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IDEA-63872 (Feature)

Show modified directories with special icons or colors

IDEA-90905 (Feature)

Colored Scope ignores "Use in Project View" option when any scope selected

IDEA-90906 (Feature)

It would be great if Idea suggest (ALT+Enter) cast to primitive (int) via its wrapper (Integer)

IDEA-89915 (Feature)

Notification on stderror output in Run panel / Console

IDEA-90159 (Feature)

@PropertyKey should work on fields as well

IDEA-91518 (Usability Problem)

Recent Files: speed search incorrectly selects tool window instead of a file

IDEA-89669 (Usability Problem)

Inline only this symbols should clear and disable 'Search in comments/test' checkboxes

IDEA-91351 (Usability Problem)

Strange way to invoke color picker

IDEA-91529 (Bug)

Structure PHP flashes when editing

IDEA-91677 (Bug)

Project scope "Tests" is missed in Project view toolbar

IDEA-63886 (Bug)

"Move to Changelist..." menu item is not working for unversioned files

IDEA-91340 (Bug)

Darcula: redesign welcome screen

IDEA-91588 (Bug)

Reflection completion generates generics types

IDEA-91491 (Bug)

Import into CVS wizard: Finish button should not be enabled if mandatory options are not set

IDEA-91478 (Bug)

Groovy: 'Add constructor matching super' inserts full qualified types

IDEA-90280 (Bug)

result of @Nullable method passed to param not annotated as @Nullable not flagged

IDEA-91704 (Bug)

Allow "File Templates" to take more predefined variables

IDEA-91415 (Bug)

Darcula: file colors should change when switch to Darcula and back

IDEA-91481 (Bug)

Good code red, cast with generics and wildcard

IDEA-66803 (Bug)

Target typing for MethodHandle.invoke and invokeGeneric not implemented correctly

IDEA-91725 (Bug)

Exception if close project while console is running

IDEA-91331 (Bug)

Show usages command doesn't work as expected

IDEA-91318 (Bug)

Closing a project while the Hector the Inspector is displayed, orphans the popup

IDEA-91494 (Bug)

CheckOut from CVS Repository wizard: disable Next button on SelectCVSElementToCheckOut page if no module is selected

IDEA-91492 (Bug)

Import into CVS, CheckOut from CVS wizard: the Next button should be disabled on the first page if no CVSROOT entries are set

IDEA-91393 (Bug)

IDE freezes

IDEA-91743 (Bug)

Bad code is green

IDEA-91341 (Bug)

Darcula: popup titles on Mac looks ugly

IDEA-91465 (Bug)

inappropriate autocompletion of 'def' to NoClassDefFoundError after block labels in Spock specifications

IDEA-56862 (Bug)

Some HQL date functions are not supported

IDEA-89640 (Bug)

good code red

IDEA-89213 (Bug)

ProjectImpl - Error saving project Arg 1 for LineColumnLazyMarker.createDelegate must not be null

IDEA-90245 (Bug)

Groovy applicable inspection incorrect

IDEA-91339 (Bug)

Darcula: "No files are open" looks weird

IDEA-90127 (Bug)

UnusedReturnValue inspection doesn't work for the native methods.

IDEA-91564 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.BundleBase.replaceMnemonicAmpersand

IDEA-91311 (Exception)

StackOverflow Error in ApplicationImpl

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-87246 (Feature)

Add auto-fix to inspection "'protected' member in 'final' class" to make member private.

IDEA-90642 (Feature)

Hardcoded String shall ignore enum object constructor parameters

IDEA-91138 (Feature)

UtilityClassWithoutPrivateConstructor - add corresponding inspection for class not being final

IDEA-90329 (Feature)

Constructor with too many parameters shall have an option to be ignored according to its accessesibility

IDEA-91717 (Usability Problem)

Class extends utility class inspection shall ignore utility classes

IDEA-91739 (Usability Problem)

'public' inner class inspection shall have an option to ignore public inner interfaces

IDEA-90851 (Usability Problem)

Add an ability to suppress inspections via comments for local variable initializers

IDEA-91395 (Cosmetics)

Inspection results detail cosmetics/usability

IDEA-91353 (Bug)

Existing inspection warning marked as invalid

IDEA-91767 (Bug)

There must be some way for 'Deprecated API usage' inspection to ignore importing deprecated classes

IDEA-90685 (Bug)

Access to static field locked on instance data shall ignore accessing the logger

IDEA-55378 (Bug)

Propagate font size settings to inspect code reports

IDEA-89146 (Bug)

"Replace fully qualified class with import" doesn't work if the class name is line-wrapped

IDEA-91605 (Bug)

TestNG assertEquals inspection should not flag (double, double, double) overloads

IDEA-91011 (Bug)

Cast to concrete class shall have an option to ignore equals() method

IDEA-91543 (Bug)

Resetting filter in inspections dialog filter also removes selected inspection

IDEA-91752 (Bug)

assertEquals() called on array inspection wrongly reports on TestNG

IDEA-91755 (Bug)

Overly broad 'throws' clause inspection does not recognize thrown exceptions hierarchy correctly

IDEA-91439 (Bug)

StringBuffer replacement with String is wrong when char[] is involved

Code Coverage


IDEA-90992 (Bug)

covered lines are marked as uncovered if editor is splitted

IDEA-91228 (Bug)

Code Coverage shows empty classes as not covered

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-89379 (Usability Problem)

Export Settings Includes other.xml When Only Code Style Selected

IDEA-91261 (Bug)

Code Style | Arrangement: grayed out modifiers are available for selection

IDEA-91826 (Bug)

arrangementRules section in codeStyleSettings.xml does not preserve order of elements

IDEA-91629 (Bug)

Code formatting produces errors

IDEA-91703 (Bug)

Jade: lines of comments get indented with spaces + tabs on reformatting despite the settings (Use tab = on)

IDEA-91271 (Bug)

Code Style | Arrangement: when creating a new rule 'abstract', 'synchronized', 'transient' and 'volatile' modifiers are grayed out regardless of selected type

IDEA-91256 (Bug)

Code Style | Arrangement: multiselection is allowed, but Delete multiple rules action deletes only one

Code Navigation


IDEA-91275 (Usability Problem)

TODO View: "Scope Based" Scope-combobox has no grouping

IDEA-91464 (Bug)

"go to implementation" shows incorrect classes when multiple interfaces are involved

Compiling Project


IDEA-91100 (Bug)

Annotation processing still configured when using JDK 1.5



IDEA-91547 (Usability Problem)

Allow selection of data source in active Database Console

IDEA-90874 (Bug)

Cannot update database row from Database Console

IDEA-91496 (Bug)

Rename context menu raises error on data source



IDEA-90933 (Bug)

Commit-Diff base version is very read-only

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-85796 (Feature)

shortcut for generating javadoc

IDEA-91723 (Bug)

Triple Ctrl+Q is not working

IDEA-91410 (Bug)

Folded code is changed in column editing mode

IDEA-91493 (Bug)

Conflict shortcut in Emacs keymap of "comment" and "undo"

IDEA-91694 (Bug)

Can't delete last blank line with Ctrl+Y

File System


IDEA-90813 (Bug)

Local file system in tests doesn't refresh files



IDEA-90336 (Feature)

Support for Adobe AIR 3.4 feature to directly install iOS apps on iDevice

IDEA-74191 (Feature)

Support debug on iOS devices

IDEA-91364 (Bug)

122.327: Flex plugin no longer understands default parameters?

IDEA-91344 (Bug)

private class incorrect type assign



IDEA-91309 (Bug)

All classes in the same package are marked as unresolved



IDEA-91597 (Usability Problem)

enhancing semantic marking (Ctrl+W) for grails dependencies

IDEA-90190 (Bug)

Grails 2.1 and Maven Debugging problem



IDEA-91500 (Feature)

Groovy: check assignability of tuple assignment

IDEA-90163 (Feature)

'Method can be static' inspection for Groovy

IDEA-91164 (Feature)

Should have an Intention to strongly type groovy variable

IDEA-91483 (Feature)

infer type of closure parameter if closure is casted to interface

IDEA-91259 (Feature)

'Convert simple getter to property' intention

IDEA-91342 (Feature)

Intention 'Remove redundant <expr>.class'

IDEA-90310 (Usability Problem)

Groovy: Allow to resolve references inside static closure to non-static class members

IDEA-90738 (Bug)

In Groovy code the Split into declaration and assignment intention isn't available

IDEA-90896 (Bug)

Groovy: wrong auto-completion when typing "assert" in inline Closure definition

IDEA-90816 (Bug)

'Inline method' on Java method silently doesn't inline calls of this method in Groovy code

IDEA-91732 (Bug)

Groovy: Named argument completion produces unnecessary comma

IDEA-90400 (Bug)

Refactor rename on constructor renames the constructor not the class

IDEA-91373 (Bug)

Debugger highlights wrong groovy file.

IDEA-90422 (Bug)

Groovy: Smart completion doesn't work after "new " statement

IDEA-90995 (Bug)

'Safe Delete' for field in Groovy suggests to delete synthetic getter and setter

IDEA-91239 (Bug)

Superfluous extracted method return value for reassigned variables



IDEA-91524 (Bug)

(Language injection) Incorrect HQL parser work

IDE Configuration


IDEA-91674 (Bug)

Unable to import an inspection profile

IDEA-91757 (Exception)

CDE at ThreadLocalCyclicDependencyGuard.observe() on importing file template settings



IDEA-54104 (Bug)

JSF resources support missing partly in CSS



IDEA-66877 (Feature)

requestScope.contextPath and alike paths to context root should be understood by editor



IDEA-91600 (Usability Problem)

Layout problem for autocomplete popup in JSP

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-91449 (Usability Problem)

Completion Usability problem

IDEA-90882 (Usability Problem)

"Implement methods" dialog marks the default methods to be implemented (needlessly)

IDEA-90883 (Bug)

Incorrect code template for default method implementation

IDEA-91083 (Bug)

JDK 1.8: Code Completion in one line expression lambda inserts unnecessary semicolon in some cases

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-89867 (Feature)

"No implements clause allowed for interface" should have quickfix to change 'implements' to 'extends'

IDEA-91417 (Bug)

False positive by "Constant conditions & exception" in LocalFileSystemImpl.dominates()

IDEA-91380 (Bug)

False positive in "Constant conditions & exceptions" inspection

IDEA-91769 (Bug)

Diamond operator without assignment is in red for generics other than object. Compiles in javac.

IDEA-90899 (Bug)

Work with error in foreach causes strange IDE behaviour and fatal error

IDEA-91785 (Bug)

JDK 1.8: bad code is green: static default interface method should be error-highlighted

IDEA-91372 (Bug)

JDK 1.8: good code is red: local non-final variables accessed from anonymous classes are error-highlighted

IDEA-89726 (Bug)

Bad code green: List<String>.class

IDEA-91369 (Bug)

JDK 1.8: bad code is green: lambda with underlying type of interface with bounded type parameter, which has declaration type of interface with wildcard parameter

IDEA-91502 (Bug)

JDK 1.8: bad code is green: same named local variable and lambda parameter should be error-highlighted

IDEA-91665 (Bug)

JDK 1.8: bad code is green: extension methods in classes should be error-highlighted

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-91302 (Usability Problem)

No keyboard navigation in Create Class dialog (TAB and Alt-D won't select Target destination directory combo box)

IDEA-91041 (Bug)

Create Method intention creates bad code and changes semantics

IDEA-91797 (Bug)

JDK 1.8: "Replace lambda with anonymous class" intention should not silently add "final" modifier to local variables used in lambdas

IDEA-91789 (Bug)

Intentions: "Convert to class" intention results in invalid code if applied to an interface used in a declaration of a class which extends something

IDEA-91144 (Bug)

Methods with ? extends are overridden with warnings.

IDEA-91742 (Bug)

JDK 1.8: "Convert to class" intention incorrectly processes default methods in interfaes

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-91267 (Usability Problem)

IDEA Ctrl+Alt+v (declare variable)

IDEA-90777 (Usability Problem)

Introduce pararmeter from a local variable should always suggest the name of this variable by default

IDEA-91288 (Bug)

Inline Refactoring should not be allowed for variables initialized with condition

IDEA-91679 (Bug)

JDK 1.8: Pull Members Up Refactoring incorrectly pulls default methods

IDEA-91345 (Bug)

JDK 1.8: Extract Method Refactoring doesn't create parameters from lambda parameters

IDEA-91467 (Bug)

introduce parameter refactoring breaks code

IDEA-91371 (Bug)

JDK 1.8: Inline Refactoring doesn't allow to inline a variable declared in a lambda

IDEA-91631 (Bug)

Introduce Parameter results in Warning

IDEA-90959 (Bug)

Undo In Place Refactoring shows "Undo Go To Next Code Template Tab?" dialog sometimes

IDEA-91421 (Bug)

JDK 1.8: Inline Refactoring: confusing message is shown on attempt to inline a variable, defined in a lambda and accessed for writing

IDEA-90720 (Bug)

"Make static" refactoring on method which creates an instance of static inner class creates unnecessary qualified new expression



IDEA-60719 (Feature)

Maven: pass MAVEN_OPTS to maven server

IDEA-90895 (Bug)

Do not try to compile resources for maven archetype projects.

IDEA-91781 (Bug)

Move maven profile setting to workspace.xml from misc.xml



IDEA-91070 (Usability Problem)

Incorrect syntax highlighting for PostgreSQL Anonymous Functions

IDEA-90927 (Bug)

Oracle SQL: Code completion for table names only works case sensitive

IDEA-91548 (Bug)

Postgresql Dialect support is incomplete, and flags errors for correct schemas at least in 9.x

IDEA-91384 (Bug)

Oracle update statement lacks table-name completion

IDEA-90320 (Bug)

Completion doesn't work in sql if you start from the beginning



IDEA-66353 (Feature)

spring: allow Ctrl-Q on "" dialog

IDEA-91441 (Feature)

Spring Batch: check that batch:step element doesn't contain both 'next' attribute and 'next' subelement

IDEA-91443 (Feature)

Spring Batch support: check that "tasklet" element defines transaction-manager attribute or bean with 'transactionManager' name exists

IDEA-27212 (Feature)

spring: resolve reference in new ClassPathXmlApplicationContext("classpath:some-context-file-name.xml")

IDEA-90943 (Feature)

Support SpEL in org.springframework.cache.annotation.Cacheable|CacheEvict attributes

IDEA-90648 (Feature)

Spring: Marking a Setter as @Required should count as entry point

IDEA-91434 (Feature)

Spring Batch: job: check that the bean with 'jobRepository' exists or the job@job-repository attribute is set

IDEA-91438 (Feature)

Spring Batch support: batch:job-repository element: check that transaction-manager and data-source attributes are provided or beans with default names exist

IDEA-91512 (Bug)

Spring Batch support: job@ref rename is performed incorrectly

IDEA-84470 (Bug)

Regression of IDEA-79243 in IDEA 11.1.1 where in Spring tests, inherited @ContextConfiguration annotations aren't recognized

IDEA-91284 (Bug)

Performance is extremely slow when using Ctrl+Shift+Space inside constructor

IDEA-91437 (Bug)

Spring Batch: <batch:job-repository> w/o explicit 'id' can be referenced by 'jobRepository' name

IDEA-91698 (Bug)

More problems with Spring @Configuration and profiles

IDEA-82817 (Bug)

Spring + Hibernate 4: the values in packagesToScan attribute value can be comma-separated, but blank space using as separator should be shown as error

IDEA-91869 (Bug)

spring mvc: resolving of SimpleUrlHandlerMapping controller bean reference no longer working

IDEA-91435 (Bug)

@Inject annotated constructors shows error in XML

IDEA-89405 (Bug)

SpringEL should support static method calls

IDEA-91419 (Exception)

SOE at com.intellij.util.xml.impl.CollectionElementInvocationHandler.checkValidity

Task Management


IDEA-91365 (Bug)

'Open task' dropdown only drops down once



IDEA-86108 (Cosmetics)

Java UML: tooltip for package-name rendering

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-91348 (Performance Problem)

completion in Java/Kotlin freezes IDEA

User Interface


IDEA-88178 (Feature)

Provide possibility to override the default icon for actions (actually Set Icon is enabled for actions with absent icon only)

IDEA-91642 (Usability Problem)

Consider reinstating modal dialog box when using "Check for update"

IDEA-89194 (Usability Problem)

please return control panel in run/debug configurations to top

IDEA-91251 (Cosmetics)

Can`t read information in debugger (red on grey in darcula)

IDEA-91334 (Task)

Event log default icon should be 13x13

IDEA-72903 (Bug)

Debugger tooltips and Intention tooltips hide each other

IDEA-91681 (Bug)

Deadlock on asynchronous loading Live Templates configuration in Settings dialog

IDEA-91574 (Bug)

Darcula on Mac: standard comboboxes look ugly

Version Control


IDEA-91360 (Bug)

Changes | Repository view: context menu item is not fully visible

IDEA-90705 (Bug)

com.intellij.openapi.vcs.changes.conflicts.ChangelistConflictTracker#clearChanges generates full refresh of project view and local changes

IDEA-90314 (Bug)

Move to Another Changelist dialog - dropdown doesn't show selection change when done using keyboard

Version Control. CVS


IDEA-89916 (Cosmetics)

Column alignment incorrect for partial changesets in Incoming changes

IDEA-58957 (Bug)

Merges of files with comments containing ====== produces non compiling classes

IDEA-88523 (Bug)

zip file conflict -> idea destroys zip file no matter which option is chosen

IDEA-91559 (Bug)

CVS: Import into CVS: disable Finish if the NameInRepository field is empty

Version Control. Git


IDEA-85562 (Bug)

Getting remote branches in Pull Changes hangs waiting for ssh passphrase

IDEA-85603 (Bug)

Git pull / update branches hangs waiting for SSH server key confirmation

IDEA-91584 (Bug)

Wrong commit found when searching in git log

IDEA-91733 (Bug)

Git Pull doesn't work for HTTPS

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-90028 (Feature)

support for perforce .ignore files, new P4IGNORE feature

IDEA-87746 (Usability Problem)

version control should automatically ignore files that are excluded by the perforce client spec

IDEA-90147 (Performance Problem)

Contextual menu in project view hangs for a while occasionally on "Local History..."

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-62095 (Usability Problem)

Unable to import to subversion using "share"

IDEA-91572 (Bug)

Error saving merged data: Argument 0 for @NotNull parameter of > com/intellij/openapi/vfs/VirtualFile.setBinaryContent must not be null

Web Services


IDEA-86024 (Feature)

WebServices: Axis2: provide new templates for generated web.xml, axis2.xml

IDEA-91729 (Feature)

Web Services: Axis2: provide ExposeClassAsWebService intention

IDEA-91859 (Usability Problem)

Web Services: ShowDeployedWebServices action should be available for glassfish only

IDEA-91283 (Bug)

Web Services: CXF: Generate WSDL From Java fails

IDEA-91285 (Bug)

Web Services: CXF: the sample webservices should be generated correctly

IDEA-91358 (Bug)

Web Services: RESTful CXF: New/RestfulWebserviceClient creates the code that requires jersey

IDEA-91356 (Bug)

Web Services: RESTful CXF: the Generate WADL from Java action is available but fails w/o jersey library

IDEA-91357 (Bug)

Web Services: RESTful CXF: GenerateJavaFromWADL action is missing

IDEA-91346 (Bug)

Web Services: CXF: Rest: correct New/RestWebServer should be created

IDEA-91719 (Bug)

Web Services: when adding web service facet to existing module incorrect configuration (2 WEB-INF folders) are created

IDEA-91847 (Bug)

Web Services: Axis2: incorrect options are suggested on client generating

IDEA-91727 (Bug)

Web Services: Axis2: the created web service should be added to services.xml

IDEA-91721 (Bug)

Web Services: Axis2: on new web service creating interface is created in the incorrect directory

IDEA-91854 (Bug)

Web Services: Axis2: UnexposeClassAsWebService should remove the current service

IDEA-91857 (Bug)

Web Services: Axis2: service class in-place rename from services.xml is performed incorrectly

IDEA-91853 (Bug)

Web Services: Axis2: new web server creation overrides the existing services.xml

IDEA-91748 (Bug)

Web Services: Axis2: the generated axis2.xml causes deployment errors

IDEA-91333 (Bug)

Web Services: correct warning text that appears on WSDL from Java generating for default engine if java 7 is used as project jdk

IDEA-91848 (Exception)

INRE at com.intellij.util.indexing.FileBasedIndexImpl.a

IDEA-91728 (Exception)

SIOOBE at$WSMethodReference.getCanonicalText



IDEA-20688 (Bug)

XSLT Run/Debug configuration allows to Debug



IDEA-90930 (Bug)

"View -> Show Source" keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Enter) does not work

IDEA-91337 (Bug)

doc popup for variable: missing link for ArrayList

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