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  • IntelliJ IDEA 12.1 129.161 Release Notes
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Am uncertain I


IDEA-103980 (Bug)

Failure with java 8 syntax



IDEA-77854 (Feature)

AspectJ + Maven: aspectj-maven-plugin: the <aspectDirectory> configuration option should be supported

IDEA-64446 (Bug)

Enable AspectJ compilation per-module

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-103624 (Bug)

Lots of added blank lines when reformat code

Code Navigation


IDEA-91715 (Bug)

The bookmark window does not open after closing it via Alt+F4

Compiling Project


IDEA-104310 (Bug)

External build: no output is generated when compiling type annotations (JDK 1.8)

IDEA-103912 (Bug)

Project configuration causes infinite build loop

IDEA-97961 (Bug)

Deletion of resource content on frame deactivation



WEB-6957 (Cosmetics)

Please rephrase "Bad SDK home path" message and provide hyperlink to settings

WEB-7058 (Bug)

Dart: Autoformat fail for comment



IDEA-104117 (Bug)

SQL/CSV/TSV table editor: the row is duplicated after Tab key when adding new row

IDEA-100083 (Bug)

DB2: Update of value in Database Console not possible if row to update contains a DATE column



IDEA-88125 (Bug)

Debugger: Return ability to define 'pass count' condition

WEB-6490 (Bug)

IDEA does not synchronize to a file/line of the breakpoint when debugging Javascript (linux only)

WEB-6460 (Bug)

TypeScript Debugger: TS breakpoints are not hit if the path to sources in sourcemap contains '../'

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-15815 (Usability Problem)

Ctrl+c combination behavior

IDEA-103406 (Bug)

Folding: Correct processing for multi-root files

File Watchers


WEB-7126 (Feature)

$FileNameWithoutExtension$ needed to remove all extensions

WEB-7065 (Feature)

Option to synchronize files after running a "File watcher" task

WEB-7012 (Bug)

File Watchers: no errors from 'File watcher problems' inspection are reported

WEB-7043 (Bug)

Cannot use new file type in custom Edit Watcher

WEB-7329 (Bug)

SCSS doesn't get compiled when imported SCSS file has been changed

WEB-7309 (Bug)

autocreated coffeescript filewatcher must add "map" parameter

WEB-7109 (Bug)

File Watchers: macros in "Output path" field not correctly resolved

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-103628 (Bug)

The 'Replace in Path' functionality is completely broken



IDEA-104266 (Bug)

Good code is red: Adobe AIR Application Descriptor File: depthAndStencil

IDEA-104232 (Bug)

Flex UI Designer Incompatible With Build 129.111

Google App Engine


IDEA-98659 (Bug)

Google AppEngine template appengine-web.xml does not include threadsafe element



IDEA-102776 (Bug)

Groovy insert new test method always inserts at the bottom regardless of where caret is placed

IDEA-99276 (Bug)

Groovy syntax makes intellij non responsive

IDEA-104122 (Bug)

'as' keyword in the annotation conflicts with the Groovy 'as' keyword

IDEA-103638 (Bug)

Groovy: good code is red: TypeChecked annotation without attributes is error-highlighted with "Missed attributes: extentions"

IDEA-103833 (Bug)

Groovy 2.1: Type customizer inspection: on pressing "Fix all problems" compiler resource is added, but yellow inspection stripe doesn't disappear from editor until file is reparsed

IDE Configuration


IDEA-104137 (Feature)

Log non-bundled plug-ins separately in idea.log

IDEA-104224 (Cosmetics)

darcula Export to HTML



IDEA-104047 (Bug)

Inject language filter works weird



IDEA-92129 (Usability Problem)

Frame deactivation while running Tomcat causes windows 7 taskbar to appear

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-104100 (Bug)

Compilation fails on valid generic class

IDEA-104160 (Bug)

non-static type parameter referenced from static context is not marked as error



IDEA-104029 (Feature)

JavaFX: packaging: provide possibility to pass unnamed parameters

IDEA-104004 (Feature)

JavaFX: packaging: provide some artifact building diagnostic

IDEA-100203 (Bug)

JavaFX: duplicate children added check

IDEA-104000 (Bug)

JavaFX: Packaging: provide some warning on attempt to use empty height/width parameters

IDEA-104106 (Bug)

JavaFX: packaging: preloader: if the application jar is signed, the preloader jar should be also signed

IDEA-104066 (Bug)

JavaFX SceneBuilder 1.1 starting error (Mac)

IDEA-103857 (Bug)

JavaFX: packaging: after titlr or vendor providing for artifact, no files except jar are generated on artifact building

IDEA-104198 (Bug)

JavaFX: CSS: completion for existing fx:ids and classes is available only after any fx property is added

IDEA-104105 (Bug)

JavaFX: packaging: preloader: the artifact is generated incorrectly - no link to jar is provided



WEB-6557 (Exception)

NPE on 'quick definition' for symbol in minified JS

WEB-6593 (Exception)

NPE on 'go to class' in minified file



WEB-7311 (Bug)

LESS error on mixins with !important



IDEA-78410 (Bug)

Maven provided scope dependency is not resolved properly

No Subsystem


IDEA-89920 (Usability Problem)

Move 'Module settings' menu item close to other module's settings

IDEA-104390 (Task)

Update some ToD

IDEA-103735 (Bug)

Use the attached files for the Tips of the Day

IDEA-93027 (Bug)

Navbar is rendered incorrectly on the floating editor

IDEA-103306 (Bug)

Grouped files from File Watcher plugin are not visible

Project Configuration


IDEA-104110 (Usability Problem)

Improve unknown nature error message



WEB-7322 (Bug)

SCSS: Starting brace placement when using "Braces placement: Next line" is wrong



IDEA-104104 (Bug)

Incorrect autowire candidate icons added

Task Management


IDEA-103813 (Bug)

Character codes instead of characters when creating a new task



WEB-7336 (Bug)

WebStorm just upgraded to v6.0.1, can't get Typescript files to compile anymore

User Interface


IDEA-103591 (Bug)

When I press Esc in a popup opened from another popup (e.g. 'show documentation' from 'go to class') IDEA closes the both popups

IDEA-96893 (Bug)

IDEA doesn't remember window position on restart if several projects are open

User Interface.Darcula


IDEA-96534 (Usability Problem)

Darcula: now, there is no border at all on the undocked tool-window

IDEA-104199 (Usability Problem)

Whitespaces are barely visible

IDEA-104322 (Bug)

No borders in artifacts settings under Darcula

IDEA-104377 (Bug)

TYPOs are not visible in commit dialog

IDEA-104330 (Bug)

Editor Header component doesn't updated while switching to Darcula

IDEA-104397 (Bug)

Scala type parameters look too acid under Darcula

Version Control


IDEA-97323 (Usability Problem)

Changes list toolwindow: "Add new change list" and "Add file to VCS" have the same icon

Version Control. Git


IDEA-103530 (Bug)

Git: Unstash: added files are not shown in view paths dialog

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-75701 (Feature)

Auto-select repository when version control function is called from folder context menu

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-103612 (Cosmetics)

Remove connection settings from Perforce template project settings

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-104048 (Bug)

Proxy settings don't apply(IDEA proxy settings + Subversion+native client)

IDEA-104391 (Bug)

Subversion commit with native client: do not take into account Subversion config directory setting

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