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WEB-6512 (Bug)

Emmet, implicit names: '.cls' always corresponds to div.cls regardless of the parent tag

WEB-6511 (Bug)

Emmet: when expanding abbreviation with multiple attributes, cursor doesn't automatically jump to next attribute value

WEB-6510 (Bug)

Background tasks: created file watchers are not preserved

WEB-6509 (Bug)

Background tasks: when 'create output from stdout' is on, output files appear incorrectly in vfs



WEB-6439 (Bug)

Ability to search for a CSS selector



WEB-6458 (Bug)

Dart: hangup on Refactor/Extract variable from arrow function body

WEB-6459 (Bug)

Dart: Refactor/extract method generates incorrect parameters from method calls



WEB-4447 (Usability Problem)

Debugger page in the Settings dialog refers to JavaScript debugger

WEB-2389 (Bug)

Source mapping (SMAP) support for NodeJS

WEB-6402 (Bug)

find way to avoid source map caching



WEB-6466 (Feature)

Add HTML5 Outline mode (HTML5 sections hierarchy) to HTML structure view and HTML file structure popup



WEB-6289 (Task)

Predefined libraries: please remove duplicate XMLHttpRequest members in AJAX.xml and HTML5.xml

WEB-6388 (Bug)

Method called on this incorrectly resolved

WEB-6360 (Bug)

find usages returns usages from other classes but "go to declaration" finds correct class

WEB-6416 (Bug)

JSDoc: @typedef

WEB-6441 (Bug)

Incorrect parsing of Google Closure JSDoc's "Type Application" and "Record Type" expressions

WEB-6503 (Bug)

JSHint - quotmark Problem - Setting Will Not Save Correctly

WEB-6220 (Exception)

NullPointerException Exception in plugin Javascript Support

WEB-6486 (Exception)

JSDoc: NullPointerException on adding a param to method defined using @name tag



WEB-5196 (Feature)

LESS CSS: provide completion for keywords



WEB-6418 (Bug)

Create New Project with separate Module name/subfolder creates bad project structure for Node.js modules

WEB-6523 (Bug)

[tracer] support file links in console



WEB-6005 (Feature)

Code folding in SASS

WEB-6379 (Bug)

Rename refactoring inserts the folder which contains the file that was renamed in the @import



WEB-2009 (Feature)

TypeScript: provide New/TypeScript wizards

WEB-2315 (Feature)

TypeScript; Navigate to Symbol doesn't include TypeScript classes/interfaces

WEB-2275 (Bug)

TypeScript: 'Method expression is not of Function type' error shown for callable interface instance

WEB-2397 (Bug)

Resolve constructor when class is inside module

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