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IDEA-90500 (Feature)

Implement standard 'Surround With Parenthesis' for SQL expressions

IDEA-90391 (Usability Problem)

Generate getter/setter should pay attention to the field under the cursor

IDEA-90272 (Usability Problem)

Copyright plugin should only update file when user modifies it

IDEA-90461 (Bug) may lock zip file

IDEA-90274 (Bug)

Mac installer shows the hidden files

IDEA-77407 (Bug)

Corrupted caches when running plugin tests

IDEA-89181 (Bug)

Cannot read scheme from /colorSchemes/Darcula

IDEA-90043 (Bug)

Error highlighting in lambdas defined inside lambdas

IDEA-82744 (Exception)

Bookmarks: NPE at BookmarksAction$EditBookmarkDescriptionAction.actionPerformed() after clicking in the popup with opened description dialog



IDEA-80866 (Feature)

Android: Inline Include Refactoring

IDEA-80865 (Feature)

Android: Extract Include Refactoring

IDEA-73633 (Feature)

autocomplete for Referencing style attributes

IDEA-90410 (Bug)

Android: temporary folders creation is printed to Android Console during new project creation

IDEA-90171 (Exception)

java.lang.IllegalStateException: no segments available.

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-86518 (Bug)

Quickfix for identical catch branches produces incrorrect and incompilable code

IDEA-90184 (Bug)

"Non-constant logger" inspection does not work properly

IDEA-90328 (Bug)

Marker Interface inspection reports non marker interfaces incorrectly.

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-90457 (Bug)

Wrapping inserts two line breaks instead of one

Compiling Project


IDEA-89930 (Bug)

I have to invoke Make multiple times and get "package doesn't exist" after updating code (Update Project, checkout a branch, etc.)



IDEA-81253 (Usability Problem)

"Group Tables by Type" state is not remembered across IDE restarts

IDEA-90290 (Bug)

PL-SQL call function without brackets - syntax error

IDEA-90289 (Bug)

PL-SQL construct not recognized: exit when condition

IDEA-90288 (Bug)

Database Support - unrecognised legal PL-SQL construct

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-90323 (Usability Problem)

Navigate/Line command (Go To Line) dialog should show the current line

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-90278 (Usability Problem)

Highlight Usages in File doesn't work properly when "Regex" option was previously checked



IDEA-90197 (Bug)

Import Flash Builder project: remove -source-path=locale/{locale} from additional compiler options

IDEA-89418 (Bug)

Crash, suspected memory corruption after opening SWFs with system default application



IDEA-86261 (Bug)

Grails 2.1.0.RC1 "Settings synchronization failed"

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-90255 (Cosmetics)

"Add @Override Annotation" intention should be disabled for library code

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-90322 (Bug)

Cannot use Extract Variable inside string containing injected language



IDEA-81773 (Feature)

Add JQuery selector inspection

IDEA-90384 (Feature)

JSDoc @name tag basic support

IDEA-87857 (Bug)

"overrides in ..." gutter icon won't show up if the subclass is in an other file

IDEA-87043 (Bug)

JS: completion should suggest properties from base object

IDEA-87780 (Bug)

Incorrect "The value assigned is never used" with JavaScript destructuring assignment

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-90271 (Bug)

IDEA installer: "Run IntelliJ IDEA" checkbox is lost



IDEA-89190 (Feature)

PL/SQL IDE functionality: package/procedure editor



IDEA-88164 (Bug)

Spring Model inspection error when using a <ref> element within a <mvc:interceptor> element

IDEA-90419 (Bug)

Spring Integration support: Spring EL: confusing results on attempt to rename built-in variable 'headers'

IDEA-90421 (Bug)

Spring Integration support: Spring EL: confusing results on attempt to rename built-in variable 'payload'

IDEA-83578 (Bug)

Spring 3.1 JPA: LocalContainerEntityManagerFactoryBean support: provide completion/validation/navigation for 'packagesToScan' attribute value

IDEA-89414 (Bug)

@RequestMapping support incomplete

IDEA-87067 (Bug)

Regression: spring facet editor corrupts the parent context

IDEA-83731 (Bug)

Spring bean type is not inferred when using <jee:jndi-lookup> element

User Interface


IDEA-89378 (Usability Problem)

When showing tooltip for a list (for not fitting line), replace ellipsis

IDEA-90011 (Bug)

Color Picker doesn't show current custom color, RGB fields not wide enough for 3-digit values

Version Control. Git


IDEA-63023 (Bug)

Git: it is not possible to delete Default changelist

IDEA-72770 (Bug)

Display differences in line separators

Web Services


IDEA-90385 (Bug)

Code generation frrom WSDL: Package prefix is not valid



IDEA-90141 (Bug)

ClassCastException when using an xml based template (in a template dir) in a Django project.



IDEA-90434 (Feature)

XSLT run configuration working directory can not accept $MODULE_DIR$ place holder

IDEA-90362 (Usability Problem)

Syntax aware selection and XSLT node name in quotes

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