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  • Maia 95.538 Release Notes
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No subsystem


IDEA-55925 (Bug)

'Provided' scope doesn't work

IDEA-58189 (Bug)

95.521 regression: IDEA becomes totally unresponsive after running junit test

IDEA-58165 (Bug)

Log outputs don't show up for TestNG tests

PHP lang


WI-3010 (Bug)

PHP&Javascript mix: comment works wrong

WI-2792 (Exception)

Throwable at DocumentImpl.createRangeMarker() on commenting PHP block very last in file

IntelliJ Platform


WI-2883 (Performance Problem)

Completion in html file is UNBEARABLY SLOW when xmlns:xi="" in use and lots of xi:include exists

WI-3029 (Bug)

zen-coding abbreviation "b+b" doesn't work in inline css

Flex Support


IDEA-56540 (Bug)

Incorrect Refactoring and Find Usage

IDEA-27182 (Bug)

ASDoc lines starting with <ident>: are ignored



IDEA-58231 (Bug)

Import Data Source does not import

PHP test


WI-2699 (Bug)

PHPUnit (XML file): runner can't find sources referred from XML suite



WI-3027 (Bug)

One letter Zen coding shortcuts problem inside inline style



IDEA-58061 (Bug)

Last live template line not reformatted when using $END$ variable



IDEA-58037 (Bug)

Tag countySelect without optional "from" attribute is marked as error

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