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  • IntelliJ IDEA 11 111.69 Release Notes
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IDEA-78093 (Bug)

hefty memory leak in 111.24

IDEA-78263 (Bug)

IDEA 11.0 RC Build #IC-111.41 only starts once on Mac OS X 10.7 (have to delete preferences after each time to startup again)



IDEA-70330 (Task)

Add Help buttons and map help ids to them



IDEA-78309 (Bug)

Gradle: Correct processing of library doc roots on importing



IDEA-78209 (Bug)

Grails: compilation fails with different errors

IDEA-78280 (Bug)

Grails: 'Evaluate Expression' broken after controller reload



IDEA-77987 (Bug)

JavaScript: selecting Code Completion variant with Tab inserts unnecessary parentheses to function calls

Maven Integration


IDEA-78231 (Bug)

Unable to remove remote Maven repository references

Play! framework


IDEA-78172 (Bug)

playframework: editor stops responding to enter/undo/other keyboard shortcuts

IDEA-78318 (Bug)

Play framework: code analysis nether completes, editor stops responding to Enter, Ctrl-Enter, Ctrl-Z etc after removing the template closing tag before edited tag

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