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Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-91960 (Usability Problem)

Type parameter extends final class inspection warns on cases when can not be removed

IDEA-99829 (Bug)

Problem with inspection "Raw use of parameterized class" option "Ignore where a type parameter would not compile.

IDEA-91969 (Bug)

False positive 'field may be final'

IDEA-84561 (Bug)

The inspection "Code style issue/field may be final" doesn't handle some simple situations

IDEA-53184 (Bug)

False positive unused field inspection for serialVersionUID fields

IDEA-84614 (Bug)

Erroneous application of "Field may be final" inspection

IDEA-113391 (Bug)

Edit Method Contract intention for library methods

IDEA-113148 (Bug)

Scopes filter by file type (css & scss)

IDEA-112474 (Bug)

Expression might evaluate to null and not @Nullable annotated inspection is not aware of @Contract

IDEA-85224 (Bug)

Inspection "non thread-safe static field access" gives false +ve for static initializers

IDEA-113242 (Bug)

Wrong "unboxing may produce NPE"

IDEA-112968 (Bug)

Show "Value is always" warning only for null/true/false

IDEA-75321 (Bug)

Erroneous "field may be final"

IDEA-80439 (Bug)

Wrong 'field may be final' inspection.

IDEA-111396 (Bug)

False positive on Inspection Code Style Issues / Field may be final

IDEA-113298 (Bug)

replace assertTrue with assertFalse removes message

IDEA-89711 (Bug)

"Field may be final" inspection may produce false positive results

IDEA-89557 (Bug)

Inspection `RawUseOfParameterizedType` is redundant on inspection of parameterized type object arrays with the trailing `class` keyword

IDEA-87373 (Bug)

Field may be final false positive

Code Navigation


IDEA-112779 (Exception)

ISE at com.intellij.ide.util.gotoByName.ChooseByNameBase.getNames

Compiling Project


IDEA-108213 (Bug)

ZipException on attempt to extract non-existent jar when building artifact

IDEA-113123 (Bug)

Unclear error when trying to build artifacts



WEB-7512 (Feature)

Dart: import handler

WEB-9190 (Bug)

Dart analyzer not working.

WEB-6708 (Bug)

Dart: Refractor/Rename should update named parameters names

WEB-1577 (Bug)

Dart, DartUnit run configuration: on adding a new configuration existing configurations are overwritten with new configuration settings

WEB-8960 (Bug)

Nested method cascades display incorrect error



WEB-6780 (Usability Problem)

JS Debugger / Variables: "Jump to Source" not working

WEB-7511 (Usability Problem)

"Evaluate Expression" window does not build correct path to currently selected object node

WEB-8151 (Bug)

Debugger: in case of same-named files debugger stops at line in wrong file

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-99897 (Bug)

When "block caret" mode is on, after deleting a character at the end of a line, the character deleted appears in inverse

File Watchers


WEB-7825 (Bug)

Memory\Threads leaks

WEB-7547 (Bug)

File watcher doesn't close properly less.cmd - node.exe stays in processes



IDEA-113307 (Bug)

'source' attribute of MXML tags <fx:String/>, <fx:Boolean/>, <fx:Number/> and <fx:int/> is highlighted as error.



IDEA-113269 (Bug)

Don't use -out for a GwtTestCase



IDEA-113403 (Feature)

Gradle: disable wrapper verification by default and add check for default wrapper files



IDEA-113188 (Usability Problem)

Go to related files works incorrectly for Model and Controller in Groovy



IDEA-99638 (Feature)

@Language annotation does not work in groovy

IDEA-110178 (Feature)

Conversion between string types

IDEA-107520 (Feature)

Groovy Shell: support commands in groovy shell

IDEA-110179 (Feature)

Infer type by if(warning) return false

IDEA-69673 (Feature)

Generate toString() template Groovy GString style should be added

IDEA-71176 (Feature)

Encapsulate Java fields should update Groovy usages

IDEA-113124 (Cosmetics)

Groovy files in the navigation bar

IDEA-113176 (Bug)

Groovy completion for classes without a constructor

IDEA-112878 (Bug)

Groovy code completion doesn't obey 'before parentheses -> method parentheses' settings.

IDEA-111780 (Bug)

Extract method from static closure creates instance method

IDEA-113346 (Bug)

False negative in groovy withStream closure

IDEA-109053 (Bug)

Convert to single-line string for regexes fails

IDEA-113299 (Bug)

Imports removed when writing javadoc



WEB-8731 (Bug)

HTML parser breaks with unquoted complex attributes



IDEA-111952 (Bug)

Cant not resolve my class when I reference a class in another jsp file.

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-113013 (Feature)

When insert selected variant is enabled the "generated" code comply with code style

IDEA-112567 (Usability Problem)

Don't show any completion variants after method reference and dot

IDEA-113028 (Bug)

Complete statement doesn't complete class declaration

IDEA-113149 (Bug)

Constructor parameters completion is not available in case of classes with generics

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-96419 (Feature)

"Externalizable class without public no-arg constructor" inspection options

IDEA-93530 (Bug)

bad code green: cannot assign a value to final variable

IDEA-113225 (Bug)

Incompatible types; cannot cast byte[] to a generic type which extend Serializable

IDEA-113357 (Bug)

Java 8: Good code is red: Ambiguous method call when using method reference

IDEA-93515 (Bug)

Good code red: variable might not have been initialized

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-113338 (Bug)

"Replace with lambda" with conflicting lambda parameter name

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-113280 (Bug)

Move refactor does not check dependencies

IDEA-113323 (Bug)

Pull method to interface generates a default interface method in Java 7 project level.

Live Edit


WEB-2296 (Feature)

Is it possible to tell LiveEdit to monitor other file types?

WEB-1780 (Task)

remember last scroll position on page reload

WEB-1837 (Bug)

LiveEdit: applying from completion doesn't work for inline style properties



IDEA-112939 (Feature)

Smart dependency completion for pom.xml

IDEA-109771 (Bug)

Incorrent Maven dependency resolution with war classes dependency



WEB-1902 (Cosmetics)

Too much capitals in labels

WEB-1879 (Bug)

Autocomplete and refactoring should omit file extension in require() statement

WEB-1969 (Bug)

No option to Run or Debug node js unless it has a require line

WEB-8863 (Bug)

NPM: Uninstall for global package should remove executable files



IDEA-111556 (Bug)

OSGi: return the possibility to create libraries for selected OSGi framework

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-112953 (Bug)

IntelliJ IDEA community build fails

Project Configuration


IDEA-112941 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.roots.ui.configuration.classpath.ChangeLibraryLevelActionBase$

Run | Debug configuration


IDEA-113340 (Bug)

Run main method in an interface



WEB-9147 (Usability Problem)

Map help ID for the Compass Support settings page

WEB-9138 (Bug)

Compass support: add_import_path: recognize paths correctly

WEB-9140 (Bug)

Compass support: correctly remove compass library

WEB-9145 (Exception)

Compass support: AE on project closing with running compiler



IDEA-113260 (Feature)

Add option to move DISTINCT keyword to SELECT line

IDEA-113267 (Feature)

Documentation for MySQL CAST and CONVERT is unuseful

IDEA-113311 (Bug)

schema name on FK creation is not added to SQL-string

IDEA-113273 (Bug)

Double indentation in FROM clause

IDEA-112934 (Bug)

Good code is red: MySQL multiple JOIN



IDEA-97397 (Bug)

Spring Data JPA library not recognized



WEB-7557 (Feature)

Provide live template context for TypeScript

WEB-9141 (Bug)

TypeScript Generics bug (good code red)



IDEA-113205 (Bug)

Darcula theme not used in Grails domain class dependencies

Unit Tests


WEB-9176 (Bug)

Karma console: hyperlink is not highlighted

User Interface


IDEA-112009 (Bug)

Library selection dialog is too small

IDEA-26026 (Bug)

Holding F3 opens multiple Search dialogs

IDEA-105611 (Bug)

Invalid focus when invoking find in files

IDEA-108071 (Bug)

Copy pasting a module dependencies to an external text editor prints com.intellij.openapi.roots.ui.configuration.classpath.LibraryItem@a6966b

IDEA-113281 (Bug)

Ctrl+E for Console History shadows hotkey for Recent

User Interface.Darcula


IDEA-113216 (Bug)

Darcula: Equal sign is too bright in properties files

IDEA-113215 (Bug)

GSP looks weird under Darcula

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-112422 (Bug)

IDEA calls "p4 add -f -n <filepath>" for excluded files in output folders

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