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EJB 3 Features

  • EJB 3 Modules Support - you can now create modules with support EJB version 3.0
  • In EJB 3.0 module new EJBs (excluding Entity EJBs) are created using the annotations mechanism
  • You can refactor your EJB 1.x & 2.x module into EJB 3 module or just clean the code of your EJB 3.0 module in accordance to EJB 3 specification:
    • EJB classes annotations are added
    • EJB environment access code converted to Javaee style (dependency injection or EJB context lookups)
    • Optionally: Session Bean Home interfaces are removed and corresponding component interfaces are converted to EJB business interfaces. EJB and Non-EJB clients are updated to reflect these changes.
    • Optionally: Most of XML descriptor data is copied or moved to EJB class annotations. (Interceptors & callback listeners are TBD).
  • J2EE EJB View fully supports EJB 3.0 specification

Persistence Units

  • You can create new Persistence Units in any module
  • You can generate new Persistence Unit using the Hibernate mapping (only descriptors are generated, annotations generation is TBD)

EJB 2.1 Improvements

  • Service Endpoint Interfaces are now supported for Stateless Session Beans (highlighting and creation)
  • 2.1 Message Driven Beans are supported in form editors
  • Form editors support Undo
  • Lots of fixes for existing and new EJB inspections

JSF Features

  • We've finished implementation of internal JSF model, which enables us to add JSF-specific functionality to IDEA
  • Very preliminary prototype for faces-config editor is present. It'll be completely reworked, but some usefull functionality is already present:
    • Tree for presenting structure of faces-config file (will go into Structure View)
    • Forms editors for various parts of config. Most of them are automatically generated. Beans editor is currently in the work.
    • Prototypes of navigation diagrams (for page and for the whole file) can be played with.


JSP files, which are included into other files, are now highlighted in the appropriate context. Use Hector for changing contex.

Server Integrations

Weblogic 9.0 Support
WebSphere Support
Removed a Link Between Web/EJB/J2EE Module and Application Server


You can look at basic preview of our designer. While it lacks the major part - inspector, it already can be used for layout preview, and CSS inspector.

All standard JSF controls should be rendered as of now. Please report any issues you encounter with JSF rendering.

The designer is enabled only for XHTML & JSPX files yet. (HTML & JSP support is coming).

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