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  • IntelliJ IDEA 13 133.696 Release Notes
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IDEA-115351 (Bug)

Idea UI hangs after performing Move Module to group

IDEA-119439 (Bug)

Another 1 month of trial after EAP installation.



IDEA-116280 (Feature)

Set cursor at postgresql error position

IDEA-119708 (Bug)

Cannot create package



IDEA-119467 (Feature)

Gradle: auto discovery of buildSrc project

IDEA-117668 (Bug)

IDEA v13 spontaneously changes additional test source root to source root

IDEA-119365 (Bug)

Gradle import does not respect model customisations

IDEA-118280 (Bug)

Gradle import: IDEA detect java folder as a resource folder

IDEA-119336 (Bug)

Gradle build files: build.gradle scripts are checkout from Perforce even if the file is not changed

IDEA-118523 (Bug)

Gradle plugin is not resolving Apache Ant imports

IDEA-98930 (Bug)

IDEA does not resolve dependencies in Gradle buildSrc/ project



IDEA-119653 (Bug)

Database plugin marks blob column definition as error on hsqldb

Version Control


IDEA-116322 (Bug)

Structure filter works incorrectly when there are several repos

IDEA-119316 (Bug)

Vcs Log: Go To Hash/Commit/Ref doesn't work in case of active filters

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