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  • IntelliJ IDEA 12.1 129.961 Release Notes
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No subsystem


IDEA-109227 (Bug)

CNFE on startup, UI broken (missing elements, QuickGoTo not displaying results, ...)



IDEA-109040 (Bug)

Annotation processing loaded Guava 13 from somewhere before project Maven dependency

IDEA-105476 (Bug)

OutOfMemory on Android Build

IDEA-108682 (Bug)

Android Activity-Alias workaround broken in idea 13

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-101148 (Feature)

Option to ignore empty case statements, in addition to commented ones, for fall through warnings

IDEA-109409 (Performance Problem)

Performance unacceptable when dealing with large files

IDEA-107604 (Bug)

wrong inspection reported when object is change in a method inside inspected block

IDEA-109222 (Bug)

Nullity is not inferred correctly.

IDEA-107071 (Bug)

Incorrect "Condition '...' is always 'false'" inspection result

IDEA-104079 (Bug)

Invalid warning about unnecessary cast



IDEA-110484 (Bug)

Database table fields are copied at random order

IDEA-109932 (Bug)

Copy as SQL from DB grid returns decimal fractions, separated with commas

IDEA-109302 (Bug)

Database table browser skip to end doesn't work with mysql

IDEA-109638 (Bug)

Renaming variables break SQL

IDEA-102204 (Bug)

Cannot run JPA 2 JPQL queries in JPA or Hibernate console

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-109838 (Performance Problem)

IDE slows down for no reason

IDEA-107590 (Bug)

Enter in comment leads to broken comment



IDEA-104608 (Bug)

Flash UI Designer Preview Not Working



IDEA-108817 (Bug)

intellij hangs typically on indexing



IDEA-108823 (Bug)

WebLogic deploy does not recognize that artifact is properly deployed if there's dot in artifact name



IDEA-106049 (Bug)

"Unescaped EL expressions" jsp inspection: register as safe place has no effect

IDEA-107286 (Bug)

JSP: provide Code Style settings for JSP files

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-108433 (Bug)

"replace String concatenation with MessageFormat.format()" intention escapes curly brackets incorrectly

Run | Debug configuration


IDEA-107191 (Feature)

Tomcat Application Cache Management



IDEA-99441 (Bug)

SQL Dialect: IDEA recognizes wrong Oracle SQL dialect

IDEA-109016 (Exception)

SQL: PostgreSQL: Throwable at SqlStubbedDefinitionImpl.getDefinitionType() on CREATE CAST



IDEA-108991 (Exception)

SOE at at com.intellij.util.containers.ContainerUtil.addAll

Template Languages. FreeMarker


IDEA-109362 (Bug)

StackOverflowError in com.intellij.freemarker.* package

IDEA-108878 (Bug)

Freemarker plugin: ?xhtml built-in not recognized

Unit Tests


WEB-8202 (Bug)

JsTestDriver reporting same test multiple times

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