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IDEA-74428 (Feature)

Provide UI for changing log settings

IDEA-113344 (Usability Problem)

An easy way to exit from full screen mode using mouse

IDEA-118691 (Bug)

Quick Documentation (Ctrl+Q) often does not display correct javadoc after checking parameters with CTRL+P

IDEA-118696 (Bug)

Replace with regex: IOOBE at SegmentArray.findSegmentIndex()

IDEA-118745 (Bug)

Show directory in editor tabs for non-unique filenames doesn't work for non-project files

IDEA-117835 (Bug)

Some IntelliJ IDEA icons are fuzzy on MacBook Pro with Retina

IDEA-117831 (Bug)

After deleting last live template in a group, I can't click OK.

IDEA-117555 (Bug)

Search everywhere dialog is being closed immediately

RUBY-14819 (Bug)

JRuby support for new Hash and Lambda Syntax

IDEA-118587 (Bug)

IDEA may not exit with black window

IDEA-118718 (Bug)

Occasionally seeing "Low disk space on a IntelliJ IDEA system directory partition"

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-116006 (Usability Problem)

Eclipse code style import: import the same xml does not pick up changes until manual synchronization

IDEA-94950 (Exception)

Code Style | Arrangement: AIOOBE at ArrangementMatchingRulesModel.removeRow() on removing the last rule that is in edit mode



WEB-10065 (Bug)

Good code is red

WEB-7251 (Bug)

renaming a variable with @ in coffeescript is not allowed

WEB-9497 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: Incorrect end of line expected in extends clause

WEB-9888 (Bug)

Good coffeescript marked red

WEB-9513 (Bug)

CoffeeScript incorrect reformating

WEB-8867 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: Unused warnings

WEB-9899 (Bug)

CoffeeScript parser incorrectly determines function parameter count

WEB-9964 (Exception)

CoffeeScript: AssertionError on editing expression with injected RegExp



WEB-9566 (Feature)

Debugger: optionally ignore certificate errors

WEB-10360 (Bug)

Javascript debugger with non unique file names



RUBY-14617 (Bug)

do[enter] inserts DocumentError instead of a new line

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-117327 (Task)

Add a setting to switch off autopopup completion item selection by Enter

IDEA-117511 (Bug)

Hippie completion not working as expected in Intellij 13

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-117127 (Exception)

Editor: Throwable on Select word at caret inside plain text

Editor. Error Highlighting


IDEA-23831 (Bug)

highlight usages: problems with split files

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-118742 (Performance Problem)

UI Hang during search

IDEA-97930 (Bug)

Idea 12: Find Usages (Alt-F7) always searches in libraries by default, disregards the Scope setting



RUBY-14801 (Bug)

Ruby 2.1 - IDE doesn't see ConditionVariable that is defined in Thread - need to update rubystubs21

RUBY-14812 (Bug)

6.0.2 regression: stuck stopping the rails console

IDE Configuration


IDEA-118330 (Bug)

IDE hangs

IDEA-118763 (Bug)

Can't start IDEA after deinstalling a plugin

J2EE. Deployment and Run


IDEA-118675 (Bug)

Errors in app server run configs not shown in UI

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-94683 (Bug)

Completion popup loses focus when viewing documentation (sometimes, almost always)



WEB-7157 (Bug)

Variable to which the result of 'require' call is assigned is not highlighted as unused

WEB-6911 (Bug)

Mysteriously missed Debug file in JavaScript Library

WEB-10171 (Bug)

Usage of unintialized variable not reported

WEB-8170 (Bug)

Code completion issue with NodeJS and module.exports

WEB-6168 (Bug)

ExtJS: external documentation for ExtJS 4.1 doesn't work

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-7553 (Bug)

Incorrect indentation with chained calls

Language Injection


IDEA-79522 (Bug)

need ability to set display names for xml attribute and xml tag language injections

IDEA-111535 (Bug)

Edit Language Fragment: Synchronization is broken after tab drag



WEB-9517 (Bug)

Npm: Error loading package list

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-118446 (Bug)

Installation and plugin update (patch) download ignores Settings / HTTP Proxy

Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..


WI-21673 (Cosmetics)

Typo in the FTP warning message

Project View


IDEA-118250 (Usability Problem)

IntelliJ thinks intentional new directory names are filenames and tries to default them to files



RUBY-14615 (Bug)

parentheses are added on "extract parameter" although it's disabled in settings

RUBY-14641 (Bug)

parentheses are added on "override method" (CTRL+O) although it's disabled in settings

RUBY-14810 (Bug)

Convert do block to {} without argument space

Remote Interpreters


RUBY-14827 (Bug)

Plain ruby project with remote SDK doesn't display remote gems

RUBY-14828 (Bug)

remote sdk bundler and vagrant uses local path



IDEA-93034 (Usability Problem)

SQL: MySQL: erasing the first backtick could erase the pair

IDEA-116407 (Bug)

Oracle callable <statement> expected false positive

IDEA-113174 (Bug)

Oracle SQL: support INSERT INTO in prepared statements

IDEA-119105 (Bug)

MySQL lowercase functions are not resolved

Unit Tests


WEB-10387 (Bug)

Mocha console log statements are not correctly aligned to their encasing tests

User Interface


IDEA-118616 (Bug)

Lens mode with tool windows on the right side

User Interface.Darcula


IDEA-118004 (Cosmetics)

Find's Regex Help Popup table header bad color with darcula

Version Control


IDEA-115901 (Usability Problem)

VCS-Log: Save view selection on refresh

IDEA-116242 (Usability Problem)

Allow multiple user selection in the user filter of new VCS Log

IDEA-115594 (Usability Problem)

'Commit Changes' dialog joins two (or more) previous commit messages

IDEA-116834 (Performance Problem)

Moving through the list of filtered commits is slow

IDEA-117680 (Bug)

Changes from 2 selected commits aren't merged, 2 files with the same name are shown in the right part of panel

IDEA-116718 (Bug)

Git Log: Moving selection skips some commits

IDEA-119247 (Bug)

Git log filtered results should be requested from Git pre-sorted by --date-order

IDEA-118644 (Bug)

Apply patch places new file in new package into incorrect source root

Version Control. Git


IDEA-116738 (Bug)

git amend: does not process line endings correctly

IDEA-114111 (Bug)

Cherry pick doesn't commit renamed files

IDEA-116207 (Bug)

When selecting several commits in git log, and invoking "Show Diff", diff is empty

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-119183 (Bug)

Perforce: when 'use login authentication' option is off, it is impossible to go online from offline mode

IDEA-119189 (Bug)

Perforce: when 'use login authentication' is off, it is impossible to work with the integration



IDEA-115702 (Exception)

DomAnchorImpl exception

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