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IDEA-76171 (Feature)

Play framework support: support scripts (%{...}%)

IDEA-76172 (Feature)

Need a quickfix for "Incorrect dialog title capitalization" warning

IDEA-76178 (Feature)

Play framework: support custom tags

IDEA-76573 (Feature)

JavaScript: Avoid nested PSI doc comment elements that target the same range

IDEA-76364 (Usability Problem)

Flex, Air Mobile run configuration: can't choose existing .apk file

IDEA-76598 (Usability Problem)

Current shared run configuration in main toolbar combobox is reverted to the first one after project reopening

IDEA-75932 (Usability Problem)

Tab panes are incorrectly rendered on Mac

IDEA-60910 (Bug)

Creating new project: asked about each module ("schedule for addition to source control") one by one

IDEA-75359 (Bug)

If jar is modified while IDEA platform-based IDE is closed, its contents is never refreshed in VFS (restart doesn't help)

IDEA-76436 (Bug)

Directory diff: files are not refreshed

IDEA-76263 (Bug)

toar live template fails to work with vararg parameter

IDEA-76420 (Bug)

rendering of changes repository view corrupted

IDEA-76658 (Bug)

"Clear All" menu option should be in a consistent location

IDEA-76748 (Bug)

Certificate expired

IDEA-76399 (Bug)

Problems with Go To Commit action

IDEA-76398 (Bug)

Debug Tomcat 6 in run/debug fails

IDEA-76512 (Bug)

New RegExp check popup is too small

IDEA-76453 (Bug)

Help menu has 2 'a' hotkeys: 'Find Action' and 'About'

IDEA-75999 (Bug)

False positive "MismatchedQueryAndUpdateOfCollection"

IDEA-76614 (Bug)

Unable to right click in Favorites tab

IDEA-76617 (Bug)

Test Run tool window contents is not shown

IDEA-76683 (Bug)

Run Configuration: Logs: SaveConsoleOutputToFile option: file path with quotes are not resolved; when option is off, FNFE is thrown anyway

IDEA-76312 (Bug)

Copyright: "No Copyright available" dialog opens empty Settings

IDEA-76337 (Bug)

Erroneous error message when an interface extends multiple other interfaces providing method with same name and signature but different exception types

IDEA-75749 (Bug)

Editor Search: pressing 'multiline' twice erases all buttons from the search stripe

IDEA-76764 (Bug)

File->Reopen loses project when project unavailable at startup

IDEA-74442 (Bug)

Java 7 jars form openjdk on OSX are not added to the classpath

IDEA-76077 (Bug)

Play framework support: on cancelling completion in template it would be nice to remove inserted '#{'

IDEA-76184 (Bug)

PhpStorm change file permissions after save.

IDEA-76113 (Bug)

"Select Project SDK" entries hard to read (Mac)

IDEA-72323 (Bug)

Replace all for selection only does not work in column mode.

IDEA-76321 (Exception)

MalformedURLException: unknown protocol: mock at RefElementImpl.getURL() from Inspection panel

IDEA-76062 (Exception)

IOOBE at com.intellij.openapi.editor.ex.util.LexerEditorHighlighter.documentChanged



IDEA-74898 (Task)

Android 4.0 and tools r14 support

IDEA-76582 (Bug)

Android Layout Preview stopped working

IDEA-76517 (Bug)

Exporting signed android build, finish button disabled.

IDEA-75399 (Bug)

.properties files not included as resources with android projects



IDEA-68984 (Bug)

Make does not compile after a Class change.

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-75718 (Feature)

Create new Inspection to report throws clauses that declare RuntimeExceptions

Compiling Project


IDEA-75961 (Bug)

Recurring Groovy (question) compilation errors in IDEA project



IDEA-76324 (Bug)

Compare Directories: Refresh after Merge still shows difference for already the same files

IDEA-76317 (Exception)

Compare Directories: AIOOBE through DirDiffTableModel.performCopyTo() on synchronizing the last difference

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-76218 (Feature)

Allow "Show static members after instance qualifier" to depend on AccessStaticViaInstance

IDEA-76620 (Usability Problem)

Completion problem when completion popup contains tags with same name from different namespaces

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-76372 (Feature)

Force Live Templates pop-up to appear

IDEA-76367 (Task)

Folding: Provide generic mechanism that allows folding state to survive IDE restart

IDEA-76415 (Bug)

Selection using mouse is wrong. It can forget selection start position.

IDEA-76353 (Exception)

Throwable at CaretModelImpl.moveToOffset() on Move Line with tab character Up in Scala Console

Editor. Error Highlighting


IDEA-70214 (Bug)

Bug in generics highlighting in 10.5

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-76695 (Usability Problem)

Find usages' scope is always set back to 'Project Files' after I change it

Flex Support


IDEA-68949 (Bug)

incorrect: Field can be converted to local variable

IDEA-76538 (Bug)

Extract method works incorrectly with primitive type

IDEA-76600 (Bug)

'Field can be converted to local variable' inspection reports false positive



IDEA-76734 (Feature)

Gradle: Show progress update received from Gradle API to IJ users

IDEA-75725 (Feature)

Gradle: Allow to import gradle project from 'Open project' dialog

IDEA-76410 (Task)

Gradle: Use gradle icon for the 'gradle plugin' mentioned at the welcome screen



IDEA-76295 (Feature)

Grails: Support Resource plugin

IDEA-74355 (Bug)

Packages view drag-and-drop refactoring doesn't update package statements

IDEA-76254 (Bug)

Duplicate methods in completion when using default parameters

IDEA-76392 (Bug)

@Validateable constraints not shown properly in EAP 11

IDEA-76561 (Bug)

IDEA doesn't show type of variable implemented by GrLightVariable (e.g. model variables in GSP)

IDE Configuration


IDEA-76284 (Bug)

Incorrect 'disable plugins' message



IDEA-70738 (Bug)

The JSP static imports checker omits the "$" character in the referred names with a false error report



IDEA-55725 (Bug)

Spring 3.0 SpEL errors in xml editor



IDEA-76379 (Bug)

"Out of Memory" error when editing JavaScript within a Django Template file

Maven Integration


IDEA-76643 (Bug)

Maven: assertion when trying to create maven server

Project Configuration


IDEA-15100 (Usability Problem)

Applying a dependency to multiple modules efficiently

IDEA-75407 (Bug)

JDK 1.7 not recognized as valid JSDK on Mac



IDEA-63407 (Bug)

Support "inline method" for library methods



IDEA-75958 (Bug)

SQL: PostgreSQL: SET search_path with multiple names is red

IDEA-75957 (Bug)

SQL: PostgreSQL: ALTER TABLE ... ENABLE TRIGGER is red for some clauses

IDEA-48649 (Bug)

SQL: Oracle: view column name is not resolved when inherited from table definition and referenced via FQN

IDEA-76389 (Bug)

PostgreSQL good code is red

IDEA-76387 (Bug)

PostgreSQL for i in <expr> LOOP marked as read when <expr> is not in parentheses

IDEA-76316 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: fix syntax for ALTER TABLE command

IDEA-51064 (Bug)

SQL: PostgreSQL: TRIM() with characters parameter is red

IDEA-76390 (Bug)

PostgreSQL SELECT INTO query marked as red

IDEA-76457 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: validate column usage of a row-type variable

Unit Testing. TestNG


IDEA-76378 (Bug)

11 EAP: Only dependencies are executed for TestNG tests

User Interface


IDEA-76376 (Usability Problem)

New Plugins Options Still Not Clear, Version Not Visible

IDEA-76509 (Cosmetics)

Notification group name has bad word case

IDEA-76368 (Bug)

Plugins repos: Correct GUI layout

IDEA-76693 (Bug)

Wrong GTK+ icons in menu

IDEA-74023 (Bug)

Status Bar: IDEA Server icon is shown in the wrong place

Version Control. CVS


IDEA-76511 (Bug)

CVS update timeout but error reports anything else

Version Control. Git


IDEA-76432 (Usability Problem)

Git Log: UI is blocked on refreshes (esp. when log is opened for the first time)

IDEA-75403 (Cosmetics)

"Open in browser" action should have a GitHub icon, not a Git one

IDEA-76418 (Bug)

Git log: revision context menu: Branch action has only All option

IDEA-76411 (Bug)

Git Log: Tree nodes are not drawn for a small graph (and always when the first commit is visible)

Version Control. TFS


IDEA-48185 (Performance Problem)

Connection to TFS server is closed after each request so fresh handshake occurs every time

IDEA-56982 (Bug)

TFS: Cannot do complex merge with TFS

IDEA-61731 (Bug)

TFS: TF51658; Make the max work item returned configurable instead of hardcoded at 200.

XML editing


IDEA-59383 (Feature)

Optimize imports don't work for jspx and tagx (presumably also for jsp and tag)



IDEA-54829 (Bug)

When editing a resource bundle, IntelliJ generates spurious double backslashes



IDEA-76486 (Usability Problem)

Wrong mnemonic shown on 'Next' button for Add Module wizard

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