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  • IDEA 10.5 build 107.535 Release Notes
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No subsystem


IDEA-69935 (Bug)

SVN browser can't open some files

IDEA-73139 (Bug)

Rename Refactoring on a Folder - Can delete all contents of a folder if you use it use it to correct casing in a folder name.

IDEA-69584 (Bug)

Cannot open file when double clicked ("Cannot find file")



IDEA-73079 (Feature)

No Groovy support in Android project

IDEA-70840 (Feature)

ApkLib Support (maven-android-plugin)

Flex Support


IDEA-72600 (Bug)

MXML tag <fx:DesignLayer/> is red



IDEA-71364 (Bug)

Edit Freemarker Fragment is buggy



IDEA-73002 (Bug)

Intellij hangs up - thread dump and log attached

OSGi Support


IDEA-70781 (Bug)

osmorc jarfileLocation reverts to absolute path

PHP lang


WI-7187 (Usability Problem)

Don't replace delimeters from the similar group when 'Surround with on typing quote or brace' option is enabled

WI-7193 (Task)

Collect statistic about include path number

WI-1666 (Bug)

static class completion do not check static for inherited static methods

WI-4099 (Bug)

Autocompletion with phpdoc: array of object type hinting in the class properties

WI-6933 (Bug)

Stubs for some of 'is_%typename%' core functions doen't contain '@return' section



IDEA-72876 (Bug)

Editor scrolls if I attempt to rename a method with wrong arguments

Task Management


IDEA-72260 (Bug)

Trac integration: fields added to query automatically break the functionality

Version Control


IDEA-73175 (Performance Problem)

Slow editor performance on Mac

Version Control. ClearCase


IDEA-71411 (Performance Problem)

Clearcase stuck on "updating..." on startup or after project update.

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-71872 (Bug)

SVN Annotate fails for files with no revisions on current branch

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