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  • IDEA X 98.117 Release Notes
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No subsystem


WI-2756 (Feature)

Copy PhpDoc when adding method stubs

IDEA-55763 (Feature)

Add support for Spring TC Server with Insight

IDEA-58887 (Feature)

Add "Autocompletion" - option to invoke completion automatically (after typing anything) by timeout.

IDEA-58473 (Usability Problem)

Do not ask to reload project (while typing?)

WI-2801 (Cosmetics)

space in <br /> tag

IDEA-58057 (Bug)

IdeaX changes $MODULE_DIR$ to $USER_HOME$ in some iml files

IDEA-58205 (Bug)

Eclipse Integration - $MODULE_DIR$ replaced with absoloute path in .eml and .iml files

IDEA-58384 (Bug)

Problem with generated source

IDEA-58380 (Bug)

Attach classes from repository: IDEA fails to find

IDEA-58898 (Bug)

Cannot start Idea whe n IdeaServer is enabled

IDEA-58862 (Bug)

NPE at org.jetbrains.javafx.lang.psi.impl.JavaFxTypeElementImpl.getType

IDEA-24839 (Bug)


IDEA-57582 (Bug)

Syntax Highlighter (JSP) not finding all Groovy source files

WI-2997 (Bug)

Inspection 'Unknown href target' doesn't allow jump to code

WI-1605 (Bug)

Invalid "%} expected" error in Smarty template

IDEA-58537 (Bug)

Eclipse integration: IDEA requires path variable definition for absolute path as linked resource

IDEA-58741 (Bug)

Search: "too many results" shows result count of "1" instead of 1001

IDEA-59006 (Bug)

JavaFX plugin won't allow to use external libraries

IDEA-59522 (Exception)

Eclipse integration: importing a project with a resource linked via path variable causes fail on save settings, Throwable at StateStorageManagerImpl.startExternalization()

IDEA-59189 (Exception)

SOE at sun.util.calendar.ZoneInfo.getOffsets

IDEA-59552 (Exception)

AE at com.intellij.openapi.command.impl.DocumentReferenceByVirtualFile.getDocument

IDEA-59455 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.psi.impl.file.impl.FileManagerImpl.getCachedPsiFile

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-59083 (Feature)

add an option to ignore naming convention inspection in the overridden methods

IDEA-59160 (Feature)

More powerful "if statement with identical branches" inspection

IDEA-58984 (Bug)

Regression "throw inside catch ignores the caugh exception" false positive when exception name is "ignore"

IDEA-58982 (Bug)

@NonNls annotation effect doesn't propagate through method chaining

IDEA-58983 (Bug)

Regression: IDEA-47095: "Redundant call to String.format" ignores %n

IDEA-58978 (Bug)

False positive "object comparision using ==" on Enum<?> comparison

IDEA-26559 (Bug)

False positive on "JUnit method contains no assertions"

IDEA-57805 (Bug)

Changing particular inspection severity is not reflected in editor analysis highlighting

IDEA-58629 (Bug)

Can't replace existing Inspection profile

IDEA-47095 (Bug)

"Redundant call to String.format" ignores %n

IDEA-59299 (Bug)

Custom Inspection Categories not working in IDEA 9.x

IDEA-53075 (Bug)

False positive for "Implicit call to method 'toString' on array"

IDEA-43911 (Bug)

Hard coded string literal inspection is reported for parameter of variable annotation, but not field annotation

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-58743 (Feature)

Formatter: Add ability to configure formatter's 'white space symbols'

IDEA-56863 (Feature)

Option to hard-wrap text automatically when typing reaches right margin

IDEA-59336 (Bug)

Reformat Code not honoring "next line" brace placement setting for method braces

IDEA-58795 (Bug)

Format Code Action Deletes source code on GSP page

IDEA-59065 (Bug)

The "Ensure right margin is not exceeded" breaks refactorings

IDEA-58510 (Bug)

code style/spaces within brackets does not apply to new array creation with a length specified

IDEA-58817 (Bug)

JavaScript/ActionScript parameter list formatting: don't put brackets on a separate line, give correct indent to comments

IDEA-55782 (Bug)

Python: Reformat breaks long lines incorrectly

Code Navigation


IDEA-57406 (Bug)

Line markers in injected files are flickering, make left editor gutter collapse and expand frequently



IDEA-56593 (Bug)

There should be no ="" added when br completion with space is cancelled

IntelliJ Platform


WI-3429 (Usability Problem)

Creating New Classes AutoComplete Box Jumps to corner of window on OSX

WI-2870 (Usability Problem)

Remove Autocompletion "No suggestions" Dialog

WI-3211 (Usability Problem)

Reformat code wrote extra new line before curve braces

WI-3307 (Bug)

Mercurial plugin has until-build=97.0

WI-3439 (Bug)

Completion pops up in a corner of IDE window

WI-2910 (Bug)

Trim whitespace from the line when using Surround with Zen Coding

Local History


IDEA-58765 (Usability Problem)

Always show the exact date and time in Local History

IDEA-55194 (Usability Problem)

Local History: show warning on 'clear caches'

IDEA-55385 (Usability Problem)

Local History: Show commit complete message on mouse-over

IDEA-58684 (Usability Problem)

"Reverted to <timestamp>" Should have label appended

IDEA-53681 (Bug)

Cannot undo paste class

IDEA-58521 (Bug)

No local history for files

IDEA-53549 (Bug)

IDEA consumes all available disk space during build

IDEA-55198 (Exception)

Local History: exception



IDEA-58241 (Bug)

Reformat code on JavaScript file incorrectly places end-of-line comment before other non-comment text

Flex Support


IDEA-56386 (Feature)

flex: provide 'extract superclass' refactoring

IDEA-59023 (Feature)

flex: smart completion: suggest descendants of lhs type after "is" operator

IDEA-58876 (Feature)

flex: code completion: provide specific icons for fields

IDEA-58937 (Feature)

flex: smart completion: filtering inside array access operator: consider variants of type uint as well

IDEA-59026 (Feature)

flex: introduce variable: when extracting expression assigned to property, suggest variable name from property setter parameter name

IDEA-26353 (Feature)

Ctrl+F6 change signature action for ActionScript support

IDEA-59351 (Feature)

flex: "delegate methods": show field visibility icons in "Select Target" dialog

IDEA-58889 (Feature)

flex: smart completion: provide filtering inside array access operator

IDEA-26690 (Feature)

flex: provide "implement interface"/"create subclass" convenience intentions

IDEA-57993 (Feature)

Implement "Delegate methods..." action for ActionScript

IDEA-58616 (Performance Problem)

Painfully slow ActionScript editor

IDEA-59226 (Task)

complete/highlight classic CSS selectors and properties in CSS files linked in HTML files even if they are under Flex module

IDEA-59304 (Bug)

flex: "delegate methods": should create public delegating methods when delegating to interface type

IDEA-59231 (Bug)

UML diagram does not show ActionScript classes when invoked from Project view in 'View as packages' mode.

IDEA-58981 (Bug)

flex: inspection "Declaration has implicit package internal scope" should not fire for interface methods

IDEA-58938 (Bug)

flex: code completion: completion inside vector type no longer works

IDEA-58975 (Bug)

flex: copy reference copies variable name instead of type

IDEA-58871 (Bug)

flex: bad code green: "new <interfaceName>()"

IDEA-57614 (Bug)

Flex: IDEA not flagging a stray brace in an <mx:Style> declaration

IDEA-58157 (Bug)

The 'Simple methods in one line' option doesn't seem to work properly for ActionScript/Flex

IDEA-58873 (Bug)

flex: smart completion: don't show function or interface variants after "new"

IDEA-59363 (Bug)

flex: change signature: squiggly in return type field

IDEA-59482 (Bug)

flex: "create subclass" intention: wrong package suggested

IDEA-59488 (Bug)

Can't run FlexUnit tests if using FlexUnit 4.1 "AS3 Only" distribution

IDEA-59567 (Bug)

"Change signature" command is enabled for JS, though such refactoring is not available

IDEA-58867 (Bug)

flex: smart completion: should not generate erroneous "new ()" if required type after "new" is ""

IDEA-57008 (Bug)

flex: no type computed for expressions "~x" and "x ^ y"

IDEA-59022 (Bug)

flex: copy reference: copy class FQN from constructor call

IDEA-59024 (Bug)

flex: code completion: don't render parentheses for property variants

IDEA-59354 (Bug)

flex: "delegate methods": generated methods should be static if target field is static

IDEA-59355 (Bug)

flex: "delegate methods": members of target ancestors not offered for delegation

IDEA-58738 (Bug)

Bad code is green: setter parameter can't be optional

IDEA-58857 (Bug)

flex: introduce variable: type not calculated for ternary expression

IDEA-58885 (Bug)

flex: bad code green: var x:Vector.<SomeInterface> = new Vector();

IDEA-59491 (Bug)

[Flex] Support the [Mixin] Metadata tag

IDEA-25040 (Bug)

Flex: Ctrl-Shift-F7: foreach loop variable declaration highlighted as read location

IDEA-59035 (Bug)

flex: bad code green: assignment of generic list initializer of incompatible type to vector variable

IDEA-59036 (Bug)

flex: improve warning for Vector without type parameter

IDEA-59346 (Bug)

ActionScript: "Declaration with implicit access type" inspection should not be shown for class members with custom namespace

IDEA-59467 (Bug)

ActionScript: good code is red: implicit conversion from int to Boolean is treated as error

IDEA-58865 (Bug)

flex: smart completion: no variants provided for rhs of binary expressions

IDEA-58362 (Bug)

flex: introduce variable: don't suggest names which are known to be invalid

IDEA-59544 (Exception)

ClassNotFoundException: com.intellij.uml.UmlDataModel if UML support plugin is disabled

IDEA-59541 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.lang.javascript.uml.JSElementManager.getNodeElements

IDEA-59359 (Exception)

flex: NPE in VariableAccessUtils#variableIsUsed when using namespace variable in mxml

IDEA-59356 (Exception)

ActionScript: NPE at JSResolveUtil.findFileLocalElement() on editing ECMA Script Level 4 fragment

Project Configuration


IDEA-25092 (Usability Problem)

IntelliJ constantly interrupts me with prompts when project files are read only

IDEA-49756 (Usability Problem)

Unstable order of *.ipr entries for <Library> tags

IDEA-58350 (Cosmetics)

Adding a library: Choose Modules dialog could be skipped when no projects are open

IDEA-59316 (Cosmetics)

New Module wizard/Facets configuration page: path for downloaded library jars is shown incorrectly

IDEA-59245 (Bug)

Project library creating from Module Dependencies page fails

IDEA-59314 (Bug)

If 'use library' option has not been selected on facet adding to created module, don't attach pre-selected global library to module

IDEA-58921 (Bug)

Not disposed after using project wizard + framework support, download libs via maven

IDEA-58577 (Exception)

AE at LibraryImpl.getFiles() on removing a library from a module dependencies and then deleting the library

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-21228 (Feature)

Validate "expected" parameter of @Test: checked exception should be thrown somewhere in test method body

IDEA-59261 (Bug)

Duplicated output while running tests

Ant Integration


IDEA-59031 (Bug)

URISyntaxException: Illegal character in path at index 16:


Files (x86)/JavaTools/apache-ant-1.7.1/lib/ant.jar

IDEA-58670 (Bug)

"URISyntaxException: Illegal character in path" in console



IDEA-59525 (Bug)

UML: when no node is shown on diagram, adding new one does not show it as well

IDEA-59002 (Exception)

SOE at com.intellij.util.containers.ConcurrentHashMap.equals



IDEA-58785 (Usability Problem)

Return key does't work at Android "Choose target device manually" dialog.

IDEA-25772 (Usability Problem)

Android: UI for attaching sdcard image to AVD is not usable

IDEA-58987 (Bug)

Creating Android module: Wrong source path

IDEA-59438 (Bug)

Android test module settings: it don't have to contain "res" folder

IDEA-58228 (Bug)

Android projects incremental compilation is not working

IDEA-57514 (Bug)

Android: support deploying to multiple devices

IDEA-58315 (Bug)

cannot make Android app with libraries

IDEA-55307 (Bug)

Build | Make still makes project and builds Android package even when everything is up to date

IDEA-26337 (Exception)

OutOfMemoryError when running android application build

Version Control


IDEA-58915 (Performance Problem)

extreme CPU Load

IDEA-58935 (Bug)

If a file is externally changed while being opened in 2 IDEA projects simultaneously, this file appears in the dirty scope of one project only.

IDEA-58872 (Bug)

Local changed "unversioned files" display shows wrong data

IDEA-58642 (Bug)

Commit message area should not extend EditorTextField or override editor.isOneLineMode() to always return false

IDEA-55999 (Bug)

Disable Show history button for ignored files

Code Coverage


IDEA-58444 (Bug)

Recompile project dialog is shown when remote coverage suite is selected



WI-3036 (Bug)

CSS Code Reformat

WI-2027 (Bug)

Browser-specific CSS properties and values marked as errors

Version Control. TFS


IDEA-59228 (Bug)

If TFS coexists with different VCS in the project, commit cannot be done if no TFS-versioned files are affected

PHP lang


WI-3204 (Feature)

Do not generate "@return void" in docblock for __construct

WI-3095 (Feature)

New inspection for this kind of code: if ($r = 'string')

WI-993 (Feature)

Feature: Folding of <?php ... ?> blocks

WI-3437 (Usability Problem)

Auto Code completion should not invoke within comments

WI-3136 (Performance Problem)

PHPStorm hangs with inspector enabled on a specific PHP file

WI-3031 (Cosmetics)

The Find Usages dialog has Help button, but there is no topic associated

WI-3244 (Bug)

PHP: typing inside string literal turns good code red, PIEAE at LazyParseablePsiElement.getContainingFile()

WI-1866 (Bug)

Documentation popup improvement: show description for @method and @property without full phpdoc info

WI-3338 (Bug)

Chained Method Code Style

WI-876 (Bug)

Code folding by default doesn't work

WI-3111 (Bug)

PhpStorm isn't able to assign a type to a variable

WI-3117 (Bug)

DateTime::createFromFormat() stub needs to be updated

WI-3180 (Bug)

PHP: statement completion inserts body into wrong place for a top-level block

WI-3251 (Bug)

PHP Doc popup parser doesn't escap "Less" symbol properly

WI-3430 (Bug)

PHP: bad code is green: absent variable name in foreach

WI-2966 (Bug)

Unused local variable less descriptive now

WI-2869 (Bug)

Structure block in the IDE

WI-2790 (Bug)

PHP: comment block and uncomment block currupts code when selection contains opening or closing PHP tag and no PHP code

WI-3132 (Bug)

PHP: statement completion: semicolon is not inserted after constant declaration

WI-3415 (Bug)

return array(...) -> array type wasn't inserted to phpdoc

WI-3274 (Bug)

PHP incorrect formatting

WI-2774 (Bug)

Bad code is green: Class constants w/o semicolon allowed

WI-3305 (Bug)

PHP auto formatting bug

WI-3302 (Bug)

Degradation: superglobals multiresolved to array element assignments (write access)

WI-3303 (Bug)

PHP: quick doc does not show phpdoc descriptions of constants

WI-3092 (Bug)

Param type inspection does not support superinterfaces/Inspector reports wrong parameter type, but it is correct

WI-2746 (Bug)

Invoking methods from plain PHP file shown as [invalid]

WI-3231 (Bug)

False positive for unused variable

WI-3340 (Bug)

Enter brings to the beginning of the line

WI-3341 (Bug)

Extra closing tag insertion

WI-3193 (Bug)

PHP: statement completion: braces are not inserted in a function declaration

WI-3246 (Exception)

PHP: complete statement: SIOOBE at PhpSmartEnterProcessor.appendAndAdvance() on calling from define()

WI-3450 (Exception)

PHP: AE at PhpCommenter.buildCommenterData() on attempt to comment PHP expression block

WI-3128 (Exception)

Inspections: Undefined field: IOE at CheckUtil.checkWritable() on attempt to apply quick fix to a predefined class



IDEA-58105 (Bug)

"Start browser" seems not to work for Tomcat run configuration

IDEA-22494 (Bug)

Tomcat Run Configuration: additional log files do not use proper encoding



IDEA-58489 (Usability Problem)

Improve checking for name validity in Introduce dialogs

IDEA-59114 (Bug)

[Java] "Remove parameter" works improperly with method hierarchy

IDEA-58421 (Bug)

'Extract variable' refactoring may break code if extracted expression depends on a loop variable

IDEA-58698 (Bug)

Regression: Can't copy class from library

IDEA-39354 (Bug)

Refactor / Move to inner: undo moving classes from the same file loses one of these classes

IDEA-58918 (Bug)

Regression: unimplement interface removes toString() implementation

Web Services


IDEA-54356 (Bug)

IDEA hangs when using "Test RESTful Web Service"

IDEA-59190 (Exception)

NPE at

IDEA-59158 (Exception)

AE at com.intellij.openapi.components.impl.ComponentManagerImpl.getComponent

IDEA-59240 (Exception)

NPE at

Compiling Project


IDEA-25719 (Feature)

Add option to quickly create an application from a module in artifacts

IDEA-58529 (Bug)

(Smart) Copying files on Make

PHP debug


WI-3375 (Usability Problem)

PHP debug: with XDebug and Zend variables are represented differently in Variables view

WI-3378 (Usability Problem)

PHP debug: Zend: $this is not shown in Variables

WI-3381 (Cosmetics)

PHP on Server run configuration: improve layout of controls to select a server

WI-3404 (Bug)

PHP debug: XDebug on server: two pages are opened in the browser

WI-3452 (Bug)

Debugger losses frame on mac os x

WI-3191 (Bug)

PHP breakpoint is not set in file when user specified debug mappings for this specific file

WI-3376 (Exception)

PHP debug: Context menu / Debug in a script source causes NPE at PhpDebugRunner.doExecute()



IDEA-58056 (Feature)

Groovy: "Convert to method" intention: closure usages check could be added

IDEA-40926 (Feature)

Make GSP aware of model returned from controller

IDEA-58162 (Feature)

Support Groovy 1.8 extended command expressions

IDEA-48169 (Feature)

References to views from 'render' and 'redirect' methods in Grails

IDEA-49574 (Feature)

Type inference for hower tooltip

IDEA-49052 (Feature)

Support scope objects in Grails actions

IDEA-47633 (Usability Problem)

Cannot move classes to default package

IDEA-58486 (Usability Problem)

Show Groovy property types as the type text in completion lookups

IDEA-58708 (Usability Problem)

Groovy: suggestion to convert parameter's type could be shown on applying "Convert to class" intention to method's argument

IDEA-58680 (Usability Problem)

Groovy: Undo "Convert to Class" is performed only after second Undo

IDEA-59081 (Usability Problem)

Groovy file structure view (Ctrl+F12) should show fields at the bottom like Java's does

IDEA-59096 (Bug)

Groovy 1.8: extended command expressions with closures could be supported

IDEA-58544 (Bug)

Support tag call like "[...])" in taglibs.

IDEA-59099 (Bug)

Groovy 1.8: Introduce Variable Refactoring applied to command expressions cut off part of resulted definition

IDEA-58542 (Bug)

Invalid warning "Field 'fieldName' already defined"

IDEA-58715 (Bug)

Groovy: package statement is not updated when moving a file with several classes in it

IDEA-57503 (Bug)

Criteria builder calls reported as syntax errors in static methods (Idea X)

IDEA-59539 (Bug)

Resolve 'application' property in resources.groovy (see release notes Grails 1.3.5)

IDEA-58059 (Bug)

Groovy: "Convert parameter to map entry" intention applied to class property of closure type doesn't modify its arguments in implicit call

IDEA-59191 (Bug)

groovy Multiple Assignment with types is highlighted as invalid statement

IDEA-58754 (Bug)

Cloning a class doesn't rename constructors

IDEA-54666 (Bug)

Tolerate explicit "g" taglib import in GSP

IDEA-54231 (Bug)

groovy: inline method does not work from definition

IDEA-58799 (Bug)

*. loses type of element for collections other than List

IDEA-58657 (Bug)

Constructor call resolved to wrong (base class) constructor

IDEA-58490 (Bug)

Groovy resolve: package should take precedence over statically imported field

IDEA-53131 (Bug)

Completion of input type doesn't work in GSP

IDEA-56016 (Bug)

import short-cut (ALT + ENTER) deletes formatting code

IDEA-59062 (Bug)

Groovy 1.8 extended command expressions could not be supported in modules with groovy < 1.8 configured

IDEA-59069 (Bug)

adding redundant webroots when opening project

IDEA-58154 (Bug)

Introduce variable does not try to select nested expression in Groovy code

IDEA-58888 (Bug)

Groovy: SOE on resolving closure return type

IDEA-59171 (Bug)

Groovy: Expression Evaluation dialog does not work for groovy expressions.

IDEA-53603 (Bug)

Groovy: wrong warning "'render' cannot be applied to (grails.converters.JSON)"

IDEA-58959 (Bug)

Grails: GSP: completion of html tags does not work if doctype is defined.

IDEA-56792 (Bug)

Grails, GSP: shared template renaming replaces relative path to template with absolute one

IDEA-59059 (Bug)

Groovy: "Remove Unnecessary Parentheses" intention applied to method with closure argument removes the closure

IDEA-59507 (Bug)

Groovy: "Remove Unnecessary Parentheses" intention doesn't insert space between method and argument

IDEA-59508 (Bug)

Groovy: "Remove Unnecessary Parentheses" intention applied to methods with several arguments removes all arguments after the first one

IDEA-58448 (Bug)

Extracted Groovy method return type should only be not void if the return value is actually used

IDEA-59164 (Bug)

Groovy: Inline Final Field Refactoring is not available; confusing message is shown

IDEA-59103 (Exception)

Groovy: IllegalArgumentException at GroovyParameterInfoHandler.updateUI() on viewing Parameter Info of parameterless method in chained methods calls



IDEA-55633 (Feature)

Copy Database Table Name

IDEA-58310 (Bug)

Data Source: copying data source does not preserve "Default Run Configuration" value

IDEA-58442 (Bug)

JDBC-ODBC - Invalid Descriptor Index



IDEA-58955 (Cosmetics)

Provide proper capitalization in Web Services reference page

IDEA-58780 (Task)

Update EJB images in documentation according to the attachment

IDEA-55773 (Task)

Add Mercurial reference page to VCS settings.

IDEA-58626 (Task)

Delete all "Git revert" keyboard shortcuts

PHP test


WI-3166 (Bug)

PhpUnit: no error message

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-50584 (Bug)

"Ignored files" are not ignored.

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-58424 (Feature)

Replace with System.arraycopy() doesn't detect reversed array traversal

IDEA-59422 (Feature)

New intention to represent double/float literals in a different notation

IDEA-59218 (Usability Problem)

"Class to import" box usability issue

IDEA-58449 (Usability Problem)

"Change method signature" quickfix isn't offered for varargs method

IDEA-59265 (Cosmetics)

If pointer is on a import statement, the shortkey Ctrl+Shift+T (create test) doesn't work

IDEA-58237 (Bug)

Convert to atomic: outer class prefix is dropped when applying the intention to fileds of nested class type

IDEA-59463 (Bug)

Java: 'Create Subclass' intention should generate constructor(s) matching super if base class doesn't have default constructor

Google App Engine


IDEA-59284 (Cosmetics)

Use proper name of GAE SDK in the Technologies page of the new project/new module wizard

IDEA-59395 (Bug)

Map.Entry (and probably other inner classes) reported not in GAE whitelist

IDEA-49701 (Bug)

CreateProcess error 87



IDEA-23875 (Feature)

Option for IntelliJ to NOT build war or expload it

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-56190 (Usability Problem)

Sometimes advertise Control + Q in completion adversing space

IDEA-59413 (Usability Problem)

Auto completion list does not open after typing an underscore

IDEA-59349 (Bug)

Autopopup Completion sometimes is shown in left top frame corner

IDEA-59313 (Exception)

Autopopup Completion: PIEAE at CompletionProgressIndicator.cancel()

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-59013 (Bug)

Property starting with "is" not recognized as a property when searching for usage (no "Search accessors" dialog shown).

Editor. Error Highlighting


IDEA-58547 (Bug)

Annotators create many of the same annotation on fast typing.

IDEA-59200 (Bug)

tooltip for "cannot resolve" error for overloaded generic methods does not display '<' characters

IDE Configuration


IDEA-49931 (Feature)

File Colors not only per project

IDEA-58478 (Bug)

Disabling plugins which are required for some other not disabled plugins & pressing "OK" will rollback the changes and close the settings panel

IDEA-58819 (Bug)

Remove "Highlight Non-Project files" checkbox

GWT Support


IDEA-26900 (Feature)

Support UIBinder functionality introduced in GWT 2.0

IDEA-54868 (Feature)

Support generation of GWT compile report from IDEA



IDEA-55361 (Bug)

Generic JPA console just like Hibernate Console



IDEA-59416 (Usability Problem)

Debugger: value popups have some extra spaces and unnecessary info.



IDEA-55973 (Bug)

First class "Edit injected fragment" editor (intentions, inspections, actions)

WI specific


WI-3362 (Cosmetics)

JavaScript Templates has IntelliJ IDEA hardcoded

WI-3023 (Bug)

Force braces doesn't work for javascript if()

Unit Testing. TestNG


IDEA-59072 (Feature)

Support all types of TestNG listeners supported by recent TestNG versions

IDEA-59222 (Bug)

Unit tests duration seems a bit 'off'...

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-59271 (Feature)

"Use Soft Wrap" should be sticky

IDEA-59034 (Feature)

Editor: Modify default wrap strategy in order to prefer wrap on comma if possible

IDEA-58716 (Usability Problem)

When typing commit message and it exceedes line lenght, soft wrap triggers, however editor stay scrolled to the right

IDEA-58188 (Usability Problem)

Commit dialog editor caret placement

IDEA-58836 (Usability Problem)

Strange selection appears after pressing Ctrl+W in a line containing closure folding

IDEA-56893 (Cosmetics)

Right line in editor not rendered properly after unfolding.

IDEA-59238 (Bug)

Hard wrap: do not wrap if there are only whitespace-symbols between wrap position and line start

IDEA-59549 (Bug)

Soft wrap: Correct processing of situation with trailing fold region removal

IDEA-59235 (Bug)

Soft wrap: caret doesn't change its visual position on editor resizing; current line highlighting gets broken

IDEA-58806 (Bug)

NPE in softwrap code

IDEA-50532 (Bug)

Undo class rename after undo delete fails

IDEA-57766 (Bug)

Soft wrap: Correct soft wrapp appliance for collapsed folding regions

IDEA-59389 (Bug)

Avoid unnecessary caret position change on break point addition/removal

IDEA-58244 (Bug)

Eliminate error on vertical editor scrolling

IDEA-58761 (Bug)

Second 'Page down' removes selection in case the first one selected up to the end of the document

IDEA-42907 (Bug)

NPE at com.intellij.openapi.command.impl.EditorChangeAction.a(

IDEA-59286 (Bug)

Soft wrap: wrong caret offset at last empty line in editor

IDEA-59452 (Bug)

Exception during Diff view on git commit

IDEA-58851 (Bug)

Soft wrap causing strange & inaccurate cursor and font rendering in VCS commit text field after pasting text into it

IDEA-38358 (Bug)

Redo action applied up to "saved" file status keeps file modified

IDEA-59227 (Bug)

Pasting reference into javadoc link doesn't always work

IDEA-59044 (Bug)

After pressing Soft wrap button in the debugger console, PyCharm hangs

IDEA-59306 (Exception)

Soft wrap: Throwable at CaretModelImpl.moveToOffset() on inserting tab in last empty line in editor

IDEA-59401 (Exception)

Soft wrap problems

IDEA-59406 (Exception)

AIOOBE at com.intellij.openapi.editor.impl.softwrap.mapping.OffsetToLogicalCalculationStrategy.init

IDEA-59248 (Exception)

Soft wrap: Throwable at CaretModelImpl.validateCallContext() on Code Formatting

IDEA-59220 (Exception)

IAE at com.intellij.openapi.editor.impl.DocumentImpl.a



IDEA-58815 (Feature)

Support custom autowired annotations defined in AutowiredAnnotationBeanPostProcessor class

IDEA-58496 (Bug)

Editor window left gutter size jumps back and forth

IDEA-59185 (Bug)

@Value with ${..} placeholders

IDEA-59020 (Bug)

spring: "unused field" inspection should be aware of spring @org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation.Value annotation

IDEA-58072 (Bug)

Spring Dependencies tab does not honor @Resource like it should @Autowired & @Qualifier

IDEA-58550 (Exception)

Cloned a class and changed annotation and received stack trace

IDEA-58563 (Exception)

PatternSyntaxException on typing regex expression in spring config file (include-filter)

User Interface


IDEA-24375 (Usability Problem)

Add a "Auto Scroll" toggle button for console and log output

IDEA-58279 (Cosmetics)

Settings->Update: modal "Update Info" needs some layout-love

IDEA-57522 (Cosmetics)

Exit confirmation dialog default and focused buttons

IDEA-54186 (Bug)

no actions are available in project tree after 2 L&F changes, can't even open file with double-click

IDEA-54835 (Bug)

OSX: Command click no longer unselects item when multiple selected

IDEA-58896 (Bug)

Multi-stroke keys partly broken

IDEA-26835 (Bug)

IDEA runs out of -Xmx1000m heap space after several days of use



IDEA-59212 (Feature)

Add "underscores to camelcase" expression for live templates



IDEA-58639 (Feature)

JSF outputStyleSheet content should be recognized as CSS

Maven Integration


IDEA-25462 (Feature)

Maven: highlight duplicate dependencies (in same pom.xml file)

IDEA-57818 (Bug)

Maven: correctly treat linebreaks in artefactId value

IDEA-58051 (Bug)

[Flex Maven Support] Green Code Red: When building projects with Maven and Flexmojos, the scope "rsl" is marked red.

IDEA-57657 (Bug)

Maven: on providing empty outputDirectory the module is disappears from project

IDEA-58748 (Bug)

Maven: should not be possible to add project itself as its parent

IDEA-57256 (Bug)

Unable to use local class file in mavenized projects

IDEA-58782 (Exception)

AE at com.intellij.openapi.components.impl.ComponentManagerImpl.getPicoContainer

IDEA-58291 (Exception)

NPE at org.jetbrains.idea.maven.navigator.MavenProjectsStructure$ProjectNode.updateProject



IDEA-20643 (Usability Problem)

SQL console is not very good

IDEA-22559 (Usability Problem)

Allow SQL type to be set on a Datasource

Plugin: Deployment / FTP..


WI-1937 (Feature)

Server-side rename

WI-3237 (Feature)

Implement server-side move by dragging items in Remote Host view

WI-3238 (Feature)

Implement server-side move by cut&paste in Remote Host view

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