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IDEA-95099 (Usability Problem)

Run configuration dialog UI issues

IDEA-95745 (Performance Problem)

EAP: latest build is slow

IDEA-95451 (Task)

File traversal initiated by index should stop if project loading on startup was canceled

IDEA-96012 (Bug)

Frequent NPEs when compiling

IDEA-95452 (Bug)

-1: -1 java.lang.AssertionError: -1

IDEA-94515 (Bug)

File chooser: opened chooser is not updated on a change out of project roots, Refresh does not help (regression)

IDEA-95582 (Bug)

Weird symbols in exceptions popup dialog

IDEA-96176 (Bug)

NPE on welcome screen

IDEA-96074 (Bug)

Detected roots dialog has white rect on Darcula

IDEA-96064 (Bug)

Ugniness spotted: big warning tip under Darcula

IDEA-94979 (Bug)

Leda 122.746 can't deploy application to Weblogic 9.2

IDEA-94402 (Bug)

Icons: please fix (or better remove finally from main toolbar) 'Evaluate XPath' icon

IDEA-91338 (Bug)

Popup doesn't open on a specific file

IDEA-96147 (Bug)

DirDiff doesn't update diff panel on enter



IDEA-95906 (Bug)

123.4 Doesn't connect classes from Android library project

IDEA-95221 (Exception)

Android UI designer render error

Compiling Project


IDEA-94132 (Bug)

Artifacts: Rebuild builds artifacts even with Build on Make = No

IDEA-95885 (Bug)

Artifacts: .svn directory is copied to output of artifact including web facet resources

IDEA-96022 (Bug)

Groovy compiler error

IDEA-95324 (Bug)

Not to be cleaned folders are cleaned on external build

IDEA-96096 (Bug)

meta-inf/services file for annotation processing gives "not supported" error on rebuild

Cucumber JVM


IDEA-95240 (Bug)

Refactor action on cucumber scenarios doesn't work properly.



IDEA-95928 (Usability Problem)

Database Console: String values quotation is inconsistent when copying to clipboard

IDEA-88553 (Cosmetics)

Inconsistent approach to showing/hiding commands on the context of the Database tool window

IDEA-95933 (Cosmetics)

Database Console: Rename "Include table header" option



IDEA-88946 (Cosmetics)

Merge Tool: inaccurate merge markers in case of new line at the end of conflicted files



IDEA-96024 (Bug)

Drools: calendars and timer are not completed and not highlighted

IDEA-95822 (Bug)

Drools: the 'duration' attribute is not parsed

IDEA-95598 (Bug)

Drools: methods of properties are not resolved

IDEA-95597 (Bug)

Drools: not-resolved properties should be error-highlighted in 'when' part

IDEA-95505 (Bug)

Drools: referenced class move is processed incorrectly

IDEA-95820 (Bug)

Drools: #-comments are error-highlighted in 'then' part

IDEA-95704 (Bug)

Drools: variable names starting with underscore are not parsed

IDEA-95595 (Bug)

Drools: not-resolved types are not error-highlighted in the 'when' section

IDEA-95525 (Bug)

Drools: refactoring doesn't work for names strating with $

IDEA-95834 (Exception)

IOOBE at com.intellij.openapi.editor.ex.util.LexerEditorHighlighter.documentChanged

IDEA-95670 (Exception)

Throwable at$

IDEA-95863 (Exception)

PIEE at com.intellij.extapi.psi.ASTDelegatePsiElement.getManager

File System


IDEA-93240 (Bug)

Exception after updating any plugin (Windows)



IDEA-59620 (Usability Problem)

flex: "remove" quickfix for "unused class" should not leave empty file lingering

IDEA-96140 (Bug)

'Runtime style sheets' field is missing for Desktop-targeted Flash build configuration

IDEA-95573 (Bug)

Flex external build: .svn, CVS and other ignored folders must not be copied to output folder

IDEA-94128 (Bug)

Breakpoints in ActionScript files do not work when debugging app using ANE

IDEA-95732 (Exception)

Flex: ReadOnlyModificationException on extracting interface from AS class that extends library class



IDEA-95935 (Bug)

#Groovy Stubs compilation error when @InheritConstructors annotation presented

IDEA-95908 (Bug)

Groovy: don't import inner class with completion handler

IDE Configuration


IDEA-95880 (Cosmetics)

Settings->Scopes: no scopes defined, but scrollbars



IDEA-94804 (Bug)

Tiles support: on the referenced definition rename the correct reference is shown as not resolved until project reopening



IDEA-95552 (Bug)

IDEA hangs on JBoss 7 shutdown after failed undeploy attempt



IDEA-95303 (Bug)

Warning lost on launch of Managed WebLogic server without Admin server being running

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-96146 (Bug)

Cannot enter 'final' keyword in try-with-resources

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-95534 (Bug)

Java: good code is red: reference to library not source-compatible with latest java language level is reported as error

IDEA-95955 (Exception)

JDK 1.8 StackOverflowError when typing in the Editor

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-95810 (Bug)

When extracting constants from enum - multiple internal classes are created.



IDEA-92553 (Feature)

Method separators in Javascript files.

IDEA-84448 (Feature)

Create function quickfix: allow to choose insertion place

IDEA-95484 (Bug)

Wrong inspection on argument property declared in jsdoc

IDEA-95226 (Bug)

IntelliJ IDEA (Leda) IU0122-813 having trouble with jQuery Selectors in else branches

IDEA-92122 (Bug)

Fix doc comment feature does not work with JSDoc



IDEA-95754 (Bug)

Maven and Ant builds freeze the editor

Project Configuration


IDEA-95725 (Bug)

Import project wizard: impossible to return to Project SDK page by Previous/Next buttons pressing



IDEA-75715 (Bug)

SQL: PostgreSQL: SQL function body with several statements and without last semicolon is red

IDEA-95865 (Bug)

php/sql wrong semicolon interpretation

Task Management


IDEA-68250 (Feature)

Assembla Integration

User Interface


IDEA-96115 (Usability Problem)

Animation doesn't work on the editor's vertical scrollbar

IDEA-95543 (Usability Problem)

Add root link disappear while resizing the Settings window

IDEA-96027 (Cosmetics)

Welcome Screen: menu arrow buttons are not anti-aliased

IDEA-95929 (Task)

Welcome screen icon wanted for 'Create Desktop Entry' action

IDEA-90397 (Bug)

Plugin/Browse repository search: When query matches a link, the link itself contains markup code

IDEA-95546 (Bug)

Last breakpoint dialog position isn't saved so it's shown every time on the old place

User Interface.Darcula


IDEA-94810 (Cosmetics)

VCS annotate pane is shown black-on-white in darcula

IDEA-95274 (Bug)

Darcula: annotate view is too bright

IDEA-96066 (Bug)

White border on floating toolwindow

Version Control


IDEA-95864 (Performance Problem)

Apparent dead-lock of IntelliJ

IDEA-96173 (Bug)

New project from VCS checkout - Usability

IDEA-96190 (Bug)

Annotate stacktrace action: does not work

Version Control. Git


IDEA-83015 (Usability Problem)

Git: blinking notification about invalid git roots on creating git repository from IDEA

IDEA-85606 (Bug)

Unregistered git root detected after e.g. cloning from GitHub from within IDEA

IDEA-92855 (Bug)

Git: "Branches have diverged" notification is shown for single repository project with HEAD not at some branch

IDEA-95946 (Bug)

GitHub: Cannot find git repository for root error on trying to share unversioned project on github

IDEA-95984 (Bug)

Cannot push: ProtocolException: Server redirected too many times (20)

IDEA-95974 (Exception)

NPE at git4idea.jgit.GitHttpAdapter.isNoRemoteWithoutDotGitError

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-65964 (Usability Problem)

Push/Pull servers in Mercurial

IDEA-87241 (Performance Problem)

Remove from VCS locally deleted files freeze Intellij Idea UI (mercurial)

IDEA-93398 (Exception)

Commit file to Mercurial repository throws exception.

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-16710 (Feature)

Subversion: Limit "show history" revision count

IDEA-95960 (Bug)

Subversion: Browse Repository -> Show History for repository root produces no history

IDEA-95448 (Bug)

SVN gone slow and unable to merge

IDEA-96025 (Bug)

Subversion: NPE when listing history for repository rott with some areas you have no rights for

IDEA-94984 (Bug)

File states and changes aren't updated when committed via external tools

IDEA-95826 (Bug)

Loading huge svn history gets slower and slower and blocks everything

IDEA-96041 (Bug)

Subversion: on Undo unversioned file move to unversioned package file is deleted

IDEA-88745 (Bug)

svn: "get history" fails with "path not found" when file was moved to renamed directory

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