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 Frequently Asked Questions (based on RubyMine's feedback)

1. Ruby SDK configuring. Can’t set Ruby SDK to the project:
  • remove all SDK from the RubySDK and Gems list.
  • close the project, close RubyMine.
  • reopen RubyMine, wait until all SDK will be configured.
  • open the project and select once again the needed SDK in the Settings | Ruby SDK and Gems, Apply changes, try to reproduce the problem.

If the problem will be reproducible, send us idea.log (Help | Show in Finder) to

2. How to disable auto-save:

There is no way to switch it off. The option 'Save file on frame deactivation' in the 'Settings | Appearance&Behavior | System Settings' provides ability to make sure that a frame really will be saved, but frame will be still saved if the option is unchecked.

Disabling auto-save feature discussion:

We don't support any 'on-save' actions due to the way the IDE saves changes - actually it reserves the right to save any of your files literally whenever it wishes(smile) You don't have any guarantees on when RubyMine flushes document data displayed in the editor to file system. E.g. it is allowed to do that while the document is being edited - automatic code formatting would be rather annoying then.

We have a feature request for 'on save' actions -, please feel free to vote for it.

3. How to use “Save as”

"Save as"
You can use Refactor | Copy for this. see the discussion at

4. How to switch off gutters:

it is used for breakpoints, colors preview, icons preview, overrides/implements indication, VCS changes and many other things. And there is no way to turn it off, sorry.

5. How to change color of scrollbars

Scrollbars color depends on a chosen L&F (theme) and thus hardcoded, there is no way to change it. Feature request:

6. How to switch off pre-selection and pasting completion item by Enter.

1. Open Search Everywhere.

2. Find action 'Registry'.

3. Find there and uncheck it.
Note that now you need to select item from completion manually and then choose by Enter.

7. How can I get a free licenses or discounts

We have often promotions and sales, when a license can be purchased for a very reasonable price. We also have different types of licenses, including free ones such as # openSource or discounted for small development teams.
You can always find out about special promotions on our website or on Twitter: @rubymine. And of course feel free to ask any questions to the

8. How to set Ruby in the Command line on Windows

Use the command: set PATH=c:\….\bin;%PATH%

9. Configuring RubyMotion with Android application:

Add to Rake file RubyMotion for android emulator version

app.sdk_version = ’20’ emulator version
app.archs << 'x86’ #According this fix:

10. How to Run Emulator for Android within RubyMine:

It’s not implemented, please use:

~$ cd ~/.rubymotion-android/sdk/tools/
~$ android avd

Install/select Emulator of device and start it. then it will be possible to run application on it with RubyMine using pre-defined Rake tasks.


11. RubyGems is not installed into SDK:

In the IDEA:
1. Update Ruby plugin if you have not the latest version.
2. Remove ruby 2.2.2-p95 Ruby SDK in the Project Structure | SDKs
3. Close Settings and IDEA

in the Terminal:
1. Run $ gem update –system

Reopen IntelliJ IDEA
1. Add new local ruby
2. Select it for the project in the Module and Project sections.

12. Stepping problem with Ruby MRI 2.1.2 and 2.2.3 caused by (should be fixed in Ruby 2.2.4)

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