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Compiling Project


IDEA-99165 (Bug)

Idea can't compile project with JDK8

Cucumber JVM


IDEA-99065 (Bug)

Creating a Cucumber step definition in Groovy results in AssertionError



IDEA-99180 (Usability Problem)

Changing of data source level

IDEA-99090 (Bug)

Wrong task cancel warning on closing different window



IDEA-99130 (Bug)

IDEA shows incorrect file during Flash/Flex debugging (Flex SDK 4.9)

IDEA-98988 (Bug)

SWC dependency with 'test' scope overrides dependency with 'compile' scope.

IDEA-98607 (Bug)

FlexUnit 0.9 not supported anymore



IDEA-96415 (Bug)

Groovy code style: 'next line' for class class declaration bakes anonymous classes

IDEA-98976 (Bug)

Spock: double pipe in table header

IDEA-99080 (Bug)

Incorrect Groovy stubs generated by IDEA in case of varargs and default named arguments



IDEA-98983 (Bug)

Output filename mismatch when using in-project dependency with maven classifier

IDEA-97815 (Bug)

If Maven project has two resources-folders, neither is copied.

IDEA-99237 (Bug)

Property precedence is not the same when filtering resources with Maven or with IntelliJ

No Subsystem


IDEA-90973 (Feature)

MySQL over SSH tunnel

IDEA-99248 (Bug)

Freeze by deadlock

IDEA-86577 (Bug)

Can't report an exception in plugin UI Designer (Core)

IDEA-98367 (Bug)

'Create Constant Field ...' make not a new line

IDEA-98368 (Bug)

"Create Constant Field" does not create the correct type.



IDEA-99223 (Bug)


IDEA-93162 (Bug)

Oracle SQL Dialect: Good code is reported as red

Task Management


IDEA-73542 (Bug)

Task/Jira Connection: All Jira Tasks are marked as resolved

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