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  • Maia 95.289 Release Notes
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Version Control


IDEA-56029 (Bug)

Changing project VCS from Subversion to None doesn't update file status



IDEA-55976 (Usability Problem)

Code completion activated by a period in comments

IDEA-55965 (Bug)

AIOOBE in CompletionLookupArranger

IDEA-56105 (Bug)

Assignment of called function expression represented wrong in Structure Tool Window

Flex Support


IDEA-51424 (Bug)

Flex 4: support <fx:Component/> mxml tag

IDEA-18890 (Bug)

Ctrl+hover tooltip shows information from SWC's, not from attached sources

IDEA-55572 (Bug)

s:DataGroup is not aware of the fx:Component when auto complete

IDEA-55989 (Bug)

Good Code Red: RadioButtonGroup not allowed inside containers

IDEA-56009 (Bug)

Move class / file in actionscript does not insert necessary imports when using star imports

IDEA-54859 (Bug)

Good Code Red: When class exists in both SWC library and SRC folder good code is red if SRC version has code and SWC doesn't

IDEA-55872 (Bug)

[flex] [as3] bad code green - extra dot '.' char in front of array operator []

IDEA-25357 (Exception)

Applying "merge declaration and initialization" intention in ActionScript code removes type

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-55425 (Bug)

Perforce plugin should not log passwords as a plain text

Version Control. Git


IDEA-55741 (Bug)

Invalid master password for Password Manager

IDEA-55858 (Bug)

Git: disable Change Tracked Branch button for <none> if there is't any tracked branch for current branch



IDEA-55742 (Bug)

EL code completion badly broken



IDEA-53914 (Bug)

Wrong inspection on immutable groovy class' constructor: cannot be applied to LinkedHashMap



IDEA-55839 (Usability Problem)

Members order in class shape is unstable

IDEA-51385 (Usability Problem)

UML node looses shaprness when pressing F2

OSGi Support


IDEA-55501 (Performance Problem)

Osmorc: Too many pooled threads are spawned on multi-module maven project opening

IDE Configuration


IDEA-26128 (Usability Problem)

Preselect selected live template group when adding new template

IDEA-55628 (Bug)

Settings / Live templates: predefined template text is used instead of modified

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