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No subsystem


IDEA-98186 (Bug)

Output folder accumulation

IDEA-95807 (Bug)

Argument 0 for @NonNull parameter of org/jetbrains/jps/model/serialization/JpsProjectLoader.getModulePropertiesSerializer

IDEA-94187 (Bug)

TODO items from SQL files are double-counted

IDEA-98118 (Bug)

LibraryKind should not keep its instances in the static variable but rather allow to add them via extension or query from existing LibraryType-s.

IDEA-98437 (Bug)

calculated column is not recognized in a mysql query

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-97330 (Usability Problem)

Change default pattern of "Enumerated constant naming"

IDEA-98305 (Bug)

'Use Darcula aware JBColor' inspection is triggered in non-plugin module

IDEA-97381 (Bug)

Cloneable class in secure context wrongly prompts for generic parameters

IDEA-98213 (Bug)

Bogus "Unnecessary fully qualified name" for names in current package

IDEA-98143 (Bug)

false positive "instance field used before initialized" when using do-while cycle

IDEA-97999 (Bug)

Interface which has only one direct inheritor inspection problem

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-97826 (Bug)

Java arrangement: Don't insert unnecessary line feeds for anonymous classes

IDEA-97430 (Exception)

Out of memory during reformat code

Code Navigation


IDEA-97239 (Bug)

Go To Implementation on EJB2 method no longer works

IDEA-96852 (Bug)

Found a case where "Go to implementation" jumps to declaration instead of showing chooser



WEB-1641 (Feature)

Dart: Syntax highlighting for inline script in HTML files



IDEA-98320 (Bug)

Copy to clipboard from table copies wrong colums if columns are filtered

IDEA-98526 (Bug)

NPE thrown when refreshing DB2 connection

IDEA-98363 (Bug)

Table editor: Filtering does not work for a hidden column

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-97890 (Feature)

(Mac OSX) Highlight word or filename in rename dialogue, then press right arrow key, cursor jumps one character to right too much



IDEA-97740 (Bug)

'Organize imports' breaks static imports from Groovy class

IDEA-98113 (Bug)

create field intention unnecessarily makes the field static



IDEA-98343 (Bug)

Tukish character encoding problem while creating Hibernate JPA entities from database schema.



IDEA-98279 (Bug)

Editor lags

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-98421 (Bug)

Incorrect parsing of code with explicit constructors and inner classes

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-97460 (Bug)

Java intention 'Replace for-each with iterator 'for' loop' generates red code

No Subsystem


IDEA-98443 (Bug)

Structure view is empty after invoking and closing Language Injection dialog



IDEA-95608 (Feature)

SQL: Oracle: support sqlplus statements

IDEA-98300 (Usability Problem)

SQL: Oracle SQLPlus: error message for unknown SET variable could be improved

IDEA-98302 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle SQLPlus: SET XQUERY is red for all options except BASEURI

IDEA-98307 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle SQLPlus: SET SQLPLUSCOMPATIBILITY valid arguments are red

IDEA-98304 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle SQLPlus: STORE SET and START arguments are red for various file paths

IDEA-96869 (Bug)

SQL Dialect PostgresPLSQL in Project Settings

IDEA-98159 (Bug)

Support list of arguments (CTRL+P) when I type "call <PROCEDURE_NAME>" in mysql

IDEA-47962 (Bug)

Various errors in pl/sql handling

IDEA-98060 (Bug)

False positive inspection warning 'Unable to resolve column'

IDEA-98311 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle SQLPlus: SET LOGSOURCE with argument is red

IDEA-98310 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle SQLPlus: arbitrary order of SET MARKUP HTML options is red

IDEA-96822 (Bug)

SQL subquery wrongly marked as wrong

IDEA-98294 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle SQLPlus: function help file is not in the installation

IDEA-98348 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle SQLPlus: unquoted format value is parsed with errors

IDEA-98345 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle SQLPlus: dot as termination of PL/SQL subprogram is red



IDEA-98221 (Bug)

IDEA hangs in Spring

User Interface


IDEA-97332 (Cosmetics)

Icons for Import and Exports Settings on Welcome Screen

IDEA-98382 (Bug)

Can't create module because of wrong SDK

User Interface.Darcula


IDEA-98261 (Feature)

AdditionalTextAttributes for scheme

IDEA-97741 (Usability Problem)

Links in Quick Documentation view hardly readable (Darcula)

IDEA-98548 (Bug)

Some properties have too bright bg in UI Designer

IDEA-98549 (Bug)

Expand and collapse icons are inconsistent with default ones

IDEA-98574 (Bug)

white lines in commit button popup menu

IDEA-98203 (Bug)

Type of local variables is not visible

Version Control. Git


IDEA-64572 (Usability Problem)

Git Commit Changes "Show Diff" usability



IDEA-98129 (Bug)

Idea 12 is broken



IDEA-13269 (Usability Problem)

Sync Resource Bundle view with text view for a properties file

IDEA-91218 (Bug)

Resourcebundle editor is collapsed after lost focus

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