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WEB-14445 (Feature)

Spread variables declaration

IDEA-136341 (Performance Problem)

SmartPointerManagerImpl consumes too much memory during indexing

WEB-14695 (Bug)

Variables error unused when used by JSX

IDEA-136020 (Bug)

[regression] Editor tabs disregard 'Mark modified tabs with asterisk'

IDEA-134505 (Bug)

Default settings are not applied anymore when opening a new directory in new version (139.659.2) if default settings was created in previous version (139.224.1)

WEB-12780 (Bug)

Variables in the sass injections shows as Invalid in the completion if type more than two symbols of the variable name

IDEA-135929 (Bug)

Add "disable for current file" when showing detect indent notification

IDEA-134036 (Bug)

Can't "Mark[file] as plain text" during indexing

WEB-14340 (Bug)

JSX mode reporting requires as not used, when used with JSX

WEB-15087 (Bug)

JSCS doesn't use --esnext and --esprima=esprima-fb when JS language set to JSX Harmony

WEB-15192 (Exception)

JSX: ClassCastException when try to open applied styles for tag

IDEA-135989 (Exception)

ISE at org.jetbrains.ide.XmlRpcServerImpl.a(

IDEA-136386 (Exception)

IAE: Argument for @NotNull parameter 'project' of com/intellij/openapi/wm/ToolWindowManager.getInstance must not be null at ToolWindowManager.getInstance



WEB-14175 (Bug)

Locate Duplicates for CSS should ignore differences in case

WEB-14435 (Bug)

CSS: do not suggest convert rgba colors to hex

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-130443 (Bug)

Inspection settings: tree node does not turn to "modified" state on changing scope set

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-135942 (Usability Problem)

Automatic indent options detector info panel should have link to the Settings/Preferences



WEB-14461 (Bug)

Syntax aware selection incorrectly work with multiline strings

WEB-12369 (Bug)

CoffeeScript class inside of function reporting incorrect results

WEB-12203 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: Wrong "Unresolvable variable" warning when using conditional existence assignment operator ?=

WEB-14982 (Bug)

Method call arguments, split to multiple lines without commas, are incorrectly marked as a syntax error.

WEB-10866 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: Red code: 'then' statement after class name

WEB-14716 (Exception)

CoffeeScript: Assertion error is thrown on attempt to Preview Compiled CoffeeScript File for the trace file



WEB-14082 (Bug)

Structure view does not have a live update

WEB-15147 (Bug)

Dart: go to declaration and code completion doesn't work if part file is referenced as package:foo/part.dart



IDEA-126539 (Usability Problem)

Debugger: allow to see full value for long strings without resizing variables window

IDEA-136304 (Bug)

completion items are missed in evaluate dialog

IDEA-127581 (Bug)

Don't crop the string value if there is enough space to display whole string

IDEA-136331 (Bug)

View text popup does not appear

RUBY-15932 (Bug)

Debugger locks ide when editing code during debug session.

WEB-15152 (Exception)

ES6: NullPointerException when run js file

WEB-15012 (Exception)

Debugger: IllegalAccessError when debugging source mapped files



IDEA-97442 (Cosmetics)

Diff View: unnecessary border around all controls

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-136252 (Bug)

Completion popup disappear on typing if 'simultaneous tag editing' is switched on and 'autopopup code completion' is switched off

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-136067 (Feature)

Simultaneous Tag Editing

IDEA-72949 (Bug)

Paste waits until file is checked out before taking a copy of the clipboard

IDEA-111438 (Bug)

Unindenting outside of indent guide followed by reindent breaks word.



WEB-10344 (Feature)

"Insert background image size" action for HTML

IDE Configuration


IDEA-136072 (Bug)

Customized idea properties don't recognize macros (e.g. ${idea.home}, ${idea.system.path})

IDEA-135950 (Bug)

14.1 EAP deletes file templates



DBE-1091 (Bug)

Quick Documentation (Ctrl + Q) screen is not updated after DDL change.



IDEA-133960 (Bug)

Fix IndexTest#_test language level change



WEB-14117 (Feature)

Syntax highlighting, completion, etc. inside ES6 template strings

WEB-15103 (Bug)

Error while js indexing, Argument for @NotNull parameter 'name'

WEB-15194 (Bug)

JSX: JS style comments does not comment some parts of the tag

WEB-14699 (Bug)

global/public jsdoc namepaths unrecognized

WEB-11553 (Bug)

Incomplete auto-completion and validation for custom types defined with @typedef

WEB-14369 (Bug)

JSX indentation not following HTML code style settings

WEB-14386 (Bug)

Wildcards break comments

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-11520 (Feature)

"Align multiline variable declaration" should align values on equal sign.

WEB-15099 (Bug)

"Align object properties on colon" broken

WEB-15129 (Bug)

Webstorm EAP 10 Formatting Change

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-13490 (Bug)

Debug for Meteor packages doesn't work

WEB-14823 (Bug)

Weird Formatting in React

WEB-14843 (Bug)

Reformat Code Breaks JSX Whitespace

JavaScript. Refactoring


WEB-13219 (Bug)

"Remove unnecessary parentheses" breaks code



WEB-15132 (Bug)

LESS duplicated property



WEB-15074 (Bug)

Stack trace is not clickable

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-135774 (Feature)

Refactoring launchers.

IDEA-136036 (Bug)

Updater could fail with IOException

Project Configuration


IDEA-101831 (Feature)

Add opportunity create new project from VCSs. When user create new project and has opened some project in WI.



WEB-15222 (Bug)

Compass support in PyCharm - www.iml importPaths saves in different orders

WEB-10312 (Bug)

Restore PS6 SCSS comment style

WEB-14978 (Bug)

PhpStorm hangs while opening bootswatch project

Structural Search and Replace


IDEA-92927 (Bug)

Structural Search and Replace surround match with non wanted ''lesser than'' and ''greater than'' chars

IDEA-128820 (Exception)

Exception while structural replacement in html-code with empty replace template

TextMate Bundles


RUBY-16269 (Usability Problem)

TextMate schemes mapping component doesn't look editable



WEB-15057 (Bug)

Typescript: External Module export/import and `Unresolved variable` Error

WEB-15023 (Bug)

Typescript: alias does not work inside class

WEB-12392 (Bug)

Typescript get<T> set<T> creates incorrect syntax errors

Unit Tests


WEB-15042 (Bug)

Right-clicking in a Jasmin test file tries to check it out.

WEB-15069 (Bug)

Unexpected run configuration restart if its content replaces Karma tests

User Interface


IDEA-129512 (Feature)

Indicate in the user interface run and debug process

IDEA-136134 (Cosmetics)

Ugly combobox highlighting on mac

IDEA-134382 (Bug)

Strange behaviour on resize of background progress window

IDEA-107413 (Bug)

Cannot drag'n'drop more than one item in Changes View

IDEA-135537 (Bug)

Project Tool Window Selection appears in the foreground while IDEA is starting in the background

Version Control


IDEA-85810 (Feature)

Show change marker popup and its' toolbar actions with keyboard shortcuts

Version Control. Git


IDEA-113760 (Exception)

Throwable at git4idea.util.GitFileUtils.updateUntrackedFilesHolderOnFileAdd

Version Control. Log


IDEA-121953 (Exception)

Exception in the log on VCS mappings change

IDEA-136061 (Exception)

PluginException when search in Keymap



IDEA-136128 (Bug)

XML attribute error in IDEA 14, worls in IDEA 13



IDEA-136004 (Exception)

Some "Find Action.." search queries causes NPE in plugin XPathView + XSLT Support



WEB-15113 (Usability Problem)

Spy-js: Diagram: provide friendly message inside empty Details panel on first opening

WEB-15115 (Usability Problem)

Spy-js: Diagram: Details: provide Expand All / Collapse All buttons

WEB-15116 (Usability Problem)

Spy-js: Diagram: provide context menu for elements

WEB-15127 (Usability Problem)

Spy-js: Diagram: cut long URL in the element tooltip

WEB-15128 (Usability Problem)

Spy-js: Diagram: Details: improve context menu on session stop

WEB-15138 (Usability Problem)

Spy-js: Diagram: multiple selection results in Details for single node only

WEB-15110 (Bug)

Spy-js: Diagram is not redrawn on "Show application dependency diagram" action re-invocation

WEB-15140 (Bug)

Spy-js: Diagram: Details cannot be displayed for external script invoked from withing inline script

WEB-15111 (Bug)

Spy-js: Advanced Search: triple click discards Search results

WEB-15114 (Bug)

Spy-js: Diagram: UI locks while loading Details for heavy trace/dependencies

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