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  • IntelliJ IDEA 12.1.4 Release Notes
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IDEA-108620 (Performance Problem)

Multiple rootsChanged events fired when initializing the source/gen roots of a multi-module Android project

IDEA-106766 (Performance Problem)

AndroidResourceFilesListener is inefficent in multi-module projects

IDEA-106896 (Performance Problem)

Cache the result of AndroidJpsUtil.getAllAndroidDependencies()

IDEA-106895 (Performance Problem)

Calculating validity state of AAPT compiler should not require parsing values XML files

IDEA-106894 (Performance Problem)

AndroidJpsUtil.getAndroidPlatform() should cache data to avoid parsing same SDK multiple times if used in multiple modules

IDEA-107311 (Bug)

Can't run default android app

IDEA-107028 (Bug)

Failure creating new Android Application Module - Error Message on directory creation - console shows "The project wasn't generated by 'android' tool."

IDEA-105941 (Bug)

IDEA doesn't override maven dependency version of apklib



IDEA-108102 (Bug)

Can't assign shortcut to ant target

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-107195 (Bug)

Methods returning primitive types should be treated as @Nonnull

Code Navigation


IDEA-104757 (Bug)

cross module Javascript variable/functions undefined

IDEA-107152 (Bug)

Navigate to Class/File doesn't highlight files/classes with two-symbols pattern

IDEA-96943 (Bug)

"Find file" doesn't work for filenames which contain a hash (a.k.a. pound sign, #)

IDEA-106854 (Bug)

Navigate to Class/File doesn't locate files/classes with two-symbols pattern

Compiling Project


IDEA-107418 (Bug)

IDEA / external make can set "-target" greater then version of the JDK specified for module



IDEA-108382 (Bug)

Not the entered text is saved in the Database Console window when undocked

IDEA-107851 (Bug)

Problem with case of table names

IDEA-107753 (Bug)

Data source name encoding error

IDEA-107695 (Bug)

Export to XML creates corrupted XML if there are unnamed aggregate fields such as SUM() in a query

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-89029 (Bug)

Editor stops working: PSI/document inconsistency before reparse: file=PsiCodeFragment:web_path.txt

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-105372 (Bug)

HTML injection into application messages



IDEA-92249 (Bug)

stepping in the flex/flash debugger sometimes leads to wrong sources

IDEA-107939 (Bug)

Idea highlights meta tag [Inline]

IDEA-57861 (Bug)

flex: need to invoke undo twice to undo "Remove unused method" QuickFix

IDEA-106796 (Bug)

"Inline constant" produces only partial results for ActionScript



IDEA-106787 (Bug)

java.lang.NegativeArrayException from GrStubUtils makes groovy/grails plugin unusable



IDEA-108073 (Bug)

Wrong formatting for comments with asterisks

IDEA-107204 (Bug)

Not all execution paths return a value warning is incorrect when all pathes throw exception

IDEA-106908 (Bug)

Groovy's @DelegatesTo annotation is not respected if it is on a Java class

IDEA-107070 (Bug)

Groovy map elements accessed as properties lose generic type information.

IDEA-106876 (Bug)

IDE shows warning for String param when Groovy delegated method accepts String...

IDEA-107649 (Exception)

Groovy files invisible when one extends itself



IDEA-107154 (Bug)

Hibernate console fails with AnnotationConfiguration instance is required

IDEA-93950 (Bug)

Hibernate HQL console doesn't use datasource advanced properties to make connection

IDE Configuration


IDEA-107922 (Feature)

Log4j update

IDEA-107305 (Bug)

Can't remove project template



IDEA-107265 (Bug)

IDEA 12.1.3 Hang while re index project libraries

IDEA-106567 (Bug)

Deadlock in JavaScript index



IDEA-108606 (Bug)

JPQL Orderable attribute expected Inspection message

IDEA-108644 (Bug)

Inspection "Ambiguous EJB reference, beanName or more precise beanInterface should specified" triggers if Local interface extends Remote interface

IDEA-107738 (Bug)

IDEA marks a method with annotation "@Schedule" as "unused"



IDEA-107389 (Bug)

JPQL error parsing after like: "<string> expected, got upper"



IDEA-107368 (Bug)

EJB Modules should be included to classpath for JSP validation of nested WARs

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-108197 (Usability Problem)

Warn user about incomplete completion results in dumb mode

IDEA-107221 (Bug)

Arrow keys in initial code complete popup are based on wrong index.



IDEA-106623 (Bug)

CSS inspection/analysis slow



WEB-3602 (Bug)

Remove unused variable: undo does not reconstruct whitespace and breaks undo stack

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-7518 (Bug)

Web Facet wants to include JS libraries in WAR file when it shouldn't

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-106251 (Bug)

IDEA (EAP) fails to launch with latest jdk8 (build 87)

IDEA-107545 (Bug)

Wrong file format for idea linux launching script

Project Configuration


IDEA-107013 (Cosmetics)

Not full product name used in message

IDEA-106986 (Bug)

.idea/compiler.xml gets changed with Ajc

Run | Debug configuration


IDEA-106937 (Task)

Run configuration: Make it possible to provide custom jres to use



IDEA-108330 (Usability Problem)

SQL: navigation to the related data doesn't highlight the row if target table editor is closed

IDEA-108327 (Bug)

SQL: foreign key popup: no action for pressing Ctrl + Q

IDEA-106770 (Bug)

Valid HSQL is mark as an error

IDEA-106899 (Bug)

Some Oracle type definitions are not recognized properly.

IDEA-107088 (Bug)

Regression: Cannot open SQL files with IntelliJ IDEA 12.1.3 and 'SQL Support'-plugin enabled

IDEA-107819 (Bug)

SQL statement too complex to submit within PHPStorm

IDEA-107768 (Bug)

SQL: DB2: not null clause after default is red



IDEA-107983 (Bug)

Inspection "Spring MVC @PathVariable" fails if URL has two path variables and first has regular expression

IDEA-107948 (Bug)

Spring EL: T() operator: the type rename is performed incorrectly if inner type is referenced

IDEA-107949 (Bug)

Spring EL: T() operator: type package rename corrupts the expression

Task Management


IDEA-106480 (Bug)

NPE trying to open a Trac task

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-107291 (Bug)

IJ12: "Unshelve" into a new changelist puts new files into default changelist when integrated with Mercurial

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-108217 (Exception)

IAE: No enum constant org.apache.subversion.javahl.ConflictDescriptor.Operation.switch



IDEA-81682 (Feature)

Missing XMLSchema-datatypes support for RelaxNG

IDEA-106641 (Performance Problem)

Opening *.xml or *.xsl files cause IntelliJ to start eating memory

IDEA-107793 (Bug)

Syntax validation for Relax-NG compact is broken

IDEA-107118 (Bug)

Generate XML tag hangs

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