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  • Eluru 6.5.6 (build 18130) Release Notes
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  • TW-15970 - Support configuration parameters in custom run dialog

Usability Problem

  • TW-19277 - Improve logging on authentication token input


  • TW-12688 - Idea Plugin: Coverage: should load last available coverage data
  • TW-13822 - Failed to commit pre-tested commit: no revision for the current file
  • TW-14600 - Duplicates runner .NET should remove it's report.xml files at the end
  • TW-15282 - Cucumber Formatter blows up with Cucumber 0.10.0
  • TW-15346 - Sections on server statistics are not ordered
  • TW-15613 - Current choice of the list can be not highlighted on first opening the list
  • TW-16534 - Inspections / duplicates and coverage "Show in Editor" action invoked from the IDEA plugin does not update summary
  • TW-16727 - Muted tests are opened in IDE on 'Open Failed Tests' action.
  • TW-16801 - Hide configuration icon is shown for guest user on overview page
  • TW-17462 - Cannot perform commit, however version is latest
  • TW-17697 - exception in teamcity causes junit test failure to be recorded as success
  • TW-18715 - Make be published as build finish parameters
  • TW-18750 - incremental patch fails [server-side checkout, Perforce ticket-based authentication]
  • TW-18774 - Server won't start on SQL query exception: "ORA-01795: maximum number of expressions in a list is 1000"
  • TW-18783 - Copy project with template reorders inserted build steps
  • TW-18784 - Duplicates Finder .NET cannot start (Invalid option 'output')
  • TW-18839 - Git-plugin doesn't work with submodule on commit reachable only from tags
  • TW-18845 - VS Addin: Customization of configuration parameters does not work
  • TW-18846 - Administration->Audit produces error
  • TW-18861 - Agent listener may not be unregistered if unexpected error occurred during agent registration
  • TW-18875 - Do not show link on user name for guest user
  • TW-18937 - TestNGEventsAdapter prevents TestNG 6.0 tests from running
  • TW-19007 - Exception while looking up Show History
  • TW-19027 - Project Copy Doesn't Carry-over Build Trigger "Successful" Flag
  • TW-19046 - Warning 'Parameter "" is undefined.' after upgrading from 6.5.3 to 6.5.5
  • TW-19088 - IDEA Remote run dialog: "Customized" text floats on dialog resize
  • TW-19130 - BuildServerAdapter references class not available in devPackages (com.intellij.openapi.util.Pair)
  • TW-19211 - Fail on error logged condition may break the build without any errors in log
  • TW-19282 - IDEA Plugin: Cannot remote run changes/outgoing changes (UnsupportedEncodingException: NATIVE_TO_ASCII_MacRoman )
  • TW-19301 - Statistics graphs break when switching form month to other range
  • TW-19340 - Investigate dialog does not work if invoked from test popup
  • TW-19354 - Agent statistics tab throws exception


  • TW-18580 - Could not query the service provider for the service ID {04A72314-32E9-48E2-9B87-A63603454F3E}.
  • TW-18704 - [SVN] GetWorkingCopyRoots: Subversion directories collection is empty
  • TW-18756 - IOException in ClearCase log
  • TW-18869 - Error while parsing log output - Mercurial - CodeBetter
  • TW-18876 - EA-31160 - NPE: TeamCityColoredTreeRenderer.dispose
  • TW-18962 - Requested Clipboard operation did not succeed.

Performance Problem

  • TW-16335 - Mercurial clone with --pull
  • TW-16796 - Mercurial plugin does unnecessary clone while building full patch
  • TW-18540 - VCS root parameters resolution can be slow
  • TW-18976 - Changes collecting for build chain can be slow in case of parametrized VCS roots


  • TW-16165 - Refine text about filtering by not related to current project more
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