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  • TeamCity 6.0.1 Release Notes
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  • TW-14920 - Ensure NAnt 0.91 Alpha 2 Release supported
  • TW-14715 - Support NUnit 2.5.9
  • TW-14633 - Merge when appling shelved changes

Usability Problem

  • TW-14882 - dotCover warning message misleading
  • TW-14729 - Make NUnit runner error message clearer in case no matching assemblies found.
  • TW-14634 - Unshelving changes overwrites files without waning


  • TW-15013 - IDEA project runner fails to build project in case of Subversion agent side checkout
  • TW-14999 - cleartool: Error: Bad command line: unterminated quoted string.
  • TW-14989 - YouTrack integration: project name and commit summary are not HTML-escaped
  • TW-14986 - TeamCity "failed to start build" trying to extern from another repo
  • TW-14973 - Patch is broken error after upgrading from 5.1.4 to 6.0
  • TW-14971 - Builds with IDEA code coverage enabled fail after upgrading to TeamCity 6
  • TW-14958 - Retry build trigger does not consider "Failed to start" build as failed
  • TW-14940 - IDEA project runner tries to remove checkout directory if artifact output path is set to project dir
  • TW-14939 - Files become modified without checkout after the pre-tested commit in Perforce
  • TW-14935 - Several warn messages about incorrect responsibility entry in the server log
  • TW-14933 - xml-report-plugin fails with ClassNotFoundException: (IBM JDK case)
  • TW-14928 - No link to build from "failed to start" popup (non-admin user case)
  • TW-14907 - TeamCity 6.0 SVN Checkout Issues
  • TW-14901 - IPR builds fail on teamcity 6
  • TW-14896 - Report a readable error message when trying to run Maven with Java older than 1.5
  • TW-14873 - Build may be marked as "Failed to start" on corresponding failure in its non-first step
  • TW-14866 - NUnit runner should fail (with no further steps processing) on inability to initialize
  • TW-14853 - NPE with jetty 7 when accessing /admin/editVcsRoot.html resource
  • TW-14826 - Make P4 agent checkout client-related error messages more user-friendly
  • TW-14821 - Agents become incompatible: "xmlReportParsing.reportDirs: Report paths must be specified"
  • TW-14819 - Cannot change Build Queue Priority Class after first setup
  • TW-14817 - TeamCity IDE plugins cannot connect with: RemoteStatusManager.getGZippedSummary, error: java.lang.NullPointerException
  • TW-14816 - Error when trying to change the priority number for Personal build priority class
  • TW-14815 - NPE on attempt to modify priority of the priority class
  • TW-14804 - TFS Checkout on agent not working correctly ("The working folder is already in use" case)
  • TW-14801 - Build fails with "NoSuchMethodError: org.junit.runner.Description.getClassName" when running JUnit run configuration
  • TW-14794 - Failed agent-side checkout error can be reported as "Failure" and partially not as "Failed to start" error
  • TW-14790 - NPE on clicking on a test in Responsibilities
  • TW-14783 - 'We didn't find any VCS changes committed by you...' message doesnt hide after switching to project wich has related VCS commits
  • TW-14776 - Progress window doesn't hide after delayed commit finished sometimes.
  • TW-14765 - VS add-in hangs while collecting Perforce changes and crash with OutOfMemory exception after that.
  • TW-14758 - NCover3 reporter args are not possible to set from service messages.
  • TW-14712 - NUnit runner should fail if there were any configuration problems
  • TW-14711 - System problems should not allow build to finish successfully
  • TW-14591 - TeamCity Failed Tests viewer is not updated after responsibility assignment
  • TW-14533 - Carpet popup is shown under wrong carpet (build 15731)
  • TW-13798 - TFS patch broken when renaming folders under VCS
  • TW-13135 - Error sending git remote with deleted file: Cannot determine base revision. Please check the current branch has tracking branch that is watched by TeamCity
  • TW-12000 - Remote run for git from IDEA can send content of the files from not selected changelist to the server
  • TW-7988 - Allow to add myself to a group, provided this does not add more permissions then I already have


  • TW-14868 - An exception has occurred in JetBrains.TeamCity.ChangesView.ChangesView.ChangesViewToolWindowPane.BeforeSolutionClosed Object reference not set to an
  • TW-14860 - Enumerable contains more than one matching element
  • TW-14834 - Error executing dispatcher action SolutionDirectoriesCollector.VisitSolution on <NULL>:1. Reentrant-safe execution of the action GuardedExecute cannot
  • TW-14807 - The file 'C:\Users\jonas.ICS\AppData\Local\JetBrains\TeamCity\v5.9\vs9.0\DelayedCommit.Settings.xml' already exists.
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