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PhpStorm EAP 140.2765

PHP Formatter


WI-5641 (Feature)

Add support for controlling indentation of "break" in a switch statement

WI-26110 (Usability Problem)

'define()' not being spaced properly according to code style when reformatting code

WI-26007 (Cosmetics)

"Coding Style > PHP > Spaces" wrong operator examples

PHP Inspections


WI-25826 (Usability Problem)

Undefined callback: don't report undefined callback if type is compound (string | callback)

WI-16339 (Bug)

Annotator: Inspection produces seemingly invalid warning for protected constructor

WI-22686 (Bug)

Inspection is missed: undefined variable as a dynamic class field

WI-24724 (Bug)

Unnecessary fully qualified class name wrongly reported

PHP Refactoring


WI-24399 (Usability Problem)

"Extract variable" intention fails on new object reference

WI-26296 (Bug)

Inline variable: doesn't surround with parenthesis new expression

WI-26297 (Bug)

Inline: doesn't work for closure function with variable from parent scope

WI-26295 (Bug)

Inline: don't allow to inline into complex expression inside string

WI-7880 (Bug)

Refactoring: Unable to inline variable if method in use

WI-19929 (Bug)

Simplify boolean expression works incorrectly with "and" and "or"

WI-25580 (Bug)

PHP Add method intention doesn't work when class instance is inside array

PHP debug


WI-25802 (Feature)

Inline debugger: Show variables in editor for PHP

WI-17389 (Usability Problem)

Break at first line in PHP Script option sometimes doesn't have tick

WI-26167 (Usability Problem)

Show error message on not paused debugger session

WI-22516 (Usability Problem)

Remote interpreter: mnemonics doesn't work for fields

WI-23488 (Usability Problem)

Show link "Edit path mapping" on "Remote file path ... is not mapped to any file path in project" for debug with remote interpreter.

WI-26355 (Bug)

Inline debugger: fields from trait/base class is not shown

WI-26066 (Bug)

Remote Interpreter: Apply button doesn't change state if configuration options was changed

PHP lang


WI-21954 (Feature)

Constructor generator argument types

WI-16549 (Feature)

Auto-add PhpDoc with parameter types in contructor generation

WI-26461 (Bug)

Inadequate processing of PHPDoc with <code> tag

WI-14479 (Bug)

Add syntax check for 'goto' into loop or switch statement is disallowed

WI-13771 (Bug)

Annotator: PHP: don't allow using a constant as a left argument of instanceof

WI-24657 (Bug)

Call to method __clone from invalid context (inside class Object)

WI-26037 (Exception)

Intention "Surround with if" fails in variables in string with {}

PHP lib stubs


WI-26486 (Bug)

LDAP_MODIFY_BATCH_* Constants Are Missing: Undefined Constant

WI-25715 (Bug)

Oracle extension functions not marked up properly

PHP templates


WI-25829 (Usability Problem)

Blade: doesn't indent the next line after inline section

Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..


WI-26137 (Usability Problem)

SFTP Deployment: 'SavePassword' option checking in the Login dialog invoked by 'Test SFTP Connection' button should make password preserved

WI-26205 (Usability Problem)

Allow Sorting in Mapping Table

WI-26550 (Usability Problem)

Retry to connect while creating new connection on pure network problem

WI-26420 (Usability Problem)

Simple - please expand the SFTP host line

WI-26276 (Bug)

Recursive symlinks on FTP fail syncing with SOE

Plugin: WordPress


WI-26480 (Feature)

Wordpress Help



IDEA-135521 (Bug)

Commit Changes tip of the day hardcodes Ctrl+K keyboard shortcut

No subsystem


WEB-15327 (Feature)

Can you support server side includes in preview server

IDEA-134061 (Feature)

Built-in web server does not serve content from JAR files

WEB-14445 (Feature)

Spread variables declaration

IDEA-135828 (Feature)

Command-line option to bring WebStorm to front

WEB-13143 (Usability Problem)

Open in browser action on .py files

WEB-13821 (Bug)

WebStorm 9-generated command-line launcher script does not work on OSX

IDEA-133688 (Bug)

suppress.focus.stealing prevents tool windows in pinned mode from hiding

IDEA-133082 (Bug)

YourKit: Warning at start: om.intellij.util.ProfilingUtil - YourKit controller initialization failed

WEB-14375 (Bug)

Cucumber.js: express server run in BeforeFeatures fails with EADDRINUSE

WEB-15238 (Bug)

Syntax check for config.jscs.json reports "esprima" key as unknown

IDEA-136776 (Bug)

As of 14.1 IDEA Color & Font theme resets after every restart to default

WEB-15308 (Bug)

WebStorm keeps re-indexing every few seconds (sad)

IDEA-134055 (Bug)

Editor error highlighting stops updating

IDEA-135949 (Bug)

Move statement broken in presence of anonymous classes

IDEA-131468 (Bug)

Settings / File Encoding / Project Encoding = System default: new files are created with IDE encoding

IDEA-137009 (Exception)

TODO toolwindow causes exception

WEB-14864 (Exception)

AssertionError when connect via 'Firefox remote'

..(please choose one)..


DBE-1081 (Bug)

remember hidden columns

Build tools


WEB-15380 (Bug)

Grunt: alias tasks defined in load-grunt-config aliases.yaml aren't loaded



WEB-10596 (Feature)

New inspection: missing comma

WEB-14433 (Task)

Emmet: expand words start with '$' and '@' as values

WEB-14435 (Bug)

CSS: do not suggest convert rgba colors to hex

WEB-15050 (Bug)

Twig - (Inspection) Missing semicolon

WEB-14175 (Bug)

Locate Duplicates for CSS should ignore differences in case

WEB-14537 (Exception)

CSS: IOOBE on applying property from completion

Code Analysis. Duplicates


IDEA-135532 (Bug)

"View duplicates like this" tab has no title

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-131643 (Bug)

"Suppress for file" doesn't work in html when other suppression is present



WEB-14223 (Cosmetics)

Incorrect example in code style snippet on spaces tab

WEB-13566 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: false positive for extra commas in lists and function args

WEB-13839 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: false "Duplicate Catch Block #loc" error

WEB-14461 (Bug)

Syntax aware selection incorrectly work with multiline strings

WEB-12165 (Bug)

parse error coffeescript

WEB-12573 (Bug)

coffeescript inspection: `arguments` keyword outside function

WEB-10873 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: Red code: expression with empty conditional body as argument

WEB-10875 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: Red code: @ variable in loop

WEB-13685 (Bug)

Invalid scope detection and invalid "Invalid number of arguments" inspection on anonymous functions

WEB-12203 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: Wrong "Unresolvable variable" warning when using conditional existence assignment operator ?=

WEB-11641 (Bug)

Colors&fonts settings for coffee script not corresponding with editor

WEB-12097 (Bug)

Good code is red

WEB-14895 (Bug)

If variable is checked with existential operator inside of the method - it shouldn't be treated as necessary

WEB-13002 (Bug)

Incorrect behavior of variable renaming in method

WEB-11460 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: 'Expected:JS:RPAR' error for callback return value in for loop

WEB-5362 (Bug)

"continue" can't be surrounded

WEB-14560 (Bug)

Syntax aware selection incorrectly work for single strings (step missed)

WEB-14247 (Bug)

Passing Regex as default param to function breaks in CoffeeScript

WEB-13996 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: variables declared using destructuring assignment are shown as unused inside if block

WEB-15229 (Bug)

Duplicate declaration can not be present in coffee

WEB-14324 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: show error on attempt to call non-callable value

WEB-14320 (Bug)

Coffeescript not keyword is not highlighted

WEB-12984 (Bug)

CoffeeScript formatter removes escaped line breaks

WEB-13585 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: Red code: Backslashes inside multiline strings

WEB-13586 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: Red code: Expected end of line error

WEB-14982 (Bug)

Method call arguments, split to multiple lines without commas, are incorrectly marked as a syntax error.

WEB-10866 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: Red code: 'then' statement after class name

WEB-13339 (Bug)

Return is unnecessary as the last statement in a function with no return value

WEB-10869 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: Red code: destructuring catch parameter

WEB-10868 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: Red code: single line 'try', 'catch' and 'finally' statements

WEB-14043 (Bug)

Syntax highlighting error in coffeescript string interpolation

WEB-14716 (Exception)

CoffeeScript: Assertion error is thrown on attempt to Preview Compiled CoffeeScript File for the trace file



DBE-1066 (Cosmetics)




DBE-1056 (Bug)

Support for varbinary(MAX) on SQL Server

DBE-1044 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: wrong type at Database View for timestamptz, timetz and time formats with precision

DBE-318 (Bug)

varchar tooltip for longtext column for MySql



DBE-1052 (Feature)

Provide a button to pin results

DBE-1026 (Usability Problem)

Table Editor: Transpose View: a column that appears on 'Add Row' action is not wide enough

DBE-1032 (Usability Problem)

Table Editor: Large Values: popup for cell value does not disappear after moving focus

DBE-1070 (Performance Problem)

Disable displaying blobs

DBE-1059 (Performance Problem)

Click to count: superfluous subquery is executed

DBE-1042 (Bug)

Oracle GUIDs show a bunch of 0's at the beginning, and a bunch of random characters on the end

DBE-1047 (Exception)

Exception encountered deleting rows from a PostgreSQL table



IDEA-88363 (Usability Problem)

Database table editor: Shift+Enter could open multiline editor even in not editing mode

IDEA-63267 (Usability Problem)

Database table editor: inconsistent moving of focus with Enter/Shift+Enter (not in cell editing mode)

IDEA-134029 (Bug)

Database console - unable to edit results.

IDEA-135406 (Bug)

Keyboard shortcut for "clone row" does not work



WEB-15446 (Bug)

Array length is equal to false for nodejs evalutations and watches

WEB-14879 (Bug)

Firefox debugger: infinite 'Collecting data' for some variables

WEB-14889 (Bug)

Firefox debugger: extra setters and getters in the 'Variable' tab

WEB-14888 (Bug)

Firefox debugger: variable is not added in the list "Local" if it was declared as a passed parameter

WEB-14493 (Bug)

Node debugger: 'Internal error: value null' while evaluating regexp

WEB-15039 (Exception)

Firefox debugger: IllegalArgumentException when switch to another item in "Frames"

WEB-14886 (Exception)

Firefox debugger: IllegalStateException when mute breakpoints

WEB-15152 (Exception)

ES6: NullPointerException when run js file

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-129961 (Feature)

Make scratch files executable

IDEA-100724 (Usability Problem)

Issue with Move Statement Up/Down

IDEA-87318 (Usability Problem)

Backspace should delete whitespace to chosen indent level, or be configurable

IDEA-58130 (Performance Problem)

Improve editor performance during working with large files written in a single line

IDEA-136848 (Bug)

Error transferring a comment by pressing Enter

IDEA-136319 (Bug)

Hungry Backspace intermittent strange behavior since upgrade to 14.0.3

IDEA-135341 (Bug)

Uncomment action removes a space after a comment prefix which ends with a space.

IDEA-101129 (Bug)

Move Statement Up is broken in emum:s

IDEA-99510 (Bug)

Move statement up/down behaves unexpectedly when used on class level annotation

IDEA-100878 (Bug)

Emacs Tab behaves strange when indenting with tabs

File System


IDEA-136705 (Usability Problem)

Externally changed files aren't refreshed reliably on process termination

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-131672 (Performance Problem)

Find usages of Java package / class / method / field / constructor should skip JavaScript code unless source latter has Nashorn language dialect



RUBY-12407 (Bug)

haml underline illegal nesting

RUBY-16293 (Bug)

interpolation causes string end to be missed by inspections in haml javascript filter

RUBY-16231 (Bug)

haml parsing thrown off by capture within lambda

RUBY-12007 (Bug)

haml: cant go to class declaration if node have 2+ classes

RUBY-15837 (Bug)

CoffeScript filter doesn't work properly in haml files



WEB-10804 (Feature)

Emmet / Live Template: more options for "Expand (abbreviation) with"

WEB-10344 (Feature)

"Insert background image size" action for HTML

WEB-15020 (Bug)

Emmet does not recognise XML-namespaced attributes

IDE Configuration


IDEA-131439 (Bug)

Description of some items in Preferences -> Keymap reads internal ids rather than human-readable name

IDEA-134855 (Bug)

"Check for Update" uses secure connection even if "Use secure connection" option is disabled

IDEA-131691 (Bug)

Settings repository plugin: it doesn't make sense to sync last opened project between IDEs



DBE-1057 (Bug)

XML extractor does not escape illegal characters in xml columns on SQL Server

IDE.User Interface


DBE-1020 (Usability Problem)

Data Sources and Drivers: make possible to copy values of non-editable driver fields



IDEA-37004 (Feature)

TLD: tag/body-content value could be supported

IDEA-96801 (Bug)

Exception in jsp

IDEA-17307 (Bug)

Enum must not be local in JSP declaration block

IDEA-58299 (Bug)

JSP: Find Usages / Rename works incorrect for variables defined in tag c:forEach



WEB-14288 (Feature)

jade: todo comments are not recognized



WEB-11222 (Feature)

Java 8: Nashorn: Java object in javascript files appears undefined, Java.type() not supported

WEB-15376 (Feature)

Can not use the @interface JSDoc-tag with a name

WEB-14964 (Feature)

Create Babel File watcher configuration

WEB-15366 (Cosmetics)

As of 14.1 keyword "of" (like in for (x of xlist)) is no longer highlighted as keyword

WEB-13845 (Bug)

JSDoc: type mismatch errors when using function new type to specify the constructed type of a constructor

IDEA-136652 (Bug)

Packages prefix to reference java classes in Nashorn

WEB-14683 (Bug)

es6 computed properties mismatched syntax coloring

WEB-13344 (Bug)

Using @name tag breaks hightlighting and inspection rules for property functions

WEB-14714 (Bug)

ES6: Shorthand property names

WEB-13877 (Bug)

PsiEquivalenceUtil.areElementsEquivalent must not be null

WEB-14877 (Bug)

Support @member to type instance properties

WEB-11571 (Bug)

es6 annotations support

WEB-11723 (Bug)

EcmaScript Harmony: support 'async' and 'await'

WEB-14963 (Bug)

ES6: 'identifier expected' error when using 'this.' to access fields in destructuring assignment pattern

WEB-13900 (Bug)

Assigned expression type string is not assignable to type T

WEB-13648 (Bug)

Property name in object literal does not support unicode escape sequence

WEB-14893 (Bug)

Export statement with a `let` binding results in a syntax error

WEB-14565 (Bug)

Assigned expression type boolean is not assignable to type {}

WEB-10956 (Bug)

JSDoc local and external references to @class, @alias or @name

WEB-14607 (Bug)

Wront type detecting in inline-documented function param

WEB-15227 (Bug)

JSX Harmony: 'async' and 'await' cannot be referenced as identifiers

WEB-15225 (Bug)

Async/await: support method shorthand

WEB-12839 (Bug)

ES6: Computed property names

WEB-14699 (Bug)

global/public jsdoc namepaths unrecognized

WEB-11553 (Bug)

Incomplete auto-completion and validation for custom types defined with @typedef

WEB-11524 (Bug)

Node.js: function added to GLOBAL not resolved

WEB-13589 (Bug)

JSDoc: provide type checking/completion for parameters in function that implements interface method

WEB-14727 (Bug)

ES6: autocomplete

WEB-15256 (Bug)

Incorrect reserved word used as a name

WEB-12946 (Bug)

unresolved instance field of exported object

WEB-15362 (Exception)

JSDoc: StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when print parameter name on Russian

WEB-15361 (Exception)

Closure Compiler: NullPointerException when use certain @param syntax

WEB-14530 (Exception)

JavaScript: NumberFormatException on "Convert to" intention for Octal and Binary literals

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-11520 (Feature)

"Align multiline variable declaration" should align values on equal sign.

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-15430 (Feature)

Add Emmet support for JSX files/snippets

WEB-15029 (Feature)

Make IDE aware of Backbone.js 'extend'-style inheritance.

WEB-13490 (Bug)

Debug for Meteor packages doesn't work

WEB-10908 (Bug)

JQuery 2.1.0, 1.11: '$' not resolved

WEB-15408 (Bug)

ExtJS xtype 'component' is not recognized

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-12037 (Bug)

Potentially invalid usage of this in arrow function

WEB-14604 (Bug)

Strange signature mismatch problems

JavaScript. Refactoring


WEB-13219 (Bug)

"Remove unnecessary parentheses" breaks code



WEB-12626 (Feature)

Add Navigate Symbol support for LESS variables

WEB-14938 (Bug)

AngularJS custom directive still shows "unknown element" in LESS

WEB-15132 (Bug)

LESS duplicated property

Language Injection


IDEA-135780 (Bug)

Language Injection via comment: does not work for concatenated strings in annotations



WEB-14662 (Bug)

Node.js Express New Project: add Handlebars engine support

WEB-15074 (Bug)

Stack trace is not clickable

Plugin Support. API


IDEA-133409 (Feature)

Properties PSI: dedicated PSI for "PropertyKey"



WEB-14481 (Feature)

Profiling: Timeline: improve selection

WEB-14480 (Feature)

Profiling: Timeline: open Timeline tab on Zoom action

WEB-14973 (Feature)

Profiling: CPU: save log file with a time stamp

WEB-14473 (Feature)

Profiling: Jump to Source: provide context menu action

WEB-15095 (Usability Problem)

Profiling: CPU: improve context actions for calls

WEB-15328 (Usability Problem)

Profiling: CPU: improve time stamp for the log file

WEB-14974 (Usability Problem)

Profiling: CPU: Timeline: improve "Usage hints" popup

WEB-15395 (Usability Problem)

Profiling: Heap: provide "Take Heap Snapshot" action for Run Configuration

WEB-14965 (Usability Problem)

Profiling: Run Configuration: improve UI

WEB-15428 (Usability Problem)

Profiling: Heap: Communication port: change number format

WEB-15429 (Usability Problem)

Profiling: provide Help button for V8 Profiling and V8 Heap views

WEB-14890 (Usability Problem)

Profiling: Heap: provide expandable marks for top nodes

WEB-14911 (Usability Problem)

Profiling: Heap: improve tabs naming

WEB-14910 (Usability Problem)

Profiling: Heap: long URLs should be shown shorter

WEB-14467 (Bug)

Profiling: Expand by Default: improve selection and expand state of the selected part of the tree

WEB-14500 (Bug)

Profiling: result scales and values are differ in UI and in V8 external tool

WEB-14469 (Bug)

Profiling: Top Calls: group name should be shown

WEB-15440 (Bug)

Profiling: Heap: Take Heap Snapshot button does nothing if shown after hover over hidden buttons

WEB-14483 (Bug)

Profiling: Export: synchronize changes automatically for generated files

WEB-14976 (Bug)

Profiling: Heap: Summary: negative distance value

WEB-15396 (Bug)

Profiling: Heap: Remove Mark should update all tabs at once

WEB-14474 (Bug)

Profiling: Jump to Source: improve "Select file to navigate to" popup

WEB-14471 (Bug)

Profiling: Total Filter: improve popup

WEB-14472 (Bug)

Profiling: Jump to Source: provide correct info in the status bar

WEB-15330 (Bug)

Profiling: CPU: do not delete .log file on IDE restart

WEB-14470 (Bug)

Profiling: Collapse All: reject current selection on collapse action

WEB-15006 (Bug)

Profiling: CPU: MacOS/Unix: log file cannot be created

WEB-15007 (Bug)

Profiling: CPU: MacOS/Unix: Timeline is not created

WEB-15003 (Bug)

Profiling: false error message in RD configuration

WEB-15181 (Bug)

Profiling: CPU: Compare with Clipboard action is disabled for the first call in a table

WEB-14951 (Bug)

Profiling: Heap: Many odd objects are shown for the Heap snapshot from the Chrome Canary

WEB-14453 (Bug)

Profiling: NPE is thrown on attempt to start with Node.js 0.10.x version

WEB-14912 (Bug)

Profiling: Heap: "Take Heap Snapshot" action should be disabled for stopped Node.js RC

WEB-15175 (Bug)

Profiling: CPU: Top Calls: Total Filter cannot be set to default "no" value

WEB-15172 (Bug)

Profiling: CPU: wrong highlighting and structure for Calls tab on columns reorder

WEB-15173 (Bug)

Profiling: CPU: Timeline: prohibit empty x range selection

WEB-15389 (Bug)

Profiling: Tools: V8 Profiling menu group should be dumb aware

WEB-15400 (Bug)

Profiling: Heap: context menu invoked for Search results should not use selection from other tabs

WEB-15093 (Exception)

Profiling: Timeline: NPE on clicking Zoom action twice

WEB-14903 (Exception)

Profiling: Heap: IllegalStateException on loading Heap with enabled advanced profiling settings

WEB-15398 (Exception)

Profiling: Heap: Summary: IOOBE on expanding child nodes of top groups

WEB-15394 (Exception)

Profiling: Heap: validate name of the created snapshot

WEB-15169 (Exception)

Profiling: CPU: Top Calls: CCE on Expand Node action invocation

WEB-15168 (Exception)

Profiling: CPU: NPE on Collapse Node action invocation for a leaf node

Project Configuration


IDEA-130669 (Feature)

Language level should match JDK version for new projects

IDEA-27486 (Feature)

Make file templates per-project

IDEA-134233 (Bug)

New Project: custom Project Language Level is ignored

IDEA-133903 (Bug)

Overriding existing project files in the new project wizard has no effect

IDEA-136336 (Bug)

Cannot compile project after changing JDK version



RUBY-15325 (Feature)

Support regexp syntax highlighting

RUBY-15610 (Feature)

Fallback resolving mode for Puppet

RUBY-16270 (Feature)

Add highlighting for puppet heredoc

RUBY-16221 (Bug)

Type isn't matched in the match operation (=~)

RUBY-16268 (Bug)

Uniqueness of hash set param per resource instance is not guaranteed

RUBY-16213 (Bug)

Unique attribute marker isn't parsed

RUBY-16215 (Bug)

Possible to define variables with uppercase

RUBY-16219 (Bug)

Splat operator isn't parsed



IDEA-112498 (Bug)

Regex named-group backreference (\k) marked as error

IDEA-91028 (Bug)

Language injection for java.util.regex.Pattern does not know about special hex syntax, good code is red

Run | Debug configuration


IDEA-123682 (Bug)

Alternative JRE setting is not persisted



WEB-14502 (Task)

Change SASS to Sass

WEB-14947 (Bug)

SCSS: "'{' expected" error reported for media query if a space between 'and' and expression is missing

WEB-14978 (Bug)

PhpStorm hangs while opening bootswatch project

WEB-14813 (Bug)

SASS: Colour is added like hex when use completeion



IDEA-44071 (Usability Problem)

SQL: typing opening quote does not insert closing quote in hexadecimal and binary strings (literals)

IDEA-44159 (Bug)

SQL: MySQL: bit literals in form 0bvalue are red

IDEA-130102 (Bug)

SQL: formatting: "New line before Select items" does not preserve new line after comment

IDEA-136754 (Bug)

MySQL dialect marks COLLATE as error



DBE-470 (Usability Problem)

Code Style: setting "comment at first column" not persisted

DBE-1049 (Bug)

SQL / PostgreSQL formatting doesn't fully respect comment indentation



DBE-1125 (Bug)

Formatting issues in MySQL's quickdoc

DBE-1128 (Bug)

Add live template on the fly



DBE-932 (Bug)

Oracle: 'select 2' without FROM clause is green

DBE-1043 (Bug)

Oracle. Unresolved partition in "create table" statement

Structural Search and Replace


IDEA-92927 (Bug)

Structural Search and Replace surround match with non wanted ''lesser than'' and ''greater than'' chars

IDEA-128820 (Exception)

Exception while structural replacement in html-code with empty replace template

TextMate Bundles


RUBY-14770 (Bug)

TextMate bundles: wrong highlighting for shellscript bundle



WEB-13281 (Bug)

Typescript dictionary interface not work for intellisense

WEB-13884 (Bug)

Error when using quoted properties in a typescript enum

WEB-14971 (Bug)

Unexpected error: "Initializer type X is not assignable to variable type Y" when TypeScript file watcher is disabled – type from JSDoc is used instead of type from type inference

WEB-13904 (Bug)

Typescript: assigning "this" to another variable breaks typing.

WEB-15057 (Bug)

Typescript: External Module export/import and `Unresolved variable` Error

WEB-15023 (Bug)

Typescript: alias does not work inside class

WEB-11959 (Bug)

TypeScript: recognize function name in quotes

WEB-14844 (Bug)

TypeScript: properties of a type exposed via 'export import' are not available in completion

WEB-8485 (Bug)

Wrong error highlighting on classes and interfaces with string literal as field name

WEB-14497 (Bug)

Avoid multi-resolving to overloaded typescript functions

WEB-12392 (Bug)

Typescript get<T> set<T> creates incorrect syntax errors

WEB-13274 (Bug)

typescript parameter info doesn't works for inheritance constructors

WEB-11740 (Bug)

Parameter info does not show for external TypeScript module's class constructor

Unit Tests


WEB-11356 (Usability Problem)

Cucumber-js: Win: path should be shown in win style

WEB-15042 (Bug)

Right-clicking in a Jasmin test file tries to check it out.

User Interface


IDEA-134569 (Bug)

disabled annotation processors: list looks stange

IDEA-126493 (Bug)

JetBrains TV link in Help menu may need an update

IDEA-133614 (Bug)

Spring Boot: on file rename to its icon gets blinking (changing ''properties"/"spring boot" icon) until restart

IDEA-134135 (Bug)

Settings: Scopes list shouldn't stick to configurable's borders

User Interface.Darcula


IDEA-111827 (Cosmetics)

Edge labels in UML diagram almost unreadable with darcula theme

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-134510 (Usability Problem)

Don't show empty Perforce changelists after they're removed by the user from Local Changes view

IDEA-135398 (Bug)

Can't add filenames containing the ellipsis wildcard (...) error on attempt to refresh changes

IDEA-134675 (Bug)

Perforce: "no config file" message is shown in PerforceConfigurationState dialog though config exists in the project folder

IDEA-134673 (Bug)

Perforce: changes in p4ignore are detected after Force Refresh only

IDEA-135438 (Bug)

Perforce: annotate displays incorrect versions for moved file



IDEA-129977 (Feature)

Allow create-namespace fix to work on unbound XML attributes

IDEA-58423 (Bug)

xml: commenting double dashes produces invalid xml

IDEA-131342 (Bug)

Commenting XML line containing just - produces invalid XML



RUBY-15143 (Bug)

RubyMine Freezing when Indexing Project (Mac OS Mavericks)

RUBY-16245 (Bug)

Intellij Freezes when Indexing project. Clearing cache does not help



WEB-15113 (Usability Problem)

Spy-js: Diagram: provide friendly message inside empty Details panel on first opening

WEB-15115 (Usability Problem)

Spy-js: Diagram: Details: provide Expand All / Collapse All buttons

WEB-15116 (Usability Problem)

Spy-js: Diagram: provide context menu for elements

WEB-15127 (Usability Problem)

Spy-js: Diagram: cut long URL in the element tooltip

WEB-15128 (Usability Problem)

Spy-js: Diagram: Details: improve context menu on session stop

WEB-15138 (Usability Problem)

Spy-js: Diagram: multiple selection results in Details for single node only

WEB-15110 (Bug)

Spy-js: Diagram is not redrawn on "Show application dependency diagram" action re-invocation

WEB-15140 (Bug)

Spy-js: Diagram: Details cannot be displayed for external script invoked from withing inline script

WEB-15111 (Bug)

Spy-js: Advanced Search: triple click discards Search results

WEB-15114 (Bug)

Spy-js: Diagram: UI locks while loading Details for heavy trace/dependencies

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