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.commons.cli.HelpFormatter

IDE Configuration


IDEA-120147 (Bug)

Cannot Remove All Attributes From Custom Syntax Highlighting

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-141923 (Bug)

Errors in for-each statement header aren't highlighted if there're errors in its body

IDEA-141714 (Bug)

Misleading error message in case type inherits conflicting default and abstract methods

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-81171 (Feature)

Add context action to surround declaration of AutoClosable variable into try-with-ARM block

IDEA-141716 (Bug)

'Introduce local variable' intention doesn't ask for an expression to intoduce

IDEA-137809 (Bug)

"Convert to TheadLocal" intention on uninitialized primitive fields should add default initialization

IDEA-137214 (Bug)

'Replace Operator Assignment with Assignment' intention may produce incorrect code

IDEA-122133 (Bug)

Override/Implement method intention duplicates type annotations on method's parameters

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-139356 (Bug)

Move refactoring and library versions

IDEA-140623 (Bug)

IDEA does not copy a comment from string when making variable constant.

IDEA-141658 (Exception)

PIEAE at PsiUtilCore.ensureValid() on copy a class with qualified references to its members



IDEA-141808 (Bug)

Generic types in lambda expressions are red :Cannnot resolve symbol

IDEA-141845 (Bug)

Overloaded Variable Argument Method inspection false positive

IDEA-141843 (Bug)

Wrong analysis of java.util.Optional

IDEA-141447 (Bug)

Code Cleanup: Missing inspection "Missing @Override annotation"

IDEA-141853 (Bug)

Java | Probable bugs | Constant conditions & exceptions false positive for bitwise exclusive OR operator

IDEA-141823 (Bug)

@Contract should have precedence over @Nullable

IDEA-140103 (Bug)

Unclear message from "Unused declaration" inspection



IDEA-141847 (Performance Problem)

Hector is slow: Inspections take too long to finish



WEB-10568 (Feature)

JS Modules: no completion/resolving for require(json)

WEB-17012 (Cosmetics)

Improve detection 'instance member function' vs 'instance member variable'

WEB-17022 (Bug)

Quick Doc / autocomplete not recognizing JavaScript factory with return object at the top.

WEB-15676 (Bug)

Can not resolve to the variable's definition

WEB-17015 (Bug)

JavaScript: false positive error "Referencing 'arguments' of other function are not allowed"

WEB-16992 (Bug)

Support Closure Compiler jsdoc annotations @private {typedef}

WEB-16507 (Bug)

Object spread properties are not supported

WEB-16960 (Bug)

"expression statement is not assignment or call" in ES7 await construct

WEB-16957 (Bug)

js documentation popup appears excessively wide

WEB-16950 (Bug)

ES6 Syntax highlight error

WEB-16994 (Bug)

JSDoc: function this param and nullable operator

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-17004 (Bug)

JSCS rc warnings

WEB-13751 (Bug)

JSDoc: inconsistent handling of non-nullable @this



WEB-16945 (Bug)

Sass: using a class of 'only' results in inspector 'red' error

WEB-16990 (Bug)

SASS trailing comments for variables

WEB-11444 (Bug)

Allow comment after a selector in SCSS



IDEA-135400 (Feature)

SQL Editor flags RETURN QUERY statements with non-SELECT arguments as errors (PostgreSQL, PL/pgSQL)

IDEA-114467 (Usability Problem)

SQL: File Structure: PL/SQL block is represented with its text

IDEA-115712 (Usability Problem)

SQL: File Structure: no node is preselected when caret is between statements

IDEA-132291 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: builtin types not recognized when quoted

IDEA-140808 (Bug)

False warning 'unable to resolve column SQLSTATE'



DBE-501 (Bug)

PostgresSQL Dialect not working with WINDOW alias clause

DBE-1312 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: "show autocommit" is shown as a syntax error



IDEA-139836 (Feature)

spring.factories configuration file support

IDEA-141690 (Feature)

Spring Initializr: auto-create run config during Maven import

IDEA-140938 (Bug)

Spring Boot: relaxed binding: upper-case format should be supported

IDEA-141922 (Bug)

Spring Boot: support bootstrap-[profileName].properties|yml

IDEA-141917 (Bug)

Spring Boot: the application*.yaml files are not added to autodetected fileset

IDEA-140865 (Bug)

Spring Boot: application.yaml: spring.profiles key is shown as not resolved

Structural Search and Replace


IDEA-141680 (Bug)

SSR "use static import if possible" corrupts generics invocations



WEB-17027 (Bug)

TypeScript: no autocompletion for "protected"

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-112930 (Cosmetics)

jUnit run configuration: cutoff label

IDEA-141481 (Bug)

"Rerun Failed Tests" only reruns the same two tests every time and not any of the other >200 failed tests

IDEA-141013 (Bug)

Cannot run single method Junit test

IDEA-141948 (Bug)

Exception stacktraces are not shown in Test Runner console

IDEA-121329 (Bug)

JUnit Test Runner: "Hide Ignored Tests" is not working

Unit Testing. TestNG


IDEA-140884 (Usability Problem)

Test results (TestNG?): Jump to Source could be supported for test and suite nodes

IDEA-141880 (Bug)

15 EAP does not correctly handles the @DataProvider of the TestNG

IDEA-141919 (Bug)

TestNG plugin treats setup (or configuration) methods as tests

Unit Tests


WEB-17019 (Feature)

Karma: allow to share path to karma package directory with team

User Interface


IDEA-81363 (Usability Problem)

Submenu hides (too fast) when leaving entry in main menu

IDEA-141464 (Usability Problem)

Debugger popup dissappears when trying to hover mouse on "+"

IDEA-85566 (Cosmetics)

Git branches with underscores don't render properly in branch menu

IDEA-141806 (Bug)

Recently Edited Files - are not persisted between project reopen

IDEA-141980 (Bug)

show usages fails to load more usages when select "more.."

Version Control


IDEA-141978 (Bug)

NPE: FileHistoryPanelImpl$MyAnnotateAction

Version Control. Git


IDEA-140262 (Bug)

Cannot press "Reveal in finder" button on "Create patch" pop-up dialog from keyboard in case patch has been created from log

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-141925 (Feature)

Changing the arguments IDEA uses with p4 annotate

IDEA-140755 (Bug)

Error refreshing incoming changes

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