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  • TeamCity 7.1.2 (build 24170) Release Notes
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If you experience problems with Mercurial server-side checkout after upgrade to 7.1.2, please upgrade hg-plugin as described in the


  • TW-18711 - Support basic HTTP authentication with Git agent checkout
  • TW-23333 - Support new service message for adding a build problem to the build
  • TW-23358 - Support NoCache Flag on NuGet installer
  • TW-23838 - Visual Studio plugin does not work with dotCover 2.1
  • TW-23878 - Display full path to file on Internal properties tab
  • TW-24160 - Support DotCover 2.1 in TeamCity
  • TW-24209 - Support NUnit 2.6.2

Usability Problem

  • TW-5039 - Provide more user-friendly message for login URLs like 'localhost:8111'
  • TW-19518 - Display users sorted for a specific Group
  • TW-20877 - Atrifacts download message misleading in case of 'no space left on agent'
  • TW-21087 - Confusing and unclear error message of artifacts downloading: There is not enough space on the disk (jetbrains.buildServer.artifacts.ResolvingFailedException)
  • TW-23753 - Artifact dependency rules are collapsed to a single line on Settings tab
  • TW-23961 - Using version number from *.csproj or *.nuspec is too obscure
  • TW-24238 - Shifted popup dialogs


  • TW-9489 - TestFixtureSetUp method output in not included into the build log
  • TW-15304 - Failed hg checkout due to timeout (hg waiting for interactive password submission)
  • TW-17537 - Non-descriptive message on some errors loading build configuration settings XML files
  • TW-18853 - "Error while applying patch" build fails to start, git reset --hard fails
  • TW-20878 - XSS: changes popup
  • TW-21693 - Error collecting TFS changes: The cache file ...Microsoft\Team Foundation\3.0\Cache\VersionControl.config is not valid and cannot be loaded.
  • TW-21858 - Eclipse plugin doesn't honor "svn:ignore" when collecting changes for remote run
  • TW-21975 - Support NuGet 2.0 feed api changes
  • TW-22041 - Build status text can have problems listed in different order from one run to another
  • TW-22097 - "Click Check/Reparse Project button" appears in Maven-based "duplicates finder" runner
  • TW-22561 - Multiple repeating "Incorrect investigation entry" log lines in the log
  • TW-22741 - Strange sorting in Add snapshot dependency dialog window
  • TW-22847 - Exceptions on server shutdown: NoClassDefFoundError and more
  • TW-22879 - Reorder build configuration link doesn't give any feedback for a while as if it is broken
  • TW-22883 - Ability not to report/display old branches for branched build configuration
  • TW-22897 - Incorrect lines wrapping and extra line spacing in HTML email notification
  • TW-22935 - NuGet Pack :: Version is labeled as Required when it is Not
  • TW-22977 - New branches with pending changes should be displayed on Braches tab.
  • TW-23113 - Pending changes from other roots should be excluded for merged and removed branches.
  • TW-23171 - Clean artifact dependencies destination is lost if restart server when build is queued
  • TW-23280 - Visual Studio 2010 add-in hangs when pressing "Configure Personal Build.."
  • TW-23382 - Inconsistent logging for git vs. hg in teamcity-hg.log
  • TW-23615 - Maven 2 Build fails when triggered by check-in but success when triggered manually
  • TW-23691 - Project archived note uses extra escaping for the user name
  • TW-23724 - unexpected clean checkout - maybe snapshot dependency related
  • TW-23733 - Resolving artifact dependencies fails when attempting to overwrite existing readonly files
  • TW-23736 - Git-plugin should log directories where it runs git commands (an agent-side checkout)
  • TW-23756 - IJ IDEA not restarting after TC plugin update
  • TW-23771 - TeamCity server run as service can stop on user log off
  • TW-23780 - Server cleanup time is no longer displayed on Build History cleanup page
  • TW-23781 - Git-plugin collects changes incorrectly when repository url and branch are changed
  • TW-23797 - Usage Statistics properties file keys should be ordered
  • TW-23824 - Can get "Server returned incorrect status code: 404 Not Found" on login from IDE (trailing "/" case)
  • TW-23836 - Dependencies visible differs from count
  • TW-23853 - 404 for NuGet url (FeedService.svc/)
  • TW-23859 - Logs/backup files from AssemblyInfoPatcher are not removed on TeamCity cleanup
  • TW-23860 - Changing many files with settings under .BuildServer/config on disk might not reload some
  • TW-23861 - JetRegistry.exe is not signed properly
  • TW-23883 - XCode runner - upgraded to XCode 4.5 and now receiving an exception on build
  • TW-23899 - how to get rid of the "Error collecting changes for VCS repository"
  • TW-23907 - Delay in applying template changes to build configurations based on that template
  • TW-23911 - Unexpected error (NullPointerException) when changing user's password
  • TW-23913 - Failed to start build error is not displayed for default branch.
  • TW-23927 - Deadlock in Artifacts Guard (streams leak)
  • TW-23949 - EC2 Cloud agent instances fail to start after upgrade to Teamcity 7.1.1 with "You may only modify the groupSet attribute for VPC instances" message.
  • TW-23964 - java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "NuGet Dependency Trigger"
  • TW-23972 - Improve buttons presentation
  • TW-23976 - Failing builds still showing 'fixed by' message
  • TW-23979 - Build progress status popup gets stuck
  • TW-23980 - Snapshot dependency might not run on the same sources if two VCS roots pointing to the same repository are used
  • TW-23982 - Visual Studio add-in shows nothing in My Changes tab
  • TW-23983 - JavaScript injection on search page
  • TW-23990 - names.dat.len error parsing xcode 4.5 project file
  • TW-23994 - SVN checkout does not always checkout the latest code even when "Clean all files before build" is selected
  • TW-24007 - TeamCity Assertion Error when Gradle logs an empty String as error
  • TW-24014 - New common.short_build_info macro breaks subject immediately after macro
  • TW-24018 - "remove your personal builds from queue" has no effect
  • TW-24034 - The cache file VersionControl.config is not valid and cannot be loaded
  • TW-24046 - Deleted files are checked out by Perforce server-side checkout (with Perforce server 2012.2)
  • TW-24056 - Build can be marked incomplete if initialization of not-first build step fails
  • TW-24079 - XSS: Possibility of script injection throw Get query on agents.html page
  • TW-24083 - 'systemDir' agent property does not have affect.
  • TW-24087 - JavaScript injection from username on personal build page
  • TW-24088 - Change Log can be rendered with too tall lines with lots of empty space
  • TW-24099 - Test connection fails for Perforce
  • TW-24105 - NuGet TeamCity.ListPackages - Invalid URI: The format of the URI could not be determined
  • TW-24113 - Change log is broken after click on next 1000 in search by file name
  • TW-24118 - VCS tree cannot be expanded when where are more than one vcsTree element on the page.
  • TW-24139 - XSS: Admin->Build->Configuration->Build Parameters->Create
  • TW-24143 - Git mirror repositories might not be cleaned by agent free disk space cleaner
  • TW-24185 - TestDurationGraph does not update in popup on Tests page when trying to choose some filter.
  • TW-24187 - Newlines are lost in multi-line commit messages in TeamCity notifications
  • TW-24189 - TeamCity can hang on checking for changes if a lot of build chains (>50) are triggered at the same time
  • TW-24204 - Cleanup process might not work: stops on error from extension ("Could not remove disk store entry for key" case)
  • TW-24216 - Upgrade 7.03 to 7.1.1: VCS triggers not working
  • TW-24230 - 'Customize build parameters' permission is required to run a build via REST API
  • TW-24233 - "IllegalArgumentException: Key too long" error from ClientMappingHashChecker.saveCurrentHash
  • TW-24247 - \ being displayed instead of \ on BuildSteps page
  • TW-24254 - Cannot select user for investigation
  • TW-24256 - LDAP integration: Operations error during login
  • TW-24271 - Memory leak in Branch remote-run trigger
  • TW-24280 - Support m3. EC2 instance types
  • TW-24305 - Build marked as successful can visible as failed via API (i.e. via REST)
  • TW-24310 - Custom configuration parameters are not shown in triggered by popup
  • TW-24327 - Cloud agent types could have starting agents while associated agents are connected
  • TW-24339 - New test count in build status text might not match the count on build results page
  • TW-24351 - Can't fill in omitted parameters on Create Build Configuration From Template dialog
  • TW-24356 - SVN: For checkout rules +:branches/release_hotfix a change of branches/release directory could be incorrectly detected
  • TW-24385 - Build of build configuration based on a template may not start if it was triggered when server reloaded it's configuration


Performance Problem

  • TW-19141 - Build Queue has low performance for large queues
  • TW-23712 - TeamCity overview page can be slow if branch specification is configured and there are a lot of open branches matched
  • TW-23898 - Slow starting builds and ending builds (GroovyPlug consumes a lot of CPU)
  • TW-23903 - TeamCity 7.1 running extremely slowly - projects page is taking > 20 seconds to load
  • TW-24026 - Server working slowly when there are lots of branches in the monitored repositories
  • TW-24207 - VCS triggering rules process all files in commit even if the whole commit is ignored by commit message, root name or user name
  • TW-24228 - Background indexer seems to use a lot of resources during indexing of a build with many commits


  • TW-24035 - When Configuration name contains an underscore, then Platform name is incorrectly escaped
  • TW-24176 - Checkbox-label baseline mismatch in the agent enabling/disabling dialog
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