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  • IntelliJ IDEA 13 130.1365 Release Notes
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IDEA-102168 (Feature)

Android XML: improve completion in flag attribute values

IDEA-102179 (Feature)

Package renaming should not change application package by default

IDEA-109040 (Bug)

Annotation processing loaded Guava 13 from somewhere before project Maven dependency

IDEA-110808 (Bug)

Renaming application package in manifest shouldn't change java package

IDEA-57990 (Bug)

IntelliJ can't resolve package private symbols when syntax highlighting android java files

Code Analysis. Duplicates


IDEA-110793 (Bug)

Locate Duplicates: remove replace diff controls from duplicates diff

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-107043 (Feature)

New inspection for unnecessary calls to 'toString()' on arguments to Logger method.

IDEA-93372 (Feature)

Implement something similar to ReSharper contract annotations for Java

IDEA-108210 (Feature)

New inspection "Nested/inner class referenced via subclass".

IDEA-107485 (Bug)

Erroneous suggestion to simplify String.valueOf() results in compile error

IDEA-110917 (Bug)

Incorrect "Redundant Cast" on Complex Conditional

IDEA-110663 (Bug)

Description not displayed for batch inspection results

IDEA-108240 (Bug)

Quick fix for inspection 'log statement not guarded by log condition' accidentally changes semantics of handled sourcecode

IDEA-110362 (Bug)

"Remove unnecessary final" inspection wrong on anonymous class constructor

IDEA-107730 (Bug)

@VisibleForTesting is marked as a warning when called within class

IDEA-110436 (Bug)

Exception when running 'unused declaration' by name [trunk]

IDEA-110398 (Bug)

Catch NullPointerException is "not null" while throwing null is false

IDEA-107277 (Bug)

False positive for "Unecessary 'this' qualifier" inspection

IDEA-110527 (Bug)

ChangeSignatureGestureDetector throws exception on dispose if tabs are off

IDEA-110631 (Bug)

Weaken type to 'java.util.Collection' produces FQN

IDEA-106990 (Bug)

Quick fix for "Scope of variable is too broad at line" breaks code

IDEA-109764 (Bug)

InspectionGadgets "Unused Import" doesn't deal with shadowed imports

IDEA-105491 (Bug)

Irrelevant false positive "Constant conditions & exceptions" inspection on return sentence, that conditionally changes value

IDEA-110920 (Bug)

Batch inspection stops if an inspection tool throws SOE.

Code Coverage


IDEA-110328 (Usability Problem)

Code Coverage packages and classes selection hidden if window too small

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-69770 (Usability Problem)

"Do not wrap one line comments" should not not change multi-line comments to one-line comments

IDEA-110260 (Bug)

Arrangement settings, edit some rule: incorrect initial value in 'order' combo.

IDEA-109631 (Bug)

Javadocs formatting depends on current method indentation

IDEA-109854 (Bug)

"Reformat Code" dialog behaves strangely on "Do not show this dialog in the future" checkbox state change

IDEA-109893 (Bug)

Formatting of LONG strings in comments

IDEA-110844 (Bug)

CURRENT_TIMESTAMP quoted with backquotes after reformat code

Code Navigation


IDEA-110813 (Feature)

Update class navigation to allow .java in the name

IDEA-79278 (Usability Problem)

Autoscroll to source doesn't preserve file position

IDEA-110267 (Bug)

Go to previous change - breaks when doing too fast



WEB-8420 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: global variable treated as local

WEB-8298 (Bug)

Coffeescript array indentation problem

WEB-8072 (Bug)

syntax error on legal coffeescript switch/when/if/else

WEB-8576 (Bug)

CoffeeScript plugin doesn't warn on faulty class definition

WEB-8489 (Bug)

CoffeeScript formatter doesn't format block strings correctly

WEB-8434 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: 'Unexpected element' error on regular expression

Compiling Project


IDEA-110568 (Bug)

Valid super method invocation marked as error

IDEA-110835 (Bug)

TransformableJavaFileObject Not Supported when compiling



IDEA-100551 (Feature)

Database Colors: Make databases visually distinguishable from each other

IDEA-109407 (Usability Problem)

Database: "Open console" doesn't work if several tables selected

IDEA-110017 (Usability Problem)

Please change shortcut for Database Properties

IDEA-110581 (Usability Problem)

Documentation for MSSQL CAST missing

IDEA-110523 (Cosmetics)

SQL: navigation to the related data highlight the target row except the last cell

IDEA-110475 (Task)

Does the Bundled "Database Support" Plugin Provide Extension Points

IDEA-77242 (Bug)

Generated Entity Beans fail to compile with EclipseLink

IDEA-110484 (Bug)

Database table fields are copied at random order

IDEA-109406 (Bug)

Database editor: F4 with several tables selected opens only one

IDEA-110390 (Bug)

CSV view doesn't display rows with values containing parentheses

IDEA-110528 (Bug)

Database Console: focus unexpectedly moves from .sql file to Database Console Output

IDEA-102204 (Bug)

Cannot run JPA 2 JPQL queries in JPA or Hibernate console



WEB-7401 (Usability Problem)

Debugger, Chrome extension: warn user if the extension can't connect because the port is occupied

IDEA-106810 (Bug)

Groovy debugger: static inner class couldn't be loaded in watches

WEB-8445 (Bug)

Elements tab: MDV: text node update breaks formatting

WEB-8204 (Bug)

Breakpoints are not recognised during node debugging if sourcemap URLs specify 'file://' protocol

WEB-8444 (Bug)

Elements tab: MDV: attribute update breaks formatting

WEB-8358 (Exception)

Elements tab: CCE is thrown on adding nested indented tags

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-110404 (Feature)

Allow surround-style live template expansion to work

IDEA-90750 (Usability Problem)

Change default value of 'Allow placement of caret after end of line' into 'off'.

IDEA-110046 (Performance Problem)

Very slow (almost freezed) editor of large SQL files with turned-on dialect

IDEA-110567 (Bug)

IntelliJ should import the right dependency when it can know

IDEA-95228 (Bug)

Copy reference does not work correctly on overloaded methods.

File Watchers


WEB-8454 (Feature)

Add csso CSS minifier

WEB-8424 (Feature)

Add Check in File Watchers to verify that File Type and Scope conflict.

WEB-8604 (Bug)

Coffeescript 'File Watcher' not executing for new files added after 'git pull'

WEB-8556 (Bug)

IDE does not always get result from last FileWatcher run



IDEA-110482 (Feature)

fud: FXG components support

IDEA-72558 (Feature)

Provide quickfix to declare missing conditional compilation definition

IDEA-63367 (Feature)

"Mark file as" right-click menu to add SWC as a library to current Flex build configuration

IDEA-69667 (Feature)

Mark directory as .swc (libraries) folder

IDEA-57736 (Usability Problem)

Correctly render HTML in ActionScript documentation popup: tables, new lines, etc.

IDEA-63475 (Bug)

skip inspection "reserved word" for definition from thirdparty library and skip quickfix Rename

IDEA-110894 (Bug)

Good code red in MXML: 'id' subtag that resolves to 'id' field of the corresponding class

IDEA-104608 (Bug)

Flash UI Designer Preview Not Working

IDEA-108532 (Bug)

Code Inspection Incorrectly Lists 'Contents of collection <array> are updated, but never queried'

IDEA-110462 (Bug)

IntelliJ fails to generate Flexmojos SDK for Apache Flex 4.9

IDEA-62917 (Bug)

Introduce variable: provide correct name suggestion for type name starting with two capital letters



IDEA-110062 (Feature)

Gradle Tool Window: an action to open the build script of a linked project could be provided

IDEA-110766 (Feature)

External system: Rename ide project when external project name is changed if it's the only external project linked

IDEA-110885 (Feature)

Exernal system: Allow to navigate to target script via standard 'jump to source' shortcut

IDEA-110625 (Feature)

External system: Add git root automatically on linking external project

IDEA-110837 (Feature)

Gradle: Support implicit gradle import

IDEA-110603 (Feature)

External system: Run selected task on double click

IDEA-110591 (Feature)

Gradle: Allow to specify gradle vm args at the ide

IDEA-110868 (Performance Problem)

org.jetbrains.plugins.gradle.util.GradleInstallationManager.getGradleHomeFromPath() slows down editing

IDEA-104500 (Task)

Gradle: Allow to reuse common logic for other external systems

IDEA-109435 (Bug)

Gradle tool window is missing in Cardea build 130.962

IDEA-110673 (Bug)

Gradle import doesn't respect language level

IDEA-110483 (Bug)

Gradle: Don't complain that 'groovy sdk is not configured' for newly imported gradle project

IDEA-110512 (Bug)

External system: Correct outdated tasks removal



IDEA-95146 (Feature)

Parse Spring beans from resources.groovy

IDEA-88816 (Bug)

IDEA fails to parse Spring DSL in resources.groovy



IDEA-110455 (Feature)

Groovy 2.2: Closure is assignable to SAM classes

IDEA-110721 (Feature)

Groovy: inplace introduce field

IDEA-110479 (Bug)

Inspection and auto-complete inside an instanceof conditional block don't work inside Groovy GStrings

IDEA-110562 (Bug)

type inference: incorrect resolved refs in else

IDEA-110552 (Bug)

Type inference of '|' operator

IDEA-110369 (Bug)

Autocompletion in GString with two extrapolated strings - $ is deleted

IDEA-110428 (Bug)

Extract field fails

IDEA-110424 (Bug)

Introduce parameter to a constructor fails

IDEA-110563 (Bug)

Non-implemented method is not reported



WEB-7035 (Bug)

HTML Structure no alphabetical sort?

IDE Configuration


IDEA-110149 (Task)

Merge Generate toString, JarFinder plugins into IDEA core



IDEA-110599 (Bug)

Heroku: API rate limit

IDEA-110596 (Bug)

Heroku: confirm undeploy

IDEA-110595 (Bug)

Heroku: duplicated application name in server view

IDEA-110598 (Bug)

Heroku: maintenance mode



IDEA-108969 (Feature)

Tiles support: properly support definition@preparer attribute



IDEA-109904 (Bug)

web.xml validation marks valid code as error mistakenly



IDEA-65316 (Bug)

"EL Deferred Expressions Inspection" marks valid values as invalid when using ICEFaces

IDEA-108130 (Bug)

Cannot package file IO Error

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-110166 (Feature)

Suggest javadoc autocompletion for variables of the same name in other javadoc for this class

IDEA-81393 (Feature)

sql: provide magic constant jdk annotations for java.sql.Statement#setFetchDirection

IDEA-105093 (Feature)

Eclipse-way getter/setter completion

IDEA-108598 (Usability Problem)

Getters and setters for private class are generated private, for public class - public

IDEA-109171 (Bug)

Code completion is suggesting to implement a class

IDEA-107086 (Bug)

Java: suggest private members of a casted class inside itself

IDEA-110366 (Bug)

Incorrect completion variant

IDEA-110961 (Bug)

Duplicated call chain completion proposals

IDEA-110945 (Bug)

Code completion in debugger watches: Inconsistency with actual vs. declaration type

IDEA-106588 (Bug)

Copy reference on java method does not include method signature

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-110767 (Feature)

Mark modules with errors in project tree

IDEA-110869 (Bug)

IDEA does not detect compilation error with Class type not applicable

IDEA-67744 (Bug)

False error 'Incompatible types' (wrong type inference)

IDEA-57325 (Bug)

False error 'Method cannot be applied'

IDEA-57334 (Bug)

False error 'method cannot be applied'

IDEA-111002 (Bug)

Good code is red: Generics II

IDEA-57391 (Bug)

False error 'Class must be declared abstract'

IDEA-110684 (Bug)

Raw Parameterized Warning on Overridden Methods

IDEA-67682 (Bug)

Error 'inconvertible types' is not detected

IDEA-110947 (Bug)

Good (question) code is red: Generics

IDEA-66493 (Bug)

Bad code is green: Accessing package local symbols via inheritance of a foreign packageed subclasses

IDEA-67835 (Bug)

False error 'method cannot be applied ...'

IDEA-94011 (Bug)

Good code is red - generics

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-110256 (Feature)

Rename class refactoring does not rename test class if e.g. FooUnitTest

IDEA-109510 (Bug)

Refactor This menu command (Ctrl-T) should include all Refactor menu commands

IDEA-110332 (Bug)

Reordering parameters via 'Change Signature' refactoring breaks Javadoc

IDEA-110601 (Bug)

Change Signature with parameter propagation breaks parameter in method call

IDEA-110841 (Bug)

"Safe delete" does not report usages in super method invocations

IDEA-110840 (Bug)

"Safe Delete" should remove @Override annotations when base method is deleted



WEB-1182 (Feature)

External annotations for JavaScript libraries

WEB-748 (Bug)

Method expression is not of Function type

WEB-8528 (Bug)

@memberOf in object literal

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-8081 (Feature)

Process contents of strings assigned to JS location properties

WEB-3689 (Cosmetics)

"Fall-through in case statement" suppression comment includes a spelling mistake

WEB-8466 (Bug)

inspect code: code style issues: 'Var statement is not at the scope start' for var statements immediately after 'use strict'

Live Edit


WEB-8376 (Bug)

Live Edit: highlighting is broken for element and it's children if element ID begins with a number



IDEA-57428 (Feature)

Show Effective POM

IDEA-79857 (Usability Problem)

Generating dependency when cursor is in dependencyManagement section should add a managed dependency

IDEA-63021 (Usability Problem)

maven: Artifact Search dialog: up/down keys should work without focusing the list.

IDEA-110791 (Bug)

Maven: gmaven: <source> reports error for top-level Groovy script elements

IDEA-110458 (Bug)

Maven tab no longer showing artifact name.

IDEA-61160 (Bug)

in Maven pom.xml it is impossible to select some live template from the list available by ctrl-j



WEB-7515 (Feature)

documentation for required module

WEB-1919 (Bug)

Impossible to debug node.js process that spawns child processes

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-110970 (Bug)

Community Edition stores system and config folders in installation home

IDEA-104335 (Bug)

Community Edition doesn't start on Windows 7 because of the missing MSVCP100.dll

Plugin Support. Architecture


IDEA-101030 (Feature)

Nice to have paths to files in a plugin be relative to that plugin location.

Project Configuration


IDEA-110710 (Task)

Compiler: Provide extension point for managing available settings



IDEA-110238 (Performance Problem)

Database synchronize is slow

IDEA-109531 (Bug)

Invalid Oracle sql inspection. Unresolved reference for end procedure/function in package body

IDEA-110774 (Bug)

Database tool not creating primary keys correctly

IDEA-110651 (Bug)

PL/SQL Object Types support

IDEA-99441 (Bug)

SQL Dialect: IDEA recognizes wrong Oracle SQL dialect

IDEA-110463 (Bug)

SQL Plugin: INSERT Export Bugs



IDEA-110854 (Bug)

Spring Toolwindow: Argument 0 for @NotNull parameter of com/intellij/openapi/util/text/StringUtil.getShortName must not be null

Task Management


IDEA-110136 (Bug)

Breakpoints are not stored in the task context

IDEA-110849 (Exception)

INFO - lij.tasks.impl.TaskManagerImpl - Argument 0 for @NotNull parameter of com/intellij/util/containers/ must not be null

Template Languages. FreeMarker


IDEA-110987 (Bug)

Incorrect completion/no highlighting for Java Maps methods in FreeMarker templates



WEB-8201 (Feature)

Support TypeScript's 0.9 single export

WEB-7994 (Bug)

typescript: new Date(): Interface can not be instantiated

WEB-2299 (Bug)

TypeScript: report errors when creating interface instance using new operator

WEB-7920 (Bug)

"Method expression is not a Function type" when instanciating ambient interface declaration with custom constructor return type

WEB-7532 (Bug)

TypeScript: refactor/rename class method breaks method calls

WEB-8439 (Bug)

TypeScript: primitive types not resolved in interface within a module

WEB-7802 (Bug)

Typescript does not understand Interfaces with New Keyword (Class Definitions)

WEB-8428 (Bug)

Typescript: 'this' marked as incorrect in a static context

WEB-8532 (Bug)

Incorrect file name when downloading TypeScript stubs from DefinitelyTyped

WEB-8449 (Bug)

TypeScript: usages of interface from global namespace imported using <reference path> not resolved inside module

WEB-7318 (Exception)

TypeScript: IllegalArgumentException at TypeScriptUtil.findFileByReferencePath() on completion invocation in module import directive

WEB-2173 (Exception)

TypeScript: StringIndexOutOfBoundsException on Refactor/Extract Method

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-101851 (Feature)

JUnit-Runner and Theories

IDEA-110770 (Bug)

JUnit tests running: already existing run configuration is found for test disregarding JVM properties. JVM properties should be treated part of test "signature"

Unit Testing. TestNG


IDEA-110814 (Feature)

Report warning if @BeforeClass#dependsOnMethods requires @Test method

User Interface


IDEA-51776 (Cosmetics)

Background Progress bar is stripped if cannot fit in the window's layout.

IDEA-109656 (Bug)

"Confirm Exit" is shown twice; "Don't ask again" checkbox doesn't work

IDEA-110025 (Bug)

IDEA cannot start with AssetionError

IDEA-75349 (Bug)

Switching editor tabs with Structure pane open causes editor to jump to the top of file

IDEA-110440 (Bug)

Can't start IDEA after fresh installation

IDEA-109806 (Bug)

No compilation error highlighting in various Scope - based views of Project tool window

Version Control


IDEA-110976 (Bug)

Strange numbers in revert window

IDEA-110503 (Exception)

[build:MPS-129.189] update failed for ActionGroup: Group by Packages (null)[Group by Packages]: Already disposed

Version Control. Git


IDEA-110679 (Usability Problem)

GitHub: do not show modal error on login cancel

IDEA-110677 (Usability Problem)

Share Project on GitHub: do not show warning for sharing without first commit

IDEA-110685 (Usability Problem)

GitHub: save password checkbox state is not saved

IDEA-110668 (Bug)

Share Project on GitHub: file statuses for added files are not updated after sharing

IDEA-110676 (Bug)

Share Project on GitHub: show added files in first commit dialog

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-110365 (Usability Problem)

Incorrect updating to another branch in case of uncommited changes

IDEA-101439 (Bug)

Mercurial: when committing a lot of files IDEA creates several commits with the same message.

IDEA-83937 (Bug)

Unable to commit with unicode message - Mercurial

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-87523 (Performance Problem)

Deleting huge amount of unversioned files from IDEA hangs UI

IDEA-105495 (Bug)

State of part of unchanged files stay "modified without checkout" after "revert unchanged files" action



IDEA-107979 (Bug)

Quick Doc for XML attribute defined in XSD shows doc for HTML attribute

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