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  • TeamCity 9.0.3 (build 32334) Release Notes
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  • TW-38472 - Notify user about conflicting entities before projects import
  • TW-39363 - Add an option to select encoding that is used to parse perforce output
  • TW-39601 - Support NUnit v.2.6.4
  • TW-39747 - Notify about conflicting users and usergroups before projects import

Usability Problem

  • TW-8357 - Improve database settings text on Server Configuration
  • TW-20771 - Searching or selecting configurations by project name
  • TW-29284 - Code Inspections exposes R# 'context actions' as code inspection issues, when in fact they are not.
  • TW-35082 - When opening bulk Investigate/Mute dialog, set project if it is the same for all items
  • TW-38249 - The "Configure Build Priorities" link only appears after the whole build queue is loaded, which can take minutes
  • TW-38295 - UI doesn't reconnect after server restart
  • TW-38648 - Display the project from which the chart comes form
  • TW-39844 - Correct error message displayed when there are no valid mapped groups.
  • TW-39871 - Improve versioned settings log to make it clearer
  • TW-39880 - "Assign Build Configuration to Agent" dialog shows search results in strange order
  • TW-39960 - "Build queue was paused" message in yellow box is not updated in web UI
  • TW-40023 - "Investigate/Mute" Float: After Choosing "On a specific date" with Mouse, Open Calendar Automatically
  • TW-40196 - Projects dropdown submenu closes on middle click
  • TW-40278 - Escape with opened menu in Comment field of Fix/Investigate/Mute pop-ups closes the pop-up


  • TW-18910 - .NET inspection marks NUnit test class without TestFixture attribute as "never used"
  • TW-19203 - .NET inspections: 'inconsisted name' inspection is not detected for methods.
  • TW-20188 - Can't delete builds from build queue (error: "Cannot find build promotion for the queued build")
  • TW-21348 - Inspection errors in Razor 2.0 (ASP.NET MVC 4 Beta) pages
  • TW-22144 - Unrelated build chains are shown on 'Build Chains' tab of build configuration page
  • TW-22788 - Inspection "DataContext is unknown" reported even though inspection severity set to "Do not show"
  • TW-23069 - Build popup icon can be wrapped to the next line on builds list
  • TW-23800 - Running PowerShell build step including PowerShell remoting causes infinite loop
  • TW-24921 - Code analysis for .NET: ria generated_code is not found/considered
  • TW-25898 - Unable to run ReSharper inspection on a solution containing Silverlight projects
  • TW-28574 - Git-plugin's getClientMapping throws a wrong error if VCS root url contains unresolved parameters
  • TW-29283 - Strange code inspection results "Module 'C' should be referenced"
  • TW-30668 - Improve "Trying to log message for non-existing running build with id" message
  • TW-30709 - .NET inspection error "Type arguments cannot be inferred from the query"
  • TW-30747 - Git VCS Root page doesn't validate branch specification if rule type not provided
  • TW-30763 - Improve reporting of LDAP error on synchronization (too long messages)
  • TW-33602 - Unclear LDAP error: Remote entry retrieved as a member of a group does not match any known user or group
  • TW-34103 - $(SolutionDir) in csproj is processed incorrectly by .NET Inspections
  • TW-34719 - Cleanup occurs if the server is running in "startup error" state
  • TW-34783 - Maven not null exit code reported as build problem even if non-exit exit code build failure condition disabled
  • TW-37236 - Adding a personal build hangs on server
  • TW-37664 - Error on agents log tab when agent is using IPv6 address: Failed to get file structure from the agent: For input string:...
  • TW-38008 - Agent cannot register with org.jdom.input.JDOMParseException on special symbols in environment variables
  • TW-38055 - Project / build configuration / build template / VCS root IDs are not properly regenerated when copying a project
  • TW-38324 - Change popup does not close on diff view page
  • TW-38377 - (TC8.1.3) ClearCase Settings. unable to use parameter in CC view path
  • TW-38413 - ScopeProjectId url parameter doesn't work for server health report
  • TW-38825 - Popup icons wrapped in build summary popup (IE11)
  • TW-39081 - Multiple "DiskUsage scanning all data started" during massive cleanup
  • TW-39293 - Swabra does not enforce clean checkout if +/- rules with absolute paths are specified in the monitored directories
  • TW-39380 - Get rid of spring transactions in VcsModificationStorage.persistModification()
  • TW-39434 - Browser pages should be reloaded after server upgrade
  • TW-39439 - Reference parameters in Maven IntelliJ IDEA code coverage runner 'Type include patterns' configuration
  • TW-39478 - VCS trigger with quiet period can run build on wrong revision if it runs during changes collecting
  • TW-39570 - Confusing messages in LDAP log: Group ... should be updated/deleted
  • TW-39670 - TC NuGet feed is only presenting one version higher from the package version specified in the packages.config
  • TW-39752 - Run 'p4 clean' for cleanup does not work
  • TW-39754 - "Show in Build Log" for a test which was run several times in a build opens the first test run
  • TW-39809 - open-vm-tools Not Supported For Agent Plugin (vSphere Plugin)
  • TW-39812 - Swabra saved snapshots are deleted on agent restart and can cause clean checkouts
  • TW-39815 - LDAP Synchronization page should be refreshed automatically after file was edited externally and synchronization was started.
  • TW-39818 - UI doesn't refresh when A10 load balancer is used
  • TW-39839 - Clean checkouts and new checkout dirs (perforce streams case)
  • TW-39849 - Too many thread dumps can be saved with "memoryMonitor" name
  • TW-39852 - git connection error – git-upload-pack not permitted
  • TW-39855 - Perfmon stats can be incorrect when there are differences in OS/Java timezones handling
  • TW-39886 - Postgre: wrong query plan when a large permanent table is joined with a small temporary table
  • TW-39887 - Cannot authorize agent if agent installation directory is deleted and agent is reinstalled
  • TW-39890 - Wrong "file already exists, but has different content" on projects import of a projects which already exists
  • TW-39894 - Two VCS roots with the same external id can be created
  • TW-39897 - No Save as defaults button on axis customization dialog
  • TW-39901 - Update to the latest jgit library
  • TW-39916 - A settings change from VCS can be reverted by TeamCity server
  • TW-39917 - Wrong "Time spent" on reloading project import report page
  • TW-39932 - Typo in "Pring build chain"
  • TW-39936 - Server Health. Do not display Enable button to users without permissions.
  • TW-39940 - NullpointerException after failed build
  • TW-39950 - Regular timeouts
  • TW-39952 - JavaScript error on attempt to reorder build int he queue from queued build page
  • TW-39957 - Getting 'com.mysql.jdbc.MysqlDataTruncation: Data truncation: Data too long for column 'change_name' at row 1' error
  • TW-39959 - Not appropriate RuntimeException is thrown
  • TW-39975 - Checkout rules for the directories starting with hash sign (#) are ignored during server-side checkout
  • TW-39986 - "MissingObjectException: Missing tree XXX" error during versioned settings commit in git
  • TW-39987 - To show a warning health report when versioned settings commit fails
  • TW-39997 - On opening investigation / mute dialog for a test, set the project scope to the project where the current investigation / mute is taken
  • TW-40000 - ClearCase: SQL exception: Data truncation: Data too long for column 'before_revision'
  • TW-40015 - Overview page freezes browser on OS X retina display
  • TW-40018 - Xcode runner scheme cannot contain spaces
  • TW-40019 - JavaScript error on Favorite Builds page
  • TW-40028 - Unable to check for Maven dependency updates: File: http://artifactory/repo/some/path/to/artifactf/1.0.20-SNAPSHOT/xxx-1.0.20-20150206.175924-1.tar.gz , ReasonPhrase:Not Found.
  • TW-40035 - Lots of "Replacement of top node in graph is not supported." logging
  • TW-40039 - Agent name can be wrapped on Agents list
  • TW-40042 - Build logs are gone after upgrade to 9.0-9.0.2 when custom artifact cleanup rules with ".teamcity" are configured
  • TW-40043 - Inconsistent "GC overhead exceeded" and other messages in server log and automatic thread dump reason
  • TW-40077 - Server stuck processing duplicates results ("select max(file_id) from fragments;" hangs in MS SQL Server)
  • TW-40081 - Hiding a configuration from overview page messes styles and labels
  • TW-40092 - Incorrect encoding when checking out UTF-8 filenames for unicode-enabled P4 server
  • TW-40097 - Exception in logs after running Bulk Edit ids action
  • TW-40107 - Build duration estimate is incorrect for a build with a metarunner executed twice
  • TW-40110 - Make installer check most important target directories being empty
  • TW-40130 - Use the WebAPI "/ users" where the access error occurred.
  • TW-40136 - Versioned Settings being enabled causes Build Configuration settings to have inconsistent modify/save behavior
  • TW-40169 - "Root project configuration file does not exist or is not accessible by TeamCity server" error raised when root project settings are stored in VCS
  • TW-40171 - Amazon cloud plugin acts erratically , stopping agents that are running builds
  • TW-40187 - Project build chains page causes "Waiting for available socket" problem in browser
  • TW-40191 - Warnings in Firefox console related to websockets
  • TW-40218 - IDEA Runner compilation may fail due to outdated class files in dependent module
  • TW-40233 - Blocks can collapse randomly on build chains tab (build configuration or project)
  • TW-40242 - Versioned settings remove project config if project config has read-only files
  • TW-40250 - TeamCity doesn't apply plugin config change made via commit to versioned settings VCS root
  • TW-40254 - REST: Changes for VCS Root always return no changes
  • TW-40260 - Azure plugin. Unable to fetch options. Ping error. Could not generate secret. ECDH key agreement requires ECPublicKey for doPhase.
  • TW-40270 - Build chains without started builds may not be merged in queue
  • TW-40292 - Root projects name is missing in Conflicts dialog on import.
  • TW-40293 - Recognize items moved into another containing location on the source server as existing on the target server while import.
  • TW-40301 - Using REST api to pause a build not persisted
  • TW-40348 - Actions for changing build tags cannot be found in audit with existing filter by build type or project
  • TW-40350 - DBDuplicatedRowException is reported for vcs_root_first_revision table after project import.
  • TW-40358 - Fallback to polling does not happen when WebSocket connection is opened but doesn't pass frames
  • TW-40359 - Server stops responding shortly after the start when BIO connector is used.
  • TW-40361 - Ctrl+Enter submits page underneath instead of dialog
  • TW-40364 - Children of skipped project are imported during projects import resulting in critical error
  • TW-40413 - Slow showing of a change included into a build with personal overridden VCS Root


  • TW-36954 - Exception in .Net CLT Can not update content of project. Key already exists.

Performance Problem

  • TW-37445 - Slow cleanup page loading (disk usage related)
  • TW-38734 - Agents stuck in Updating Sources or Resolving Artifact Dependencies following first cleanup after server reboot
  • TW-39689 - TeamCity UI slow in 9.0.1 (too small cache size for finished builds)
  • TW-39964 - Tray notifier requests are blocked when cleanup finished because of slow update of committed builds cache
  • TW-39980 - Slow changes listing via API (CPU in SecuredProjectManager.filterProjectsAndSort)
  • TW-39994 - Slow "My Investigation" page when a lot of problems (not tests) are assigned
  • TW-40007 - Change details can cause significant CPU usage (a lot of BuildTypeImpl.compareTo)
  • TW-40054 - Agent build delay, post-processing tasks (HttpDiskCache.processCacheEntries)
  • TW-40075 - Files of a change can be loaded on REST request, while the results are not used
  • TW-40147 - SVN externals are checked out twice
  • TW-40185 - BuildChains.findChains and BuildChain.computeChainModificationId methods are slow in case of big chains
  • TW-40186 - It takes much time to find builds in DependencyGraphsBean.loadChains(SProject, ...) method
  • TW-40189 - Expand of the project node on overview page can take significant time if project has lots of subprojects and configurations
  • TW-40201 - Seed Artifact Cache when Agent Uploads to TC Server
  • TW-40269 - Slow UI because of VmWare plugin external call in (after update of any cloud profile)
  • TW-40295 - REST API retrieves build's branch when there is no need to
  • TW-40339 - Background Build Indexer thread is not stopping on server shutdown

Security Problem

  • TW-39888 - JavaScript injection on internal vars page


  • TW-38873 - Resource management dialog. Decrease the default size for Custom Values text area.
  • TW-39742 - Misplaced "loading" rotating icon in Investigate/Mute test dialog
  • TW-39838 - Run custom build dialog Parameters tab can show horizontal scroller
  • TW-40013 - Usual agent page displays "Cloud image" note
  • TW-40308 - UI: Add link to the documentation on Versioned Settings page
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