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IDEA-119669 (Usability Problem)

Event Log / Mark all as read: allow to assign a keyboard shortcut

IDEA-136945 (Usability Problem)

Scopes: Impossibility to exclude recursively (via UI) if dir doesn't contain any files

IDEA-124562 (Bug)

Wrong tab gets selected after closing if Sort tabs by filename is enabled

IDEA-90597 (Bug)

Next Tab/Previous Tab work incorrectly when Alphabetical mode is enabled.

IDEA-137186 (Bug)

Wrong detection of "Can be replaced with collect call"

IDEA-136966 (Bug)

JPS runner SOE

IDEA-137554 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.util.xmlb.MapBinding.deserializeKeyOrValue

IDEA-136268 (Exception)

AssertionError in completeTaskWhichFailToAcquireReadAction when running global inspections

Build tools


WEB-15652 (Bug)

Grunt: "Jump to Source" action is not available for some tasks or targets



WEB-15649 (Bug)

CSS3: background-position highlighted incorrectly



IDEA-137488 (Bug)

CloudFoundry: NPE on undeploy of an application

IDEA-137446 (Bug)

Deployment to CloudFoundry hangs if some apps exist in account

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-136400 (Bug)

Add java style support for empty array initializer with no space between braces

IDEA-137107 (Bug)

Reformat causes Line break in ellipsis and compile error



IDEA-137629 (Bug)

Console auto scroll to the end - stops scrolling

IDEA-137557 (Bug)

"Scroll to the end" not activated by default in log consoles anymore



DBE-1159 (Usability Problem)

Console: database result sets have same name for different consoles

DBE-1164 (Bug)

Consoles: folders with consoles have internal names when opened at other project

DBE-423 (Bug)

Database: focus doesn't switch from result panel to output



DBE-493 (Bug)

Database: Procedure/Function Editor does not show changed definition



WEB-14778 (Bug)

Incorrect cursor placement after Enter inside map literal

WEB-14422 (Bug)

Dart Formatting does not work correctly for multiple "else if" statements

WEB-11243 (Bug)

TypeHandler duplicates existing symbols

WEB-15292 (Bug)

[Dart] Switch syntax is not automatically correctly indented

WEB-14993 (Bug)

Dart symbols suggested from current file are duplicated



IDEA-132168 (Usability Problem)

Debugger: Show value on selection change: selection is evaluated twice

IDEA-123075 (Performance Problem)

"Suspend breakpoint" (Alt+Button1) conflicts with keymap-defined Alt+Button1

IDEA-137517 (Bug)

Unable to display '\uFFFF' in debugger string values

WEB-15053 (Bug)

Firefox debugger: Remove 'Firefox' from 'JavaScript Debug' run configuration

IDEA-137320 (Bug)

GTK: debugger/eval inspection nodes do not show the expand triangle until selected

WEB-12268 (Bug)

Names are truncated in debugger tooltips when inspecting Angular attribute values



IDEA-135314 (Bug)

Inner classes constructors calls decompiled incorrectly

IDEA-132625 (Bug)

IDEA hangs when decompiling a class

IDEA-137256 (Bug)

fernfllower -urc option is not working



IDEA-136543 (Bug)

Gradle import ignores some dependencies

IDEA-137433 (Bug)

Importing a Gradle module causes IDEA to destroy the entire project

IDE Configuration


IDEA-134631 (Bug)

Suggestion to restart IDEA is not shown on Welcome Screen after plugin update

IDEA-137340 (Exception)

Lost original startup error message



IDEA-137302 (Bug)

Editor marks import in JSP as unused even when it's used

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-135296 (Usability Problem)

Code completion should complete lambda parameters

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-137417 (Bug)

Method Reference bug

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-137500 (Bug)

Cascade Delete: for mutual recursion the endless list of methods to delete is displayed in dialog



IDEA-137323 (Bug)

Contract annotation behavior changed in 14.1 EAP

IDEA-137069 (Bug)

I18N: Analyze code -> Internationization Issues -> Both options shows the same dialog

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-15595 (Bug)

angular equal sign alignment issue

JavaScript. Refactoring


WEB-15503 (Bug)

Refactor>Rename does not work for ES6-style methods.



IDEA-137622 (Bug)

Maven: honor maven-compiler-plugin default source and target settings



IDEA-135877 (Usability Problem)

Manifests produced by Osmorc differ from ones produced by Maven

Project Configuration


IDEA-137215 (Bug)

Save Settings error - Can save scheme 'External Tools: The data "null" is not legal for a JDOM attribute: A null is not a legal XML value.



IDEA-137319 (Usability Problem)

Spring Boot: use Properties default key/value delimiter from code style settings



WEB-11751 (Feature)

TypeScript: provide 'create field' intention

WEB-15504 (Bug)

TypeScript: Red code: incorrect parsing of curly brackets

WEB-13979 (Bug)

TypeScript return type inference is broken

Unit Tests


WEB-15629 (Bug)

Allow custom mocha runner interface to be specified

WEB-15584 (Bug)

JShint 2.6.1-3 are available

User Interface


IDEA-137649 (Bug)

Unable to open IDEA project in a new window

IDEA-135538 (Bug)

Editor tab name with blurring looks ugly on Ubuntu and Windows

IDEA-133828 (Bug)

Regression: middle-clicking on tool window header doesn't close it anymore

IDEA-137098 (Bug)

Changing active file is work incorrectly while Quick definition is opened

IDEA-137520 (Bug)

Debugger close button doesn't function as expected when clicked from within the button overflow area.

Version Control


IDEA-136086 (Usability Problem)

A modal progress "Refresh change lists after update" quickly appears when reverting changes

IDEA-131858 (Bug)

Git push: Don't let enter edit mode from keyboard when there is error

Version Control. Git


IDEA-136353 (Feature)

change branches for push in multiroot project

IDEA-137492 (Bug)

Git remote operations fail on mac under JDK 1.6 if Built-in SSH is used with an ISE "No handler for key"

Version Control. Log


IDEA-116782 (Feature)

Log: highlight "my commits"

IDEA-135308 (Cosmetics)

Log: too big repository marker for newly created repo

IDEA-135472 (Exception)

Log: Access is allowed from event dispatch thread only. Throwable at com.intellij.vcs.log.ui.VcsLogUiImpl.addLogListener



IDEA-108020 (Feature)

Add "Refresh external resource" intention on external resources

IDEA-137333 (Bug)

JavaEE 7 XML schema mapping is broken and seems to pick XSDs at random



IDEA-137241 (Usability Problem)

Properties files code style: allow to choose preferred key/value delimiter

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