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IDEA-115884 (Feature)

Auto-complete qualified super reference in virtual extension methods.

IDEA-115883 (Feature)

Add auto-fix for compiler error "Unqualified super reference is not allowed in extension method"

IDEA-115086 (Usability Problem)

New menu: with package and items the latter is selected on typing

WEB-8426 (Bug)

Productivity Guide: broken links and incorrect names

IDEA-115762 (Bug)

cyclic expand word broken inside strings and comments

WEB-8881 (Bug)

Regular Expressions in CoffeeScript

IDEA-115852 (Bug)

JDK method names are still marked as typos in comments.

IDEA-115583 (Bug)

exception on CTRL+SHiFT+A on welcome screen

IDEA-115728 (Exception)

IDEA-132.859. Could not initialize class com.intellij.ui.Win7TaskBar Exeption

IDEA-115693 (Exception)

Exception on Show Bookmarks



IDEA-89857 (Feature)

Automatically add android:layout_width and android:layout_height. Close with correct tag.



IDEA-115557 (Bug)

Maven dependencies with scope 'provided' are not included in aspect path



WEB-9863 (Bug)

::backdrop pseudo-element show as erroneous in both CSS and LESS files

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-107864 (Feature)

@Pure annotation support

IDEA-106425 (Feature)

Ignore some 'Code maturity issues'-inspections for test code

IDEA-100569 (Cosmetics)

Typo: Persistentt attribute type checks

IDEA-115584 (Bug)

try-with-resources quickfix munges code

IDEA-115885 (Bug)

False positive "Abstract method with missing implementations" using virtual extension methods.

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-115756 (Task)

Caret is moved on the start of line after formatting, if positioned not on the end of line

Code Navigation


IDEA-55616 (Feature)

Support specifying both line and column in Goto File dialog

Compiling Project


IDEA-115649 (Bug)

Compiler cannot resolve references to classes generated by annotation processors

IDEA-115878 (Bug)

Constants search should work for final fields

Cucumber JVM


IDEA-104028 (Usability Problem)

Please add "Environment variables" setting into the "Cucumber Java" run configuration

IDEA-99341 (Bug)

Cucumber: Illegally formatted data table should produce an error



WEB-9801 (Bug)

Dart: hide quick fix if changes should be applied to the external libraries files

WEB-9804 (Bug)

Dart: part path is not resolved correctly if target file is placed inside another directory

WEB-9603 (Bug)

Dart const symbol new syntax '#' show as error



IDEA-115179 (Feature)

Database connection: replace plain JDBC url field with user-friendly connection parameters

IDEA-115665 (Usability Problem)

Database: Simplify SSH tunnel configuration

IDEA-115705 (Bug)

"Go to definition" for table names stopped working



WEB-1979 (Feature)

Node.js: filter for exception breakpoints

IDEA-115853 (Bug)

plugin project hotswaps classes from sandbox when it shouldn't

WEB-9661 (Bug)

CORS Proxy: page is rendered incorrectly when using certain match patterns

WEB-6961 (Bug)

JavaScript Console doesn't show several identical messages

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-115368 (Bug)

Smart type completion popup offers Object.class ahead of local Class<?> variable

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-115838 (Bug)

FQN inserted for annotated code instead of using imports

IDEA-115802 (Bug)

Wrong parameter type for constructor with generics

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-115604 (Feature)

Intention "Negate '?:'"

IDEA-115602 (Bug)

IDEA changes code semantic after "Replace 'if else' with '?:'" intention

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-96343 (Bug)

"Find Usages..." settings are not applied

IDEA-115258 (Bug)

Find Usages: "More than 1001 results" -> Abort -> does not stop search

IDEA-115578 (Bug)

Find: Comments only: Groovy javadoc comments are skipped

Google App Engine


IDEA-110891 (Bug)

IDEA should support the new official maven plugin for google app engine



IDEA-90470 (Feature)

Add Gradle Dependencies With Alt-Insert

IDEA-115687 (Feature)

Gradle: code completion for maven dependencies

IDEA-115691 (Usability Problem)

Keyboard shortcut for 'Refresh all Gradle project' should be accessible globally



IDEA-113758 (Feature)

Create Specifications when creating tests

IDEA-114681 (Bug)

Grails 2.3.0 - IDEA hook: Grails not found!



IDEA-57246 (Feature)

Support Groovy inline-script in Spring XML



WEB-2407 (Usability Problem)

Unclear how to list multiple HTML attributes

WEB-497 (Bug)

HTML href resolution vs <base> tag

WEB-9744 (Bug)

Surround with Emmet dialog usability problems

WEB-555 (Bug)

Attribute completion with tab should overwrite attribute with namespace

WEB-9778 (Bug)

Strange bug on Emmet when using curly braces

WEB-6350 (Bug)

Strange behavior of QuirksMode plugin in WebStorm 5.0.4



IDEA-39454 (Feature)

Import database schema: resolve issue with nullable property / column of primitive type



IDEA-115334 (Bug)

Maven Indices: PersistentEnumerator storage corrupted

IDEA-115986 (Exception)

ctrl+shift+n not found files: IOOBE in com.intellij.util.indexing.IdFilter$2.contains

J2EE.App Servers.Generic


IDEA-69580 (Feature)

Enable option to chose JRE when starting Tomcat



IDEA-108756 (Feature)

Cannot debug GlassFish cluster nodes



IDEA-114774 (Bug)

LiveEdit: JSF support



IDEA-114969 (Feature)

IDEA can't start Jetty 9.1



IDEA-115809 (Task)

web.xml DOM stubs



IDEA-115644 (Bug)

JSP <include-prelude> not recognized in Servlet 3.1 in IntelliJ IDEA 13

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-115720 (Bug)

Casting to intersection type

IDEA-115716 (Bug)

Good Code Red: Java 8 static import of Interface method

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-115867 (Bug)

Copy to temp final variable does not work correctly inside expression without braces

IDEA-115789 (Bug)

an interface inheriting a default method and an abstract method

IDEA-115790 (Bug)

default methods cannot override Object methods



WEB-3973 (Bug)

"Unused JavaScript / ActionScript local symbol" should have option to ignore parameters

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-9799 (Bug)

PhpStorm 7 found mistake "Unknown pseudo selector 'contains'" in jQuery code.



IDEA-115755 (Bug)

Maven: optionally mark the generated sources root with generated="true"

IDEA-114815 (Bug)

maven: new project from archetype: checkbox enabled but treeview inactive

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-91062 (Feature)

Bundle the required JRE into the AppCode application package

IDEA-115627 (Bug)

For MacOSX installation with bundled jdk messages prompted to allow incoming connections are displayed

Plugin Support. DevKit


IDEA-115629 (Bug)

plugin.xml: provide bundle/property-key reference where applicable

Product Documentation


WEB-8780 (Task)

Update tips directory as described below

Project Configuration


IDEA-115074 (Bug)

New Project Wizard: Grails: grails-specific settings are missing

IDEA-115605 (Bug)

New Project wizard: extra settings fields disappear on switching template

Run | Debug configuration


IDEA-113879 (Bug)

"Show this page" in Run Configuration does not work

IDEA-115788 (Bug)

Error Messages in Run Configuration Dialog



WEB-9798 (Bug)

Quickdoc for pseudo elements doesn't work in SASS and LESS completion

WEB-9854 (Bug)

Compass integration miss functions from urls.rb



IDEA-115701 (Feature)


IDEA-115707 (Feature)

Add "Add/Remove quotes" intentions for SQL identifiers

IDEA-99810 (Feature)

Provide an automated mode to surround something with `

IDEA-114458 (Usability Problem)

SQL: File Structure popup shows statements in "alphabetical" order

IDEA-115551 (Usability Problem)

PostgreSQL: SELECT INTO record type gives "unable to resolve column"

IDEA-115547 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: code with 'TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE' at VALUES is red



IDEA-111824 (Feature)

Spring: highlight class with multiple @Autowired constructors

IDEA-103739 (Feature)

Support Spring @ContextHierarchy annotation in tests

IDEA-115634 (Feature)

Spring MVC: @RequestMapping "consumes"/"produces"

IDEA-113227 (Feature)

Spring MVC @RequestMapping: improve documentation presentation

IDEA-115795 (Feature)

Spring MVC: @RequestMapping gutter

IDEA-115642 (Usability Problem)

Do not suggest add security filter suggestion for a web.xml free web spring application

IDEA-111939 (Bug)

spring: highlight class without matching constructor for autowiring

IDEA-115446 (Exception)

IAE at com.intellij.spring.model.converters.fixes.bean.CustomNamespaceSpringBeanResolveQuickFixProvider$CreateFromUndefinedNamespaceQuickFix.applyFix

Structural Search and Replace


IDEA-90423 (Performance Problem)

Structural Search consuming a lot of memory

Template Languages. FreeMarker


IDEA-115539 (Bug)

@ftlvariable name="" overshadows other explicit @ftlvariable declarations

Template Languages. Velocity


IDEA-115099 (Bug)

Velocity 'autoscroll from source' does not work

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-115660 (Bug)

Fix Spock library in Create test dialog does not work

Unit Testing. TestNG


IDEA-115618 (Bug)

TestNG runner in IDEA fails if started under 1.5

User Interface


IDEA-115561 (Usability Problem)

Appearance of vertical and horizontal scroll bars in the search results is unexpected often

IDEA-115658 (Usability Problem)

'' item should be placed after 'package' item in 'New' menu

IDEA-115673 (Cosmetics)

Infer Nullity... action could have better location in Analyze menu

IDEA-94376 (Task)

Icons: web.xml

IDEA-115541 (Bug)

'Navigate to class' is opened after Enter if nothing was found in 'Search Everywhere'.

IDEA-115876 (Bug)

ToolWindow combo looks weird under Retina + jdk1.7

IDEA-115092 (Exception)

Progress indicator: Throwable at AbstractProgressIndicatorBase.start()

IDEA-115959 (Exception)

IDEAC-132.940 Start Failed with java.lang.RuntimeException: com.intellij.ide.plugins.PluginManager$StartupAbortedException: Fatal error initializing 'com.intellij.ide.ui.LafManager' Exception

User Interface.Darcula


IDEA-95533 (Usability Problem)

Darcula: cannot use comboboxes with a keyboard



IDEA-115373 (Feature)

Vaadin Maven support

Version Control


IDEA-115992 (Usability Problem)

Issue links missing from the new log

IDEA-115676 (Usability Problem)

new git log: details panel scrolls to bottom

IDEA-115964 (Bug)

Subversion: Confusing 'unregistered subversion root' error is displayed on project opening

IDEA-115908 (Exception)

AE at com.intellij.vcs.log.ui.render.CommitCellRender.getCellText

Version Control. Git


IDEA-115894 (Bug)

New git log looks scary on Retina + Java 7

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-115904 (Exception)

Mercurial Log: avoid exception with old (<2.6) versions



IDEA-113332 (Usability Problem)

Typing an attribute in XML/HTML files ends up with corrupted XML

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