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  • IntelliJ IDEA 13 133.818 Release Notes
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IDEA-111684 (Usability Problem)

Quick Documentation should resolve values for aggregated / indirect constants

IDEA-119677 (Performance Problem)

AWT thread blocking during start up

WEB-10470 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: Incorrect unexpected token error when have newlines in arrays with splats

IDEA-118412 (Bug)

'Update copyright' on CSS file always adds



IDEA-120303 (Bug)

AspectJ: false positive 'return outside method'



WEB-10680 (Bug)

WebStorm 7.0.3 marks valid CoffeeScript code as invalid

WEB-10438 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: "Expected end of line" but it should not

WEB-10690 (Bug)

"new" keyword in coffescript is mark as unexpected token



WEB-10408 (Feature)

Highlight escape sequences inside String literals

WEB-10160 (Feature)

Dart plugin Spelling corrector

WEB-8071 (Bug)

Dart comment auto indentation is broken.

WEB-10539 (Bug)

Dart: Error on Map literals with int keys

WEB-10629 (Bug)

Format for Dart fails for @observable

WEB-10666 (Bug)

Dart editor shows wrong error if using Dart "call" functionality in combination with constructor

WEB-10606 (Bug)

Dart inspection report false negative

WEB-9925 (Bug)

Dart: TODO tooltip is shown twice

WEB-10506 (Bug)

Dart inspection return false positive

WEB-7429 (Bug)

Autoformat of doc comments

WEB-9589 (Bug)

Dart Plugin - Commenting code is buggy



IDEA-119845 (Bug)

Rename MySQL field wrong syntax

IDEA-120141 (Bug)

DELETE statement should not be limited with "result set page size"

IDEA-120179 (Bug)

Executing plsql procedure calls with named parameters incorrectly asks for user input

File System


IDEA-55171 (Bug)

under some conditions a one-thread self-deadlock appears



IDEA-119851 (Bug)

Gradle: the "out-of-process" mode doesn't work



IDEA-117390 (Bug)

'IntelliJIdeaRulezzz' in Code Completion

IDE Configuration


IDEA-56096 (Usability Problem)

Allow to create file templates with extension contains dot

IDEA-103743 (Cosmetics)

Settings > Code Style > Arrangement UI glitch



WEB-10031 (Bug)

Jade: support javascript injection inside script tag followed with dot

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-119345 (Bug)

Good code is red: message "Exception is never thrown in the corresponding try block" wrongly reported for Java code

IDEA-118733 (Bug)

Idea 13 cannot parse valid java source with Generics

IDEA-118527 (Bug)

"Ambigious method call" while code compiles fine

IDEA-119546 (Bug)

Wrong "inconvertible types"

IDEA-120153 (Bug)

13.0.2 regression: "Ambiguous method call" error in valid code



IDEA-119773 (Bug)

slf4j placeholder inspection false warnings when passing in Object array



IDEA-118601 (Usability Problem)

New Module: Maven: click on "Create from archetype" reverts typed coordinates

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-117777 (Bug)

Change the way native splashscreen is shown in WinLauncher

Plugin Support. Architecture


IDEA-119498 (Bug)

Cannot install/uninstall any plugin if run IDE with project as parameter from console



IDEA-119790 (Performance Problem)

SQL files are reindexed on every IDE start

Task Management


IDEA-119510 (Bug)

PivotalTracker: Cannot resolve issue

User Interface


IDEA-117163 (Bug)

Parameter "nosplash" is broken on launcher

Version Control


IDEA-119753 (Usability Problem)

Commit to several repositories => proposed commit message is joined from latest two messages from previous commits to these repositories

IDEA-119738 (Bug)

Problem with Android Studio connecting to wrong VCS (Git vs. Mercurial)

Version Control. Git


IDEA-119887 (Bug)

Incompatible with Git from Debian repository

IDEA-120042 (Bug)

[git] Log tool window is "Loading..." indefinitely

IDEA-119693 (Bug)

Share project on Github shouldn't add worspace.xml to Git

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