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WEB-6310 (Usability Problem)

Settings/Background tasks: allow opening existing tasks with double-click

WEB-6305 (Bug)

BackGround Tasks: duplicate inspections names

WEB-6300 (Bug)

BackGround Tasks: path choosers invoked from 'New Task' dialog don't show content

WEB-6301 (Bug)

BackGround tasks: path variable $MESSAGE$ undefined after adding a task

WEB-6221 (Bug)

WebStorm EAP expiration dialog sends you to wrong download page



WEB-129 (Feature)

Colors & Fonts -> CSS - make separate option for color values in HEX

WEB-19 (Bug)

Illegal "Optimize margin properties" result in css inspector

WEB-6030 (Bug)

LESS CSS: comma-separated list of % values in keyframe selector for @keyframe style rule is not parsed

WEB-6122 (Bug)

CSS3 linear-gradient incorrectly marked as error



WEB-5568 (Feature)

Expand CoffeeScript Formatter Options to Match Other Languages

WEB-6156 (Bug)

Coffeescript marks valid syntax invalid inside intellij

WEB-6269 (Bug)

Unchecked option "Keep line breaks" produces incorrect reformatting

WEB-6108 (Bug)

In interpolated strings the conditional expression shows an error

WEB-6270 (Bug)

Unchecked option "Keep line breaks" changed the original syntax

WEB-2284 (Bug)

Reformat CoffeeScript bug



WEB-1541 (Bug)

Copyright update text in Dart proyects

WEB-6313 (Bug)

Dart: when creating Dart project by template, don't use Tab characters for indentation in generated pubspec.yaml



WEB-2104 (Task)

Don't use sourcemap if browser supports file type natively

WEB-6317 (Bug)

Invalid default path



WEB-1352 (Feature)

Javascript Remote Debugger should map remote script files to local ones automatically

WEB-2317 (Feature)

JSON Breadcrumbs

WEB-1410 (Usability Problem)

Local file to remote HTTP mappings should be at the project level like in PHPStorm

WEB-608 (Bug)

Binary operation argument type undefined is not assignable to type Boolean

WEB-6117 (Bug)

Wrong signature of String.prototype.match

WEB-6079 (Bug)

JSDoc, @name tag: false 'invalid number of params' violation for methods defined using @name Cls#method

WEB-6241 (Bug)

Parameter Info of function/class declared with JSDoc not working properly

WEB-6230 (Bug)

JSDoc: jsdoc documentation mentions @returns but not @return

WEB-785 (Bug)

Structure window does not reflect JS code

WEB-6159 (Bug)

Can't download JQuery documentation - file not found



WEB-6288 (Feature)

LESS CSS: support completion for @import keyword

WEB-6287 (Feature)

LESS CSS: support @import-once directive

WEB-2482 (Feature)

LESS CSS: support @arguments variable in mixins

WEB-5650 (Usability Problem)

LESS CSS: only the first mixin parameter is displayed in completion list

WEB-6285 (Bug)

LESS CSS, mixins: avoid parser errors in case if there is no white space between a keyword and a guard

WEB-6284 (Bug)

LESS CSS: support @rest... mixin variable

WEB-6266 (Bug)

LESS CSS: Refactor/Rename for variables embeded inside strings adds extra '@' to variable

WEB-6065 (Bug)

LESS CSS: show mixins in 'navigate to symbol'

WEB-2485 (Bug)

LESS CSS: mixin parameter shouldn't be suggested by completion outside the mixin body

WEB-2484 (Bug)

LESS CSS: Refactor/Rename should correctly work for mixin parameters

WEB-2487 (Bug)

LESS CSS: correctly parse selector interpolation

WEB-5195 (Bug)

LESS CSS: no completion for variables inside mixin guards if mixin body is missing

WEB-6290 (Bug)

LESS CSS: 'create file' intention should be available if the @import directive contains a path to file

WEB-5771 (Bug)

CSS LESS variables and @import

WEB-6053 (Bug)

LESS CSS: multiple rulesets nested in mixin parsed incorrectly

WEB-6278 (Bug)

LESS CSS: mjixin is not correctly parsed if its parameter has a complex default value



WEB-1980 (Usability Problem)

Create express app: configure Node dependency automatically

WEB-6190 (Bug)

Working Directory is not used when resolving relative paths for NODE_PATH

WEB-6299 (Bug)

NodeJS plugin causes ExecutionException

WEB-6251 (Bug)

Node Express App generator doesn't suggest Hogan.js template engine

WEB-6243 (Bug)

don't highlight require argument as error for custom require implementation



WEB-6166 (Feature)

Copyright profiles: allow to work with arbitrary file types (SCSS, Ruby)

WEB-6242 (Usability Problem)

Darkula Theme. SCSS variables are hard to read.

WEB-6227 (Bug)

SASS code issues



WEB-6169 (Bug)

TypeScript: functions defined in object type not correctly resolved

WEB-2062 (Bug)

TypeScript: Unresolved variable length for array type parameters

WEB-2221 (Bug)

TypeScript: Extending built in types

WEB-6234 (Bug)

Errors in valid code

WEB-6106 (Bug)

TypeScript: No type checking with classes defined in external files

Unit Tests


WEB-6195 (Bug)

JSTestDriver: can't run tests with coverage

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