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  • TeamCity 9.0.1 (build 32116) Release Notes
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Usability Problem

  • TW-4892 - Custom chart should not have series chooser if there is only single value sequence available
  • TW-35772 - Failed to collect changes, error: Perforce 'changes' returns empty string
  • TW-39148 - Not enough information in "Meta-runner with specified name already exists" message
  • TW-39149 - Drop meta-runners unique server-wide name requirement
  • TW-39307 - "Reboot Agent Machine" reboots entire server


  • TW-15279 - Overview page can self-reload several times while loading
  • TW-17667 - MSTest marked with Ignore attribute is not reported by TeamCity
  • TW-19768 - Wrong order of build steps in template-based configuration of a copied project
  • TW-22443 - Wrong sorting of tools sections on user profile
  • TW-24093 - Perforce in TeamCity incorrectly treats /Path*/... pattern
  • TW-36573 - Build can be run on outdated agent after server upgrade
  • TW-36908 - Overview page is frozen for a minute on retina display
  • TW-38849 - Add filtering by branch to queued build popup shown on change details and dependencies
  • TW-38984 - Occasional "Exception occurred while scanning disk usage for build ... : java.lang.NullPointerException" on the server
  • TW-39051 - Versioned settings should be able to create branch in git
  • TW-39097 - Inconsistent passed/muted counters
  • TW-39180 - Project settings look like committed into VCS, while they are not (settings VCS root had errors initially)
  • TW-39184 - Child project settings might be not committed into VCS on VCS root change
  • TW-39187 - Change without comment can be committed on editing project's settings
  • TW-39204 - Possibility to inject malicious page content by returning fake TeamCity server update check response
  • TW-39226 - Do not log stacktrace into server log by default on versioned settings errors
  • TW-39243 - Hierarchy view of imported project isn't correct
  • TW-39259 - Wrong date (timezone?) in update.xml
  • TW-39265 - TeamCity Agent unable to detect VSTest.Console Tests after TeamCity 9.0 upgrade
  • TW-39273 - Broken layout on change log page (caused by PropertyNotFoundException: Property 'visibleBuildsCount' not found on type jetbrains.buildServer.util.Pager on the server)
  • TW-39275 - Different runners can fail after upgrade to 9.0: VerifyError: (class: org/jdom/Document, method: setDocType signature: (Lorg/jdom/DocType\;)Lorg/jdom/Document;) Incompatible argument to function
  • TW-39279 - Multiplied "Versioned settings are globally disabled on the server" message in several server health items
  • TW-39284 - Build Configuration specific value type keys are not loaded for existing Project chart
  • TW-39295 - Pages opened in browser are not reloaded on upgrade to 9.0
  • TW-39300 - Do not dump stacktrace into log on "Cannot start perforce by path" perforce configuration error
  • TW-39309 - Unable to set authorize comment (setNString throws java.lang.AbstractMethodError)
  • TW-39313 - "NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/tools/ant/taskdefs/Javac" error on running test with "Ipr (obsolete runner)"
  • TW-39314 - Lots of unexpected exceptions "SQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException/HsqlException: SQL error when doing: DML query SQL query: insert into indexed_build (provider_id, build_id) values(?, ?)"
  • TW-39316 - TeamCity 9.0 RTM LDAP Memory Leak + Crash
  • TW-39317 - Add XZ Utils to 3rd party licenses
  • TW-39321 - Versioned settings should be able to create branch in mercurial
  • TW-39322 - JavaScript error "Uncaught #<Object>" on marking a test as fixed
  • TW-39332 - Project Import - VCS username settings should be merged on project import
  • TW-39335 - No data shown on statistics chart for "All branches" and "Default branch"
  • TW-39336 - Custom project level charts are not visible to project viewer
  • TW-39342 - Finish build trigger can trigger chain with not the most recent available builds
  • TW-39359 - Fields block_type and state in user_blocks table should be remapped during projects import
  • TW-39362 - Notification rules are not imported for the merged user groups
  • TW-39365 - Some values in user_property table are not remapped during projects import
  • TW-39370 - Test ignored messages are not shown on the build overview page
  • TW-39378 - Wrong pending changes when versioned settings VCS root is attached to build configuration
  • TW-39394 - Resetting search caches does not pick up build log contents for search
  • TW-39407 - Enabling globally disabled versioned settings doesn't work when internal.properites file is not found
  • TW-39423 - Aliases should not prevent projects import
  • TW-39429 - Changes page: it shows fails from personal builds of my colleagues in my changes
  • TW-39433 - Fix the file
  • TW-39442 - Versionned Settings: meta-runners are not saved into VCS
  • TW-39449 - Project settings in version control override configs on server while shouldn't
  • TW-39452 - Idle timeout is calculated incorrectly. Agents are immediately shut down


  • TW-39318 - SQL Error on saving tests with long status: SQL query: update stats ... SQL exception: data exception: string data, right truncation

Performance Problem

  • TW-38567 - Should clean perforce workspaces in background, not during the build
  • TW-39308 - Opening build log tab can take tens of minutes when server is loaded (high interlocking of MessagesPrinter.getMessageLine )
  • TW-39430 - Web UI can be blocked by build log initialization code


  • TW-39141 - Overtime icon shifted to next row
  • TW-39258 - Agent name is wrapped on build overview page
  • TW-39282 - Subitems counts can be wrapped for Build Configuration Settings sections in IExplorer.
  • TW-39319 - Inaccurate left alignment on build results page
  • TW-39448 - Don't log "Instances in 'Running' status" messages
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