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IDEA-93633 (Usability Problem)

Improper shortcut text under 1.7

IDEA-93822 (Usability Problem)

Database management: Can't add table to database if there are no other tables

IDEA-93912 (Usability Problem)

"Install plugin from disk" should use a native file chooser on Mac

IDEA-91157 (Performance Problem)

DOM (hence PSI) leaks through org.intellij.plugins.relaxNG.model.resolve.DefinitionResolver#myDefines

IDEA-93742 (Bug)

Create Project From Template: JavaModule: source root creation deselecting doesn't work

IDEA-93232 (Bug)

The notification balloon size should be correct always

IDEA-93793 (Bug)

groovy classes are generated with an unnecessary default constructor

IDEA-93711 (Bug)

Meta+, opens as many Pref dialogs as many times it was invoked

IDEA-93788 (Bug)

EDT violation

IDEA-93301 (Bug)

Verbose logging of designer specific messages

IDEA-93573 (Bug)

Darcula - event notifications black number

IDEA-93937 (Bug)

SQL Server Language Injection issue with table hints

IDEA-94010 (Bug)

External build: Eclipse integration: library files from eclipse workspace are not resolved

IDEA-93681 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.codeInsight.template.TemplateBuilderImpl.buildTemplate



IDEA-93002 (Usability Problem)

Improve UI for specifying the options of new Android SDK

IDEA-93889 (Bug)

Android project with RenderScript doesn't compile

IDEA-83565 (Bug)

Logcat coloring bug

IDEA-93975 (Exception)

Android: NPE at AndroidSdkConfigurableForm.<init>() on New Project/Add Module

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-40195 (Feature)

'constant expression' and @NotNull

IDEA-16979 (Feature)

"Constant conditions and exceptions" should be aware of equals() semantics

IDEA-42270 (Bug)

Good code is yellow: null passed to a @NotNull annotated varargs parameter

IDEA-30498 (Bug)

Nullability not checked in initializer for static field

IDEA-81084 (Bug)

incorrect code analysis: "condition is always true"

IDEA-74934 (Bug)

"Constant conditions & exceptions": take type parameters into consideration

IDEA-82235 (Bug)

@NotNull inspection is not working inside a try-catch block

IDEA-93244 (Bug)

'Constant Conditions & Exceptions': false positive

IDEA-35789 (Bug)

@NotNull (constant condition) checking confused by irrelevant try...catch block

IDEA-47146 (Bug)

Catching NullPointerExceptions breaks @Nullable checks for the whole method

IDEA-42948 (Bug)

Idea fails to recognize "non-nullness" after unchecked cast

IDEA-82053 (Bug)

Highlighting return of null from @NotNull method behaves unpredictably with try/catch

IDEA-44118 (Bug)

Possible NPE from @Nullable isn't flagged in synchronized() statement

IDEA-92809 (Bug)

"Constant Conditions & Exceptions": infer not-nullability from constant.equals(var)

IDEA-57595 (Bug)

'Null is returned from method not declared as @Nullable' inspection should not be reported for Void methods

IDEA-85993 (Bug)

Nullable analysis works incorrectly with inner classes

IDEA-88777 (Bug)

equlas() and == should be taken into account by nullability check

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-93345 (Bug)

Code formatting broke regex expressions in groovy code

IDEA-90553 (Bug)

Reformatting does not work for injected JSON

Compiling Project


IDEA-93425 (Feature)

Support Eclipse project format for new make

IDEA-81955 (Bug)

Compile server: artifacts are not built

IDEA-93816 (Bug)

Exception in javac when compiling IntelliJ IDEA project using external build

IDEA-92270 (Bug)

Clean action does not make IDEA to re-compile artifact

IDEA-88716 (Bug)

New compiler mode no longer packages files on Make

IDEA-93026 (Bug)

External build: dependent artifact is not made incrementally

IDEA-93760 (Bug)

External build: incremetal make does not pick up incompilable overriding method throwing checked exception



IDEA-93545 (Bug)

Database console: Copy Data as TSV inserts extra Tabs

IDEA-92805 (Bug)

CTRL+C on cell leads to HTML table in clipboard



IDEA-93546 (Usability Problem)

Ordering is bad in Exception breakpoints "Add" dialog

IDEA-93849 (Bug)

Exception breakpoints "Add" dialog: List only exception classes, remove duplicates

IDEA-92542 (Bug)

Watch values shown incorrect in EAP



IDEA-61492 (Feature)

Diff window: add a persistent "Use Soft Wraps" toggle option to the toolbar

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-93714 (Feature)

Customizable date format in live templates date() macro

IDEA-93619 (Usability Problem)

Paste history window never remembers the list-content separator.

IDEA-81976 (Bug)

Css: Return ability to use soft wraps at css files

IDEA-93879 (Bug)

Clear Read-Only status dialog should appear on attempt to edit the readonly file

IDEA-93496 (Bug)

"Strip trailing spaces on save" modifies all lines when "Modified lines" is selected

IDEA-86820 (Bug)

Toggle Sticky Selection does not allow cut, only copy

File System


IDEA-93719 (Bug)

Module structure won't load



IDEA-92751 (Bug)

Grails project should be compilable by external make



IDEA-92991 (Feature)

'Join lines' should bind variable and initializer in Groovy

IDEA-93503 (Usability Problem)

Groovy: please don't highlight "method may be static" if there are resolve errors in the method body

IDEA-93676 (Bug)

Convert to Java: tuple declarations aren't translated

IDEA-93715 (Bug)

Groovy: don't complete 'for' in expressions

IDEA-93854 (Bug)

Groovy: imports disappear unexpectedly

IDEA-93677 (Bug)

Convert to Java: erase generics in array initializer

IDEA-93472 (Bug)

Good code red, assert message in groovy

IDEA-93355 (Bug)

Incorrect 'inner class cannot have static declarations'

IDE Configuration


IDEA-89778 (Feature)

Search live templates

IDEA-52046 (Feature)

run/debug menu folder structure

IDEA-92569 (Bug)


IDEA-84180 (Bug)

Path in Java Compiler params doesn't get replaced with path variable

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-84963 (Feature)

Disprefer annotations in autocomplete at places where they cannot be used

IDEA-93553 (Bug)

Completion: multiple Loading... nodes in completion list

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-58158 (Bug)

Bad code not marked red: Annotation: Parameter references field

IDEA-93672 (Bug)

Regression: java good code red

IDEA-42890 (Bug)

Might not null incorrectly reported.

IDEA-90802 (Bug)

code compiles, but error is shown

IDEA-54770 (Bug)

IDEA reporting false potential NullPointerException

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-93589 (Bug)

Variables with the same names in nested anonymous classes prevent a safe conversion to lambdas.

IDEA-93588 (Bug)

Completely inappropriate suggestion to replace a complex anonymous class with Iterator::new;

IDEA-93697 (Bug)

Anonymous class to method reference refactor causes immediate evaluation.

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-93741 (Bug)

Move static member does not update static imports

IDEA-94006 (Bug)

'Copy class' refactoring available for .class files

IDEA-93473 (Bug)

Replace anonymous class with method reference leaves a dangling undeclared local variable.

IDEA-93989 (Bug)

Automatic getter/setter rename is not propogated to subclasses

IDEA-93582 (Bug)

Moving more than one static method at a time leaves broken calls between them.



IDEA-89279 (Usability Problem)

Middle Matching Disrupts My Workflow



IDEA-93160 (Bug)

Excluded folders gets reset once maven refresh is done

Project Configuration


IDEA-93744 (Bug)

Create Project From Template: Simple WEb: artifact should be pre-configured

IDEA-92944 (Exception)

Create new project/Create from Template: NPE at WebModuleGenerationStep.updateDataModel() on attempt to create a Web module



IDEA-93730 (Bug)

Unnamed parameters in postgres queries are marked as invalid by SQL inspection



IDEA-93738 (Feature)

Spring MVC: @RequestMapping: uri templates containg regular expressions are not resolved to corresponding path variables

IDEA-93876 (Feature)

Spring MVC: consider @SessionAttributes value in refactoring

IDEA-93886 (Feature)

Spring MVC: check that @InitBinder methods return void

IDEA-93757 (Feature)

Spring MVC: provide regex language injection for @RequestMapping

IDEA-93731 (Bug)

Spring MVC: "Create PathVariable " intention doesn't work with templates containg Regular Expressions

IDEA-93870 (Bug)


IDEA-93829 (Bug)

Spring MVC: model attributes populated using @ModelAttribute-annotated methods should be recognized

IDEA-93679 (Bug)

Spring MVC: in some cases @PathVariable-annotated parameter is not updated on variable rename if annotation doesn't provide value

IDEA-93754 (Bug)

Spring MVC: can't invoke refactor/Rename for @ModelAttribute value

Template Languages. Velocity


IDEA-93928 (Bug)

VelocityDoc (and Quick Help) works for Macros but not for Variables

User Interface


IDEA-93625 (Usability Problem)

Copy reference is missing from file tab context menu

IDEA-93528 (Cosmetics)

Darcula L&F: 'Lock' and 'Gector' status bar icons are hardly visible when disabled

IDEA-93535 (Bug)

In Console Colors settings some options are inverted

IDEA-93778 (Bug)

Middle matching in goto file problems

Version Control


IDEA-93433 (Usability Problem)

Improve displays of multi-line commit messages in Changes Window

IDEA-56110 (Bug)

"Apply patch" applies changes to the wrong file.

IDEA-53865 (Bug)

"Failed to apply patch for file ...: couldn't find context" (wrong base directory guess case)

IDEA-91845 (Bug)

Unshelve changes dialog: Wrong description opens on pressing help button

Version Control. Git


IDEA-90149 (Cosmetics)

When reverting a file with only line separator changes reported, title 'Nothing to Commit' in' No changes detected' info message

IDEA-91436 (Bug)

Error on git fetch command: The remote end hung up unexpectedly, RPC handler object "Git4ideaSSHHandler" not found

IDEA-85948 (Bug)

Git: error on commit: can't remove already removed file

IDEA-93848 (Bug)

GitHub Open in Browser doesn't work for files in multi-repository projects.

IDEA-93931 (Bug)

Git log: filter commits by date

IDEA-93806 (Exception)

Git Integration problem when rebasing from detached head

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-93196 (Bug)

Mercurial: Repository View: Copy doesn't copy revision number

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-60323 (Feature)

Support editing subversion commit messages

IDEA-93538 (Usability Problem)

SVN "Lock": Fail error message is (almost) invisible

IDEA-93740 (Bug)


IDEA-93750 (Bug)

svn history does not update



IDEA-91514 (Performance Problem)

Idea freezes due to high CPU usage when pasting XML file (one long line)



IDEA-73088 (Bug)

XSL: Extract Template not working if first line is a comment

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