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IDEA-55158 (Bug)

Deadlock during xml file read

IDEA-54906 (Bug)

"Run" button in "Run | Run... | <Some configuration> | Edit..." dialog doesn't work

IDEA-54692 (Bug)

Map help button of the Spring facet to the specified mapId



IDEA-54428 (Feature)

JPA: Provide completion for Hibernate properties in persistence.xml if provide is Hibernate

IDEA-54969 (Bug)

jpaql: Rename refactoring should not fire confusing rename dialog from "select" keyword



IDEA-55177 (Bug)

Inside JSP files, sometimes auto-complete stops showing any items in the popup

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-55244 (Bug)

Subversion - "Show History" fails (silently) with NullPointerException

IDEA-54941 (Bug)

subversion: typo: "file have tree conflict(s) and can not be committed"



IDEA-51117 (Bug)

Quirks mode: inspection-specific settings are not saved



IDEA-20141 (Usability Problem)

In Apply Patch dialog, Crtl-D doesn't work as a shortcut for Show Diff button



IDEA-55426 (Cosmetics)

Refresh tables in data source fails with funny named indices

IDEA-55277 (Bug)

Good code is red: HQL alias in WITH



IDEA-54741 (Bug)

javascript live template full of end of line

Flex Support


IDEA-26308 (Feature)

Flex "Analyze stacktrace" action support

IDEA-54848 (Bug)

Flex: Rename of function causing an unrelated import statement to be renamed as well

IDEA-25241 (Bug)

MXML tags without namespace prefix that point to non existing components are not highlighted as red.

IDEA-26351 (Bug)

mxml: renaming implicit event variable corrupts document prolog

IDEA-54535 (Bug)

Declarations in custom flex components is highlighted as error.

IDEA-55174 (Bug)

FLEX/MXML: good code red - using fxg components

IDEA-51368 (Bug)

Structure view for AS file contains dynamic object properties at top level

IDEA-55273 (Bug)

[flex] repeated exception when 'goto declaration' for a component in a library.swf file

IDEA-55179 (Bug)

[flex] Show Usages of Function is showing the declaration as a usage

IDEA-48256 (Bug)

Search for usages: rerun includes definition to the list of results

IDEA-54549 (Bug)

IDEA should flag that resourceName is in a different resourceBundle than the one specified to resourceManager.getString()

IDEA-54811 (Bug)

ActionScript Formatting of function is wrong

IDEA-55185 (Bug)

[flex] [mxml] bad code green - id attribute is not allowed on the root tag of a component

IDEA-55208 (Bug)

[flex] [as] Generate Getter/Setter produces incomplete code for untyped variables, e.g. Setter doesn't have void return type



IDEA-54660 (Bug)

When displaying a Map in Debug with a null value an error occurs.



IDEA-55095 (Bug)

Autowire highlighting ignores bean's "primary" attribute

IDEA-54328 (Bug)

'Fix all Spring Injection Value Style Problems' does not work properly



IDEA-54273 (Bug)

Refactoring actions should be hidden if they are not supported for any of the languages

IDEA-54908 (Bug)

Inline refactoring on superclass creates invalid code

User Interface


IDEA-53534 (Usability Problem)

On closing Settings dialog with Language injection page current reopening sets focus to Resources page

Task Management


IDEA-54937 (Bug)

"Open Task" dialog endlessly shows "Updating..." status if no servers are configured.



IDEA-53018 (Bug)

Reformat code breaks EL-Expressions



IDEA-55243 (Bug)

Grails 1.*: Synchronize Grails Settings does not add plugin module until project reopening

IDEA-54991 (Bug)

Unable to run Griffon app in IU-95.105

IDEA-55192 (Bug)

Grails 1.3: plugin dependencies are not added to grailsPlugin module on plugin installation if there were no plugins installed to the application

IDEA-53988 (Bug)

debugging a gradle build script for gradle 0.9 is not possible

IDEA-54997 (Bug)

Grails SpringCache plugin dependencies not added to IDEA project

IDEA-55086 (Bug)

grails run config ignores -Xmx setting

IDEA-55121 (Exception)

Grails: NPE at MvcModuleStructureUtil.getJarUrls() on removing dependency to plugin module

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-53885 (Bug)

Regexp: Surround with capturing group causes IDE fatal error

Version Control. Git


IDEA-53768 (Cosmetics)

Git: SSH Key Passphraze dialog: don't display & symbols

IDEA-52522 (Bug)

Git: the .ssh/* filea located in $HOME are not read

IDEA-53724 (Bug)

Git: Password Save: the changed master password cannot be used

IDEA-53723 (Bug)

Git: Password Save: with 'do not save' global option no 'save password' option should be available in SSHPasswordLogin dialog

IDEA-53721 (Exception)

ISE at com.intellij.ide.passwordSafe.impl.providers.EncryptionUtil.encryptKey

XML editing


IDEA-55074 (Bug)

External .xsd resource with path is not recognized

IDEA-55230 (Exception)

Cannot reformat XML with invalid attributes

Version Control


IDEA-54697 (Bug)

Would you like to remove VCS root?

IDE Configuration


IDEA-54185 (Bug)

Sdk initialization shouldn't be performed in write action

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