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IDEA-49451 (Feature)

Add native (taskbar/dock) progress indicators for modern OSes

IDEA-84082 (Feature)

Ability to get a hex value for a particular pixel on the image viewer

IDEA-90676 (Feature)

In Run Configuration allow test classpath

IDEA-90827 (Feature)

Intention to expand one line lambda to code block

IDEA-90505 (Feature)

Provide syntax highlighting in the history dialog of the 'Browse Console History' action

IDEA-90321 (Feature)

Commit in background when building tree model

IDEA-90337 (Usability Problem)

When I do Find Usages, give some feedback, that search started

IDEA-89940 (Usability Problem)

What should happen if non of the languages is selected in the "Code Duplicates Analysis Settings" dialog?

IDEA-90579 (Usability Problem)

Tabs: Alphabetical sorting must be OFF by default

IDEA-90145 (Usability Problem)

Ask to save changes when an unsaved file is externally deleted

IDEA-72152 (Bug)

Internationalization support for Velocity Files

IDEA-90578 (Bug)

Inserted incorrect type parameters when migrating a lambda into an anonymous inner class or when "expanding lambda"

IDEA-89509 (Bug)

PhpStorm doesn't save file types

IDEA-90199 (Bug)

Dialog title is absent

IDEA-90693 (Bug)

Filtering on Escape key in the keymap settings dialog

IDEA-90207 (Bug)

'Find Action' doesn't find keymap settings

IDEA-86505 (Bug)

File Structure: renaming from the popup is broken

IDEA-90447 (Bug)

install plugin from disk: incorrect warning about existent dependency

IDEA-90679 (Bug)

visibility issue when renaming method parameters

IDEA-76059 (Bug)

Exceptions thrown when viewing maven dependencies

IDEA-90380 (Bug)

Inspection resolving: cannot apply fix from Inspection Tool Window in javascript code.

IDEA-90503 (Bug)

Autocompletion is available in SQL comments

IDEA-89213 (Bug)

ProjectImpl - Error saving project Arg 1 for LineColumnLazyMarker.createDelegate must not be null

IDEA-71221 (Exception)

Diff: Throwable at com.intellij.codeInsight.lookup.impl.LookupImpl.calculatePosition



IDEA-89859 (Feature)

Android extract string resource. Make values to be checked by default.

IDEA-90595 (Usability Problem)

Android Designer: remove collapse for style attributes

IDEA-89679 (Bug)

Android Preview incorrectly resolves resources from library project

IDEA-89176 (Bug)

Android: compilation of a new projects fails with "Package R does not exists" error until adding a resource or rebuilding

IDEA-90561 (Bug)

Android: Inline Style Refactoring: on attempt to inline a style that has inheritor(s), show Problems Detected dialog with a more user friendly message

IDEA-90182 (Bug)

Android Designer: wrong padding attributes

IDEA-88328 (Bug)

custom xmlns support is broken

IDEA-90652 (Bug)

Android: when the caret is on a value resource xml tag, on pressing Main Menu | Refactor 'Select Refactoring' dialog appears instead of Refactor menu



IDEA-90787 (Bug)

External build, Ant Integration: Execute on / After Compilation, Before Compilation make no effect



IDEA-90707 (Bug)

Android + AspectJ compilation issue

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-87316 (Feature)

Add exclusions configuration option to Inspection "Static import"

IDEA-21980 (Feature)

Inspection: test method without @Test annotation

IDEA-84803 (Feature)

Port JUnit inspections to TestNG

IDEA-90683 (Usability Problem)

Add JUnit ExpectedException to defaults for "JUnit test method without any assertions"

IDEA-90631 (Bug)

Unclear Binary Expression and Unnecessary Parentheses inspections conflict

IDEA-90475 (Bug)

"Map replaceable with EnumMap" inspection suggests replacement when TreeMap constructor takes a Comparator

IDEA-90200 (Bug)

Magic Constant Inspection should not readd the annotations root when user removes it manually

IDEA-90686 (Bug)

Raw use of parameterized class shall be ignored in annotations.

Compiling Project


IDEA-77450 (Bug)

Build artifacts: unusable, cannot select multiple artifacts to build (all or nonthing)

IDEA-90250 (Bug)

idea 122.29/122.86 cannot compile multiple projects in the same time



IDEA-90767 (Bug)

Mouse release in console triggers link navigation even if mouse drag was used for text selection



IDEA-90612 (Bug)

Unrecognized PL-SQL construct - open cur for 'select * from dual'

IDEA-84940 (Bug)

Datasources shows confusing "Loading..." indicators

File System


IDEA-90045 (Bug)

OutOfMemoryErrors when I have a large log file in the project directory

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-90506 (Feature)

Allow switching between the "Find in Path" and "Replace in Path" dialogs



IDEA-90815 (Bug)

Idea should invoke GWT compiler if only sources under 'tests' source root was changed



IDEA-90298 (Bug)

DSL descriptor doesn't work if file name is not a Java identifier

IDEA-90803 (Bug)

Cannot run gant script from IDEA if groovy and ant are added as plain libraries to the project



IDEA-90417 (Bug)

intellij thinks the deployment has failed, but the app is still deploying

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-90349 (Bug)

Auto-completion should always prefer exact match

IDEA-90809 (Bug)

JDK 1.8: Smart Code Completion after "return" in a lambda suggests variants according to the enclosing method's return type

IDEA-90729 (Bug)

JDK 1.8: Code Completion for 'return' inside a lambda inserts unnecessary semicolon

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-90820 (Usability Problem)

Convert anonymous to lambda intention makes bulky lambdas

IDEA-90821 (Bug)

"Expand lambda to {...}" intention has no effect?

IDEA-90718 (Bug)

JDK 1.8: "Replace lambda with anonymous class" intention changes parameters names to the names declared in interface

IDEA-90711 (Bug)

JDK 1.8: all Lambda intentions are merged to one called 'default'

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-90448 (Feature)

It would be nice to add auto class cast variable if i'm using instanceof operator nearby

IDEA-82088 (Usability Problem)

Field rename suggestions on renaming class are too obtrusive

IDEA-90740 (Bug)

Inline refactoring fails to run when it clearly could



IDEA-81773 (Feature)

Add JQuery selector inspection

IDEA-90492 (Cosmetics)

Display acceptable parameters as you type

IDEA-90353 (Bug)

Good JS code is red: "Private member is not accessible"

IDEA-81524 (Bug)

NPE in MyJSNamedItem.getProject()

IDEA-90393 (Bug)

ExtJS Class Structure View does not include methods inherited from ExtJS superclasses

JavaScript. Debugger


IDEA-76789 (Feature)

Expose console object to JavaScript when being debugged by IntelliJ in Google Chrome



IDEA-89947 (Bug)

Sometimes Language level changes messages box appears on Maven project reimport

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-80904 (Feature)

Provide an installer that does not require administrator privileges

IDEA-52909 (Cosmetics)

Don't offer "Create Quick Launch shortcut" option when running installer under Win 7

Play! framework


IDEA-88203 (Feature)

Play! support: it would be nice to have possibility to set the play console working directory

IDEA-83536 (Bug)

Play! Framework: No dialog to change the location of the Play! framework



IDEA-89873 (Usability Problem)

SQL: Auto-complete column names (for expanded tables)

IDEA-82485 (Bug)

Completion doesn't work inside incorrect SQL queries

IDEA-90696 (Bug)

Good MySQL code is red: Handling of delimiter



IDEA-87542 (Feature)

Provide quick navigation from Junit test case to relevant Spring config

IDEA-90556 (Bug)

Create missing mapping for required attribute creates duplicate property-setters in spring.xml file

IDEA-85084 (Bug)

Spring security: on namespace declaration by schema autocompletion the 2.0.4 version is used

IDEA-77379 (Bug)

Spring EL support: Safe Navigation operator should be supported

IDEA-87835 (Bug)

Spring: in Edit EL Fragments editor (edit injected fragments) all variables appear unresolved

IDEA-90513 (Bug)

Spring EL: on class rename from the constructor in SPEL expression the class name is changed but the expression is not updated

IDEA-90517 (Bug)

Spring EL: class methods are not completed in SPEL expressions that use constructors

IDEA-90518 (Bug)

Spring EL: no errors are shown for not-existing class referencing from constructor in SPEL expressions

IDEA-81251 (Bug)

spring el: good code yellow: missing resolving for field after T(..) operator

IDEA-90529 (Exception)

INRE through SpringSchemaProvider.computeSchemas() for a Spring web flow config

Task Management


IDEA-87409 (Bug)

Issue tracker settings - {number} placeholder doesn't work properly

User Interface


IDEA-89506 (Cosmetics)

"Invalidate Caches" confirmation popup: fix button order

IDEA-78443 (Cosmetics)

Project Structure: visual defect appears after expanding and collapsing error notification

IDEA-90758 (Bug)

Tree scrolls to the left when selection moves to a node that doesn't fit the viewport

IDEA-85877 (Bug)

Recent Files: if some files are already opened in the detached editors, these files selecting in popup should navigate to open editor instead of new editor opening

IDEA-90723 (Bug)

TreeClassChooser no longer filters classes in list

IDEA-90510 (Bug)

Plugin Manager: after reopening 'Browse Repositories' window on Mac OS, clicking 'Download and Install' opens another 'Browse Repositories' window

Version Control


IDEA-70513 (Bug)

"Revert" does not work for module

IDEA-90201 (Bug)

Commit message code completion (Ctrl+Space) - works incorrectly if applied after '-'

Version Control. Git


IDEA-81134 (Feature)

'Untracked Files Preventing Checkout' doesn't have provide ability to delete files

IDEA-90577 (Bug)

Git -> 'Show History' shows only several top commits

IDEA-90551 (Bug)

Press "Cancel" in the "Rejected Push" dialog, and never get the dialog again

IDEA-89347 (Bug)

Git: part of the file history is not shown because of cyclic renames of the file.

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-50341 (Cosmetics)

Do not prompt using P4Win for Linux OS

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