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  • Astella EAP Build 110.246 Release Notes
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AS-191 (Usability Problem)

Flex remote debugging: once debugger is connected, remove 'how to connect' tooltip

AS-24 (Usability Problem)

Fix initial size of New Project Wizard

AS-180 (Bug)

Project Structure: when copying the module, don't allow creating module with existing name

AS-141 (Bug)

Idea project conversion: wrong library entry is created for Java module with Flex facets

AS-215 (Bug)

NPEs when openihng project with module-level swc lib created in previous EAP

AS-82 (Bug)

Astella, Idea project import: choosing 'Ignore' in 'Cannot load facet ' error message should set 'Ignore' option in Project Structure

AS-197 (Bug)

can't compile flex apps: PluginException: compiler.warn-no-constructor exception

AS-181 (Exception)

Astella: AssertionError when editing build configuration dependencies



AS-233 (Task)

don't report about "Method may be static" if class is abstract and function is not final&private



AS-228 (Feature)

Compiler options: warn user on attempt to set options not applicable to build config output type

AS-148 (Bug)

Warning about "No constructor function" must be disabled by default (according to Flash Builder and common sense)



AS-207 (Bug)

Remote debugger, Linux: show correct IP address in tooltip



AS-155 (Task)

Need run configuration to debug remote Flash application

Flex Support


IDEA-75838 (Usability Problem)

Package Mobile Air Applications in Background

IDEA-61400 (Bug)

"Choose Implementation" shows class from sources and swc

IDEA-72278 (Bug)

quickfix for "method can be static" in MXML

IDEA-75310 (Bug)

Debugging Flash Player 11: no variable introspection

IDEA-70049 (Bug)

Editor: Invalid "move method up/down" behaviour.

IDEA-73577 (Bug)

AS3 unused methods inspection catches interface methods

Project configuration


AS-205 (Usability Problem)

Long path in Flex SDK path combo makes the whole Project Structure dialog wide

AS-214 (Bug)

Project Structure: module dependency added via 'Files...' (module-level lib) appears as unknown on dialog reopening

AS-213 (Bug)

Project Structure: it's not possible to change once set library dependency type

AS-209 (Bug)

Project Structure: don't allow to add the same library to dependencies more than once

AS-225 (Bug)

Idea import: global JavaScript library causes Assertion error

AS-229 (Bug)

Assertion failed: already disposed on opening Project Structure

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