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WEB-6470 (Feature)

Nesting of generated files created by background tasks in Project view

WEB-6706 (Bug)

Background tasks, Dart2JS: file not available in vfs after creation

WEB-6698 (Exception)

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.intellij.openapi.projectRoots.JdkPopupAction on File/Open



WEB-6646 (Feature)

Exclude minified JS and CSS files from inspections



WEB-6495 (Bug)

No keyword completion for class, extends, until



WEB-1019 (Bug)

Insert cast quickfix is not applicable in JavaScript code

WEB-2295 (Bug)

Number.Infinity shown as valid, but incorrect

WEB-6718 (Bug)

Closure Linter support

WEB-1100 (Bug)

Structure view does not completely correspond to source file, navigation does not work sometimes

WEB-1003 (Bug)

Type hint for HTMLDocument.prototype.createStyleSheet incorrect

WEB-6105 (Bug)

JavaScript object methods doesn't appear in structure view when prototype aliased to fn

WEB-6089 (Bug)

DHTML.js is missing window.close method

WEB-6252 (Bug)

jQuery methods "unresolved" since jQuery version 1.7.2

WEB-6254 (Bug)

JSDOC does not work with const, let

WEB-788 (Bug)

Ext.js: structure view shows invalid items

WEB-6682 (Bug)

Debug file is detected as minified



WEB-6647 (Bug)

Can't compile LESS after reformating.

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