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  • IntelliJ IDEA 11 117.359 Release Notes
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IDEA-81585 (Feature)

AIR Native Extensions Support

IDEA-84296 (Performance Problem)

Deadlock with DaemonCodeAnalyzerImpl.getLastIntentionHint

IDEA-84031 (Bug)

running a test method ends up running a test class

IDEA-82837 (Bug)

Code analysis failure

IDEA-85448 (Bug)

Hitting esc while editing a fragment ALWAYS closes the fragment

IDEA-85586 (Bug)

Intellij crashes during startup

IDEA-85689 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.util.IconLoader.getDisabledIcon



IDEA-83145 (Feature)

New CFML Page

IDEA-83099 (Feature)

CFML Dictionaries

IDEA-83129 (Bug)

CFC init and new keyword method chaining/resolution

IDEA-83122 (Bug)

CFML mixed with Javascript causes syntax problems

IDEA-83107 (Bug)

View Quick Definition functionality very limited for tag-based CF methods and functions

IDEA-83126 (Bug)

Autocompletion for generated accessors

IDEA-83124 (Bug)

Variables declared in 'this' scope not suggested

IDEA-84024 (Bug)

IDEA thinks the Railo cfadmin tag needs to be closed

Compiling Project


IDEA-85466 (Bug)

Can't make, build or run project which root is a drive letter



IDEA-84926 (Bug)

Data Sources: SQLServer: refresh on selected schema does not show new table's columns

IDEA-85141 (Bug)

IDEA complains about errors when using DB2 dialect

IDEA-84866 (Bug)

Data Sources: Oracle function/procedure in package: Oracle error on refresh



IDEA-85663 (Bug)

Cannot select halo.swc in Flash App compiler config

IDEA-85338 (Bug)

Flex Compiler: 'Clear output directory on rebuild' doesn't work for non-default out directories if no resources are configured to copy

IDEA-58859 (Bug)

[Flex] Warning I cannot do anything against (Reserved word export used as name)

IDEA-85638 (Bug)

Run/Debug Configurations > Flash App > Program parameters won't work correctly

IDEA-84922 (Bug)

AS3 Simplify feature proposes expression ' !! (boolean value) ' instead of just 'boolean value'.

IDEA-85322 (Bug)

Idea slows down to unusable after error [85315796] ERROR - l.treeView.AbstractTreeUpdater - com.intellij.ide.hierarchy.HierarchyTreeBuilder



IDEA-85512 (Feature)

Gradle: Provide more information about errors encountered during parsing build.gradle

IDEA-84692 (Usability Problem)

GradleSettings expandStates are maybe better kept in workspace file rather than project file



IDEA-85501 (Feature)

Code completion for 'grailsApplication' in resources.groovy



IDEA-85031 (Bug)

Java Groovy stubs do not compile (regression)



IDEA-85092 (Feature)

Haxe .hx structure view

IDEA-85222 (Usability Problem)

Allow to jump from the compiler error to the source code

IDEA-85390 (Bug)

Exception when indexing standard SDK

IDEA-85145 (Bug)

HaxeJS JQuery Auto Completion Broken

IDEA-85220 (Bug)

Compiler does not inherit environment variables from the IDE



IDEA-85417 (Usability Problem)

QL: code completion could suggest common 'id' name as entity identifier, even if no such attribute exists

IDEA-85419 (Bug)

Hibernate console: QL INSERT statement fails with NPE

IDEA-85346 (Bug)

Opening Language Injection Settings dialog breaks resolve in the Hibernate console

IDEA-85415 (Exception)

QL: NPE at ElementPresentationManager.getIcon() on invocation of completion for composite identifier



IDEA-85312 (Bug)


IDEA-85266 (Exception)

com.intellij.psi.PsiInvalidElementAccessException: Element: class com.jetbrains.python.psi.impl.PyClassImpl



IDEA-85692 (Exception)

IAE at com.intellij.openapi.roots.impl.ProjectFileIndexImpl.getModuleForFile



IDEA-82652 (Bug)

Glassfish is stopped when debugging for a longer period of time

IDEA-84894 (Bug)

glassfish - virtual server name lost after reopen project



IDEA-85280 (Feature)

Ensure that compatible OGNL library version is in the dependencies when configuring Struts facet



IDEA-84882 (Bug)

stopping weblogic broken in 11.1

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-85529 (Bug)

Rename action, applied to an inner class, actually renames another inner class (O_O)



IDEA-84282 (Usability Problem)

Extract method dialog usabilitiy issues

IDEA-80714 (Cosmetics)

Extract method refactoring window when the 'Declare functional expression' checkbox is checked becomes ugly

IDEA-81681 (Bug)

Wrong "Variable initializer is redundant" warning



IDEA-85001 (Bug)

IntelliJ doesn't assign dependencies to artifacts correctly in Maven web project

Project Configuration


IDEA-82280 (Usability Problem)

Detected roots dialog: show type if the same path has been detected for several types

IDEA-83635 (Bug)

Root detection dialog issues



IDEA-85215 (Bug)

Valid PostgreSQL code marked as red



IDEA-84610 (Bug)

Exclude filter uses improper syntax for inner classes

Structural Search and Replace


IDEA-85291 (Bug)

Maximum matches edit box is too small

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-83555 (Bug)

Exception stack traces not shown for single method tests (2)

User Interface


IDEA-83601 (Cosmetics)

A lot of inspections have too short Severity combobox on Mac OS

Version Control


IDEA-83957 (Bug)

No scrollbars in Settings->Version Control

Version Control. Git


IDEA-85139 (Usability Problem)

GitHub "Rebase my Github fork" dialog should have "Interactive" deselected by default

IDEA-85138 (Usability Problem)

GitHub Rebase my Github fork should fetch the upstream

IDEA-85380 (Bug)

Show diff on a conflicted file under Git throws NPE

IDEA-76340 (Bug)

Editors do not update after stashing changes

IDEA-55671 (Bug)

Git: Error on uninteractive git rebase

IDEA-85405 (Bug)

Git branch widget in status bar doesn't synch

IDEA-85560 (Bug)

Files are not refreshed and Pull Info is not shown after Git pull

IDEA-84745 (Bug)

IntelliJ leaves a screwed up git state when renaming a very popular package

IDEA-83764 (Bug)

git update stopped working in 11.1 (idea-IC-117.105) for git-svn

IDEA-85121 (Bug)

StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when trying to show git branches

IDEA-85310 (Bug)

InvalidRemoteException when fetching a remote with http url without .git at the end

IDEA-60725 (Exception)

Git: AE at git4idea.checkout.branches.GitSwitchBranchesDialog.prepareBranchesForRemote

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-85249 (Bug)

perforce commit is completely broken in 117.281

IDEA-72022 (Bug)

Perforce: Wrong client specification

IDEA-82676 (Bug)

Too many p4 requests during updating perforce changelists in a project with multiple roots under the same workspace

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