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  • IntelliJ IDEA 14 139.1408.1 Release Notes
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IDEA-127393 (Bug)

Add help button to the Choose Device dialog

IDEA-132264 (Bug)

Parsing of JSX Harmony Fails, when having Android Support Enabled

IDEA-135234 (Bug)

Android resources get messed up

IDEA-131264 (Bug)

Android-Gradle: New Project Creation: "Compile with" setting is ignored, the latest SDK is set instead

IDEA-132893 (Bug)

Intellij does not work with android-maven-plugin 4.0.0-rc.3

IDEA-128152 (Bug)

Add Help button to the New Resource Directory dialog

IDEA-128153 (Bug)

Add Help button to the New Resource File dialog

IDEA-133456 (Exception)

Android: Throwable at

IDEA-131852 (Exception)

Android Support plugin: exception when creating new virtual device

IDEA-133251 (Exception)

Android: AVD Manager button causes exception if Android SDK isn't bundled

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-134087 (Bug)

Deadlock while running an inspection on the project



WEB-14980 (Bug)

Files becomes uneditable, and application unusable, in 9.0.3



IDEA-132969 (Bug)

No exit code shown when run is complete



IDEA-136606 (Bug)

Debug: View values in editor - slow for huge arrays

IDEA-122127 (Bug)

Android Studio: popups for JavaDoc and variables are conflicting



IDEA-135805 (Bug)

Map the 'help' button in the Problems wool window toolbar with the corresponding help ID (see below)



IDEA-135933 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.ide.errorTreeView.NavigatableMessageElement.<init>(

IDE Configuration


IDEA-134505 (Bug)

Default settings are not applied anymore when opening a new directory in new version (139.659.2) if default settings was created in previous version (139.224.1)

IDEA-136683 (Bug)

Error on Settings save: Cannot save scheme 'Ruby/Rails: The data "null" is not legal for a JDOM attribute: A null is not a legal XML value.



IDEA-136053 (Bug)

Indexing hangs after maven import

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-136162 (Bug)

Good code red: annotations not allowed here for "new @UI Runnable() {}"



IDEA-135196 (Bug)

"After launch" option for tomcat run configuration uses HEAD instead of GET

Language Injection


IDEA-133425 (Bug)

JSON language injection in java string complains about escaped quotes

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-135774 (Feature)

Refactoring launchers.

IDEA-136082 (Bug)

IDEA freezes during indexing; OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space

IDEA-136274 (Bug)

Idea64 crashes when IDEA_VM_OPTIONS is configured

IDEA-136295 (Bug)

pycharm launcher on OSX does not set idea.executable causing failure to load vmoptions files

Plugin Support. DevKit


IDEA-129361 (Bug)

It is not possible to shadow PsiClasses contributed by JavaPsiFacadeImpl$PsiElementFinderImpl



WEB-15222 (Bug)

Compass support in PyCharm - www.iml importPaths saves in different orders

Unit Tests


WEB-14950 (Cosmetics)

Mocha: RC: information link for "User interface" field is broken

User Interface


IDEA-135711 (Bug)

'Problems' icon not always highlighted when there is a problem

IDEA-130840 (Bug)

'keymap' configurable is modified after open Preferences

Version Control


IDEA-117448 (Performance Problem)

ShelvedChangesViewManager should not process all patches in config.patches on project load



IDEA-134818 (Bug)

Unable to fetch a missing resource

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