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PhpStorm 8.0.2 Release Notes

Distribution packages


WI-25379 (Task)

Use the attached archive as Tips of the Day



IDEA-132187 (Task)

Write javadoc for PsiModificationTracker and related classes

PHP Completion


WI-25277 (Feature)

Add stubs for xhprof extension constants and functions

WI-25763 (Bug)

Completion doesn't suggest elements defined in else condition

WI-9207 (Bug)

Too many Spaces on Change the method visibility on a class

WI-23442 (Bug)

Completion doesn't suggest elements defined in if condition

PHP Formatter


WI-9237 (Bug)

"Wrap when typing reaches right margin" while typing comment line - should start new line comment when wrapped

WI-19264 (Bug)

Settings | Braces placement | Other: "Next line shifted" works like "Next line, each shifted"

WI-18809 (Bug)

Continuation indent is doubled for chained methods

WI-25265 (Bug)

Incorrect indenting for switch statements if "Next line shifted" is enabled

WI-25167 (Bug)

PHPDoc generator always uses FQN name for @return

WI-25327 (Bug)

Additional indent is inserted inside switch blocks if "Next line shifted" is enabled

WI-25326 (Bug)

Default block in switch is missing indent

WI-25325 (Bug)

Braces in default block inside switch are indented if "Next line" is chosen for Brace Placement

WI-2641 (Bug)

switch indentation

WI-25239 (Bug)

Two additional indent is inserted inside case block

WI-20054 (Bug)

"else if" html formatting

WI-22628 (Bug)

No indent for PHP array new line

WI-24443 (Bug)

PHPDoc generator always uses short name for @property

WI-25175 (Bug)

Strange indenting with simple if-statements

WI-25385 (Bug)

Try/catch/finally indenting in next line shifted is incorrect

PHP Inspections


WI-18108 (Feature)

False positive "wrong string concatenation operator" inspection for magic properties

WI-20157 (Feature)

Support variadic method parameters PHPDOC

WI-25306 (Cosmetics)

Correct inspection group name grammar

WI-21649 (Cosmetics)

Interface s for Implementing a Method with a Body is Wrong

WI-19830 (Bug)

Update PHPDoc and Add @return tag quick fixes places @return in different places

WI-25543 (Bug)

Update PHPDoc: doesn't work for @throws if there is no @param tag

WI-25315 (Bug)

"Traditional syntax array detected" real world usage

PHP Refactoring


WI-25204 (Usability Problem)

Convert to heredoc inserts an extra blank line

WI-25206 (Bug)

Double quote + Identifier + Double quote is a valid heredoc identifier

WI-18178 (Bug)

Refactoring properties don't update set function params

WI-23102 (Bug)

Convert NOWDOC/HEREDOC: warn user if text is the same as tag name

PHP debug


WI-24660 (Exception)

Set value doesn't accept \r\n separators

PHP lang


WI-9611 (Usability Problem)

"Generate getters and setters" sorting

WI-25050 (Cosmetics)

Variable variables are partially left uncoloured

WI-22887 (Bug)

Methods incorrectly marked as returning void if else branch throws exception

WI-15295 (Bug)

Complete statement creates implementation for function in Interface and for abstract method

WI-18436 (Bug)

Generate getter/setter doesn't take into account type of @property

WI-18201 (Bug)

Complete statement: doesn't work for alternative syntax

WI-25505 (Bug)

PHP literal lexer/parser breaks on variable variable interpolation "$$a"

WI-25153 (Bug)

Complete Current statement: insert additional pair of curly braces if there is a finally block in try/catch

WI-25654 (Bug)

Support autocomplete for exception interfaces in catch()

WI-8638 (Bug)

Parser should have a ASP-style tags option disabled by default.

WI-24766 (Bug)

IDE FROZEN: PhpStorm does not respond anymore while indexing php project

WI-25596 (Bug)

Complete current statement: alternative syntax: inserted closing statement is outside of php tag

WI-25597 (Bug)

Quick documentation popup: Character '{' in Phpdoc is not displayed

WI-25598 (Bug)

Complete current statement: alternative syntax: additional closing tag is inserted if there is a PHPDoc/comment

WI-25524 (Bug)

Complete current statement: alternative syntax: insert additional end statement is inserted if there is block inside

WI-25526 (Bug)

Complete current statement: alternative syntax: insert additional braces if there is a list keyword

WI-25520 (Bug)

Complete current statement: alternative syntax: additional endif is inserted

WI-25523 (Bug)

Complete current statement: alternative syntax: doesn't work for structure in separate php tags

WI-25256 (Bug)

Functions with 16 or more return statements get marked as returning void

WI-25171 (Bug)

Ctrl-P does not show parameters list when caret is right after opening parenthesis

WI-25833 (Bug)

Php parameter inspection has false positive on function import

PHP lib stubs


WI-10091 (Feature)

Add support for ZeroMQ class/constant auto competition

WI-25632 (Bug)

sqlite_query() and sqlite_exec() stubs missing one of arguments

WI-25655 (Bug)

Missing documentation for Locale::canonicalize()

WI-23646 (Bug)

xsl.php stub show incorrect param type for XSLTProcessor:transformToUrl()

WI-25565 (Bug)

Magic constants are highlighted as undefined when in lowercase

WI-25623 (Bug)

wrong stub for function parse_url

WI-25316 (Bug)

SessionHandlerInterface.php stub has broken links to php docs due to typo.

WI-25311 (Bug)

missing some methods from MongoId, such as isValid, getHostname etc.

WI-9391 (Bug)

DateTime Aliased functions don't have return types set

PHP templates


WI-24357 (Feature)

Blade: Support formatting

WI-25529 (Feature)

Moving blades not working

WI-24981 (Usability Problem)

Blade: add warning about equal delimiters

WI-25174 (Performance Problem)

Slow performance on Find in Path function

WI-25772 (Cosmetics)

Blade: Text Field for Tags are moved to the right if warning message about equal tags appeared

WI-25641 (Bug)

Blade: exception is thrown on pressing enter inside non-closed html tag

WI-13669 (Bug)

Twig indention issue in multiline object

WI-25403 (Bug)

Emmet is not expanding properly in Smarty file if part of Emmet is similar to Smarty delimeter

WI-25242 (Bug)

Blade: Failure of syntax highlighting

WI-24366 (Bug)

Blade support: Does not recognize inline sections

WI-24980 (Bug)

Blade: Custom delimiters can't be just @ (at)

WI-25411 (Bug)

Blade: Missing indent on enter inside @section

WI-25413 (Bug)

Blade: Only one element inside @section is indented

WI-25412 (Bug)

Blade: missing indent for tags except @section (tags like @for, @if, etc)

WI-25778 (Bug)

Blade: reparse all Blade files on change of text block delimiters settings

WI-25673 (Bug)

Laravel Blade @lang ----- MissHighlight error Expected )

WI-21276 (Bug)

Twig: syntax highlight for if suffix in for tags

WI-19089 (Bug)

[TWIG] invalid highlighting

WI-24782 (Exception)

Blade: Exception occurs on attempt to open php tag

WI-25419 (Exception)

Blade: exception is thrown on removing indent

PHP test


WI-25461 (Bug)

Behat testrun fails with Symfony 2.3.*

WI-25271 (Bug)

php.xml config always changes with remote interpreter

WI-25548 (Bug)

Path to Behat break when you reload the project/or IDE (case with remote interpreter)

WI-24060 (Bug)

Behat: steps defined in traits mixed into the context files are not found

WI-25440 (Bug)

Behat: Create Behat Step Definition from step with $ (dollar sign) generates broken method

WI-24206 (Bug)

PHPUnit 4.*: fix loading by include path

WI-25172 (Bug)

Create Behat Step Definition intention does not escape slashes

Plugin: Command line


WI-14215 (Cosmetics)

Export to File and Help icons in Command Line toolbar doesn't have description

Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..


WI-24916 (Bug)

Deployment root /users/... changed to /Users/... every time PyCharm is restarted

WI-23517 (Exception)

Attempt to Sync on file in external library leads to exception

Plugin: Drupal support


WI-25232 (Usability Problem)

Provide Drupal search URL in external documentation (ex. Cannot "View External Documentation" for Drupal (launches instead))

WI-25775 (Usability Problem)

Search URL in external documentation leads to for internal PHP functions

Plugin: Phing


WI-25545 (Bug)

Some properties are not shown in completion on Mac



WI-24363 (Bug)

Allow multiple php.typeProvider2 getType matches

No subsystem


WEB-13951 (Feature)

Allow Emmet TAB completions in JSX

IDEA-131732 (Usability Problem)

Unclear labels in the Settings | Tools | Server Certificates page

IDEA-131549 (Usability Problem)

UML: Cannot find UML actions using 'Find Action' action and 'UML' search key

WEB-14058 (Performance Problem)

Store only limited initializer texts in stubs of JSVariable (e.g. store only literal constant expressions in initializers)

RUBY-15606 (Performance Problem)

UI hangs for noticeable time if using Vagrant plugin

IDEA-131506 (Performance Problem)

Memory leak in UndoRedoStacksHolder

IDEA-131811 (Cosmetics)

Wrong grammar in a message box text

IDEA-133415 (Cosmetics)

Image missing in the ToD

IDEA-130724 (Bug)

NPE in LogConsoleBase

WEB-14347 (Bug)

JSX emmet support incorrect for <input> tag

IDEA-128848 (Bug)

Idea asks for class destination directory in Project tree

IDEA-128849 (Bug)

Plugin downloader can't handle HTTP redirect

WEB-13696 (Bug)

Broken Live Templates

WEB-13874 (Bug)

WebStorm 9: emmet does not expanding CSS abbreviations with commas

PY-14233 (Bug)

Python's "View Array" action is shown in Java debugger popup menu with empty text

IDEA-131621 (Bug)

IDEA 139.144.2 takes forever to start. Hangs on 100% splash screen state

IDEA-131067 (Bug)

Extract constant refactoring creates uncompilable code

WEB-13981 (Bug)

Alt+F2 should open page on default web server configured in Settings/Deployment

WEB-13867 (Bug)

Can't change color of HTML tag names

IDEA-132478 (Bug)

Check for updates doesn't suggest latest major version

WEB-12780 (Bug)

Variables in the sass injections shows as Invalid in the completion if type more than two symbols of the variable name

IDEA-117429 (Bug)

'Base on This Class' action doesn't work properly in Hierarchy window

WEB-14024 (Bug)

JSX Emmet Completion Not Working With Multiple Classes

IDEA-120252 (Bug)

Plugin Manager: "Restart IntelliJ IDEA" button does nothing

IDEA-132931 (Bug)

ProgressManager does not cancel all threads running under same WrappedProgressIndicator indicator

IDEA-131592 (Bug)

Menu disappeared after debugging Node application

IDEA-130359 (Bug)

Overlapping collapse areas not supported correctly

IDEA-132447 (Bug)

Odd interaction between wildcard import and override/implement method dialog

WEB-13990 (Bug)

spread attributes not supported for JSX

IDEA-131239 (Bug)

"Alt F3" search in editor should have "pink" background if there are no matches

IDEA-22740 (Bug)

Creating a new livetemplate from selection causes duplicate code

WEB-13295 (Bug)

Incorrect files downloaded for ZURB Foundation projects, on phpStorm 7.1.3

IDEA-127636 (Bug)

Show History command missing in Find Action

IDEA-130604 (Bug)

Reporting exception fails

IDEA-132734 (Bug)

can't multi selection in live templates

IDEA-133731 (Bug)

Update from 14.0.2 to 14.0.2 EAP?

WEB-13998 (Bug)

JSX: when formatting JSX fragment, text children of a JSX element are not indented correctly

IDEA-128832 (Exception)

Code completion works incorrectly in injected fragment with multiple carets

IDEA-130892 (Exception)

java.lang.AssertionError: No storage for index

Build tools


WEB-12112 (Feature)

make grunt console output navigable.

WEB-14309 (Bug)

unreadable warning color in grunt console



WEB-2078 (Feature)

CSS as New file in menu

WEB-14201 (Cosmetics)

Create Selector: first underscore in the file name is lost in Recent/Opened Files lists

WEB-13736 (Cosmetics)

CSS completion: Browser compatibility icons are too distracting

WEB-13695 (Bug)

Cannot use directories when creating some types of files

WEB-13601 (Bug)

"Create selector" don't let me choose CSS file on my content roots

WEB-10439 (Bug)

Default live template m-t for css works incorrectly

WEB-14205 (Bug)

Create Selector: New CSS file...: no Content Roots are shown in the dialog

IDEA-132839 (Bug)

The inspection for DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient is wrong



IDEA-126627 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.editor.impl.EditorImpl.<init>



IDEA-128789 (Bug)

Heroku: in ApplicationServers tool window focus always jumps on attempt to select externally deployed applications nodes

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-130964 (Usability Problem)

Spell check in commit dialog only works if enabled in inspection

IDEA-131685 (Bug)

Cleanup code quick fix / Settings: focus does not go into Inspection dialog

IDEA-133442 (Exception)

Code Cleanup: sometimes cannot be run

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-95126 (Feature)

Arrangement: Provide ability to negate conditions

IDEA-95114 (Feature)

Java arrangement: Provide new method types

IDEA-95117 (Feature)

Arrangement: Allow to specify 'condition sequences'

IDEA-131937 (Bug)

Reformat code doesn't work in new files not added to version control

IDEA-131147 (Bug)

Code Style: "Detect and use existing file indents for editing": old indent state is used on the first update

IDEA-131975 (Bug)

"Only vcs changed text" option is disabled if file contains only deletions

Code: Parsing


CPP-975 (Bug)

"syntax error" on function-style cast of an expression to a primitive type



WEB-13578 (Bug)

CoffeeScript: recognize Javascript language version inside injections



IDEA-132694 (Bug)

ANSI colors need restart for a new settings to apply



IDEA-131250 (Bug)

Database console result grid fonts looks very small.



IDEA-123114 (Feature)

Debugger: render awt.Image and swing.Icon in Variables/Watches/Evaluate views

PY-14185 (Usability Problem)

View as array: show menu item only for supported variables types

IDEA-132100 (Usability Problem)

Debugger: Evaluate Code Fragment: restoring from history without semicolon is a problem for class definitions

PY-14189 (Cosmetics)

View as Array: action capitalization in menu is inconsistent

IDEA-131521 (Cosmetics)

Provide unified capitalization

PY-14194 (Cosmetics)

View as Array: dialog title is confusing

IDEA-121505 (Bug)

Breakpoint properties popup: More link does not work if over tool window splitter

IDEA-132772 (Bug)

Changed objects are not marked as modified

IDEA-131247 (Bug)

Debugger: changes in watches made out of debugger session are not saved

WEB-13972 (Bug)

Debugger: Cannot stop on breakpoint due to internal error: TypeError: Object function () { ... } has no method 'value'

WEB-13653 (Bug)

Open in browser opens only Chrome after debugging

IDEA-131712 (Bug)

Debugger is showing current position on evaluate

IDEA-131105 (Bug)

Inspect arrays and collections does not work

IDEA-131100 (Bug)

RubyMine EAP does not detect evaluate expression code fragment mode any more

WEB-13649 (Bug)

name mapping: quick evaluate and inline debugger

IDEA-125322 (Bug)

Debugger: F2 adds new row in Watches

IDEA-131653 (Bug)

The "Value Auto Tooltip" option in the Debugger Settings menu does not work properly

IDEA-132017 (Bug)

Debugger|Code Fragment evaluation mode: restore text from history provides red highlighting (unexpected token)

IDEA-125136 (Bug)

variables/watches are not updated when changes come from different view

IDEA-131230 (Bug)

Read action should not be required for XDebugSessionImpl.breakpointReached

IDEA-133432 (Bug)

IDE hangs when deleting a line multiple times because of xdebugger

IDEA-132566 (Bug)

"View as" hex for byte array is not working

IDEA-131298 (Bug)

Eliminate Ctrl+enter vs Enter confusion in evaluation dialog



IDEA-16393 (Usability Problem)

Add ability to customize default next-diff/prev-diff bindings (for example to Alt-Down/Alt-Up)

IDEA-130874 (Usability Problem)

'Revert' action does nothing when invoked inside a changed file but not on a line containing changes

IDEA-123196 (Usability Problem)

Merge tool should support stepping over only unresolved conflicts

IDEA-115799 (Performance Problem)

Visual Merge tool produce 100% CPU usage

IDEA-94552 (Cosmetics)

Diff connector line is too short by one pixel

IDEA-126464 (Bug)

Empty "Show Diff" warning

Eclipse Integration


IDEA-132645 (Bug)

Eclipse integration problem: all imported modules have been lost after project reloading (100% reproduce)



PY-14261 (Bug)

"Surround with custom folding region" breaks indentation in Python

PY-11357 (Bug)

Unable to use "Surround With" on anything if it's the first or the last declaration in a class

PY-14433 (Exception)

Fill Paragraph: Invalid range specified: (504,502); Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.util.TextRange.assertProperRange

Editor. Code Completion


IDEA-131251 (Usability Problem)

Please disable insert selected variant on typing dot... on comment nodes

IDEA-131207 (Bug)

Live Template: escaping back-slash in Variable

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-123396 (Feature)

Multiple carets: offer completion from last caret w/ completion available

IDEA-116877 (Usability Problem)

IntelliJ should disallow line breaks in changelist name

IDEA-93998 (Usability Problem)

In overwrite mode it is impossible to add new line to the file

IDEA-131657 (Usability Problem)

Don't expand foldings on 'Move Caret to Next/Previous Word' actions

IDEA-131780 (Performance Problem)

UndoManager stores large char arrays in ImmutableText

IDEA-132454 (Bug)

"Clear Read-Only Status" dialog displayed twice on cancel

IDEA-126958 (Bug)

Syntax-coloured copying: TODOs color are ignored

IDEA-130863 (Bug)

Chaotic selection on reopening editor

IDEA-130866 (Bug)

Code folding for getter method - cursor doesn't move into method implementation

IDEA-131568 (Bug)

Wrong fold region is unfolded on mouse click

IDEA-107490 (Bug)

Backspace with sticky selection not working

IDEA-132279 (Bug)

Indentation is broken in the latest build 139.223

IDEA-133649 (Bug)

Font not working

IDEA-101360 (Exception)

Rearrange code action should treat read-only files correctly

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-132771 (Bug)

Intentions of file-level inspection should not use element at caret

File System


IDEA-131281 (Bug)

VfsImplUtil$2 processing of (after) vfs events is slow (11.5s)

File Watchers


WEB-14104 (Feature)

Finish watcher before running tests

WEB-8178 (Usability Problem)

Inspections | File Watchers | File Watcher available: recognizes already set up watchers by exact name only

WEB-13667 (Bug)

Can't jump to error reported line with File Watcher and TypeScript 1.1.0-1

WEB-13886 (Bug)

No scrollbar in Choose template menu in File Watchers preferences

WEB-14141 (Bug)

Don't suggest to suppress File watchers inspections

WEB-13719 (Bug)

TypeScript: when File Watcher is enabled some errors are not highlighted in the Editor

WEB-14380 (Bug)

If project root dir has space in it compass file watcher fails.

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-130637 (Cosmetics)

Find: "Context" chooser combobox cut-off

IDEA-130894 (Bug)

Find usages does not support operators

IDEA-130337 (Bug)

Replace in path messes up when the string appears multiple times on the same line



RUBY-15817 (Bug)

Reformat code breaks indent for multiline block

RUBY-15730 (Bug)

Wrong indentation inspection appear for commented lines

RUBY-12007 (Bug)

haml: cant go to class declaration if node have 2+ classes

RUBY-15312 (Bug)

HAML i18n inspection bug



WEB-541 (Feature)

(X)HTML and body indentation

WEB-506 (Bug)

if you define images with relative paths, the size attributes show as errors.

WEB-2405 (Bug)

Code style / HTML / "Do not indent children ... or if tag size more than" actually works like "more or equals"

WEB-392 (Bug)

HTML always auto-indenting if no parent tag

WEB-12364 (Bug)

HTML5 microdata: correctly complete properties from

WEB-331 (Bug)

Unresolved Entity Reference for valid HTML entities like € … etc.

WEB-2323 (Bug)

HTML formatter can only format 200 lines.

WEB-13982 (Bug)

Incorrect indentation on pressing Enter after XML tag with attributes on multiple lines



RUBY-15682 (Bug)

"Error parsing vagrant file" on RubyMine 7.0 EAP (138.1466)

RUBY-15889 (Bug)

Command Line Launcher opens up in /bin rather than current directory

IDE Configuration


IDEA-131432 (Usability Problem)

Description text in Settings | Updates should tell that this option also affects plugins

IDEA-123787 (Cosmetics)

"No live templates selected" label in multiple selection

IDEA-117343 (Bug)

When plugin can't be loaded (i.e. due to IDEA upgrade), related IDE settings are lost

IDEA-116809 (Bug)

File Types: reassigned wildcard between predefined file types is not preserved upon restart



IDEA-128919 (Bug)

Eclipse Code Formatter gives "Invalid stub element type in index"



IDEA-133345 (Bug)

Idea inserts wrong closing tag



WEB-13621 (Bug)

Jade: HTML injection is incorrectly calculated

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-132407 (Bug)

Lambda implementation of interface isn't shown / method implementation is missed.



IDEA-129957 (Bug)

Code completion for JSF action listeners inserts wrong code



WEB-13777 (Feature)

JSON: Settings: provide Colors And Fonts

WEB-14013 (Feature)

Code Cleanup does nothing

WEB-13112 (Bug)

No JSDoc is shown for properties of inferred types

WEB-14120 (Bug)

Locate Duplicates for Java Script is dead in V14

WEB-14283 (Bug)

Local variable in JSX file is marked as unused

WEB-13944 (Bug)

regular expression literals are no longer syntax highlighted inline, or have the ability to 'check regex'

IDEA-130914 (Bug)

JavaScript debug Run Configuration doesn't allow Make before Run

IDEA-133116 (Bug)

can't edit JavaScript library file

WEB-13466 (Bug)

Binary and Octal Literals

WEB-13780 (Bug)

Coloring for @constructor

WEB-13885 (Bug)

Emmet for jsx (React) produces incorrect class syntax

WEB-12945 (Bug)

Smartly delete pair brace don't work inside function

WEB-11492 (Exception)

Code analysis failed with exception: java.lang.NullPointerException: null

WEB-14330 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.lang.javascript.inspections.JSUnusedLocalSymbolsInspection$1.registerReferencedFromReference

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-13223 (Bug)

JavaScript styling - Object properties alignment is broken for exporessions

WEB-12504 (Bug)

ES6 - Indentation after docblock

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-14182 (Bug)

JSX variables showing as un-used with common-js

WEB-14165 (Bug)

Attribute class shouldn't be obligatory in custom angular directives

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-13609 (Feature)

JSCS: Navigation into the config from errors shown in the Error panel

WEB-14199 (Feature)

ESLint: use the severity specified in .eslintrc

WEB-13594 (Usability Problem)

JSCS: Settings: improve "Custom configuration file" field

WEB-13640 (Usability Problem)

JSCS: provide "Node interpreter" field

WEB-13791 (Cosmetics)

JSCS: Unix: unreadable text hint for Code style preset

WEB-13669 (Bug)

JSCS: Settings dialog opened from the Error pane is not shown correctly

WEB-13623 (Bug)

JSCS: avoid errors highlighting blinking on typing in the Editor

WEB-14095 (Bug)

JSCS: "Edit rule ..." and "Exclude file ..." inspections should create .jscsrc file inside project

WEB-13016 (Bug)

Invalid detection of unused local variable

WEB-13687 (Bug)

JSCS: should work on Unix/Mac

WEB-12939 (Bug)

Bad inspection "PointlessArithmeticExpressionJS"

WEB-12639 (Bug)

"'Return' inside 'finally' block" JavaScript inspection triggers for different function scope

JavaScript. Predefs


WEB-13841 (Bug)

window.requestAnimationFrame() wrong stub

WEB-12720 (Bug)

DataTransfer from MouseEvent missing.



WEB-14345 (Bug)

LESS: Error "Mismatched property values" when use color operation functions

WEB-14303 (Bug)

less animation-delay negative error

WEB-13919 (Bug)

LESS: preserve .less extension in import statements on refactoring meteor .less files (<name>.import.less)

WEB-13787 (Bug)

Reformat less code breaking code

WEB-14382 (Bug)

LESS: Highlighting of unclosed comment is missing if cursor is on a new line



PY-9389 (Usability Problem)

Install package: enter in search field should select most relevant package in the list of packages

PY-9736 (Cosmetics)

Packaging: emphasize installing label by another color

PY-9738 (Bug)

Packaging: spinning backgroung process indicator disappears after selection change

Project Configuration


IDEA-130930 (Bug)

misc.xml configuration overlaps the other definition of a component

IDEA-130853 (Bug)

Library downloader: support redirecting HTTP responses

IDEA-114862 (Bug)

Formatter Control: with disabled formatter and enabled 'Use tab character' option spaces in not formatted lines are replaces with tabs in some cases

IDEA-113773 (Bug)

Welcome Screen: no way to correct search query in recent project panel, because Backspace deletes projects now

IDEA-132024 (Bug)

Mac OS: on importing settings from previous IDEA version plugins are not imported

Project View


IDEA-131416 (Bug)

Delete key on a Module in Project View Toolwindow does nothing

Run | Debug configuration


IDEA-129421 (Bug)

"Rerun failed tests" ignores pinned status of the tab

IDEA-96819 (Bug)

CTRL + F2 shortcut not killing process [Ubuntu 12.04]



WEB-14495 (Performance Problem)

RubyMine hangs when opening the project

WEB-13923 (Cosmetics)

Add new Icons for SCSS/SASS

WEB-13938 (Bug)

Mismatched parameters (<expression>)

WEB-14121 (Bug)

SASS: don't insert space between ampersand and interpolation on formatting

WEB-7061 (Bug)

Support interchangeability of dash and underscore in SASS/SCSS identifiers

WEB-13027 (Bug)

background-image size intention does not work in scss

Structural Search and Replace


IDEA-130949 (Bug)

Structural Search does not support nested classes syntax

Task Management


IDEA-68249 (Feature)

Add Bugzilla as a supported server for Task and Context Management

IDEA-131113 (Bug)

Task Servers Redmine Integration: Projects are listed as "null"



WEB-13704 (Cosmetics)

TypeScript: Colors&Fonts: properties from lib.d.ts are not colored

WEB-11508 (Bug)

Class name after 'new' keyword not colorized



IDEA-131584 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.diagram.util.DiagramUtils.navigateTo

Unit Tests


WEB-13744 (Bug)

karma rerun tests lunches new karma servers

WEB-13940 (Bug)

Cucumber-js: 'undefined step reference' reported for all steps

WEB-13324 (Bug)

Cucumber-js: RC from previous version is broken

User Interface


IDEA-129372 (Usability Problem)

Draw outline of the auto-hideable scrollbar in the editor's right gutter

IDEA-22546 (Usability Problem)

Tab rows are "jumping" in multiline rows mode

IDEA-35490 (Usability Problem)

Maximized IDEA main window forgets it's non-maximum size after restart

IDEA-128713 (Usability Problem)

Pycharm causing a mount storm in linux using open dialogue due to "look ahead"

IDEA-122990 (Usability Problem)

Scrollbar overlaps content and prevents clicking

IDEA-126386 (Cosmetics)

Update eclipse logo

IDEA-133162 (Cosmetics)

Typo in Export Test Results

IDEA-131126 (Cosmetics)

Selection coloring gets an excessive offset on editor left margin on 139

IDEA-130808 (Bug)

Settings dialog: search field: clean icon disappears when focus is off the field

IDEA-103464 (Bug)

Adding environment variables to a Tomcat server is a UX nightmare

IDEA-130997 (Bug)

Editor gutter tooltips must properly de-escape content

IDEA-128476 (Bug)

UI of Customize IDE wizard is broken after theme change

IDEA-131149 (Bug)

Preferences search occasionally doesn't find items in Keymap section

IDEA-130812 (Bug)

Settings / Keymap: custom scheme is shown selected, but all shortcuts are from Default (regression)

IDEA-130363 (Bug)

Recently Edited Files list should survive restart

IDEA-122423 (Bug)

Plugin list is unreadable in GTK+ L&F

IDEA-126293 (Bug)

White on white menu entry in git branches popup

IDEA-131108 (Bug)

com.intellij.util.ui.Animator doesn't work in Welcome Wizard (where there is no application)

IDEA-132962 (Bug)

Exception when opening old project in CLion

IDEA-127185 (Exception)

Switcher throws exception and stops working

User Interface.Darcula


IDEA-132363 (Bug)

NPE invoking recent searches with Darcula



PY-13945 (Bug)

VagrantFile with additional parameters should be parsed

Version Control


IDEA-122007 (Feature)

Improve "Copy Hash" action in Git log

IDEA-116400 (Usability Problem)

Vcs Log: in a multi-repo project recent commits list can be incorrect

IDEA-77576 (Usability Problem)

"Compare with Local" action not available in keymap or action popup, no way to invoke without using the mouse

IDEA-130850 (Usability Problem)

Log: Keep description scrolling position on refresh

IDEA-132467 (Usability Problem)

Modifying target branch field requires Enter and only enter to confirm new target

IDEA-132507 (Usability Problem)

"Clear Read-Only Status" dialog too wide

IDEA-130650 (Usability Problem)

git push to non-origin remotes not working

IDEA-130622 (Usability Problem)

Confusing root selection policy in Git push dialog

IDEA-130823 (Usability Problem)

Commit dialog: ToDo searching progress dialog does not show any progress

IDEA-112436 (Usability Problem)

"Unregistered VCS root message" improvements: "Add root" button; optional automatical roots registration.

IDEA-131531 (Usability Problem)

Push dialog: it is not clear that push target (remote branch in Git, repository URL in Mercurial) can be modified

IDEA-115897 (Usability Problem)

VCS-Log: clean filter right after pressing cross button, do not require pressing enter again

IDEA-131292 (Usability Problem)

Make whole "Show Details" panel scrollable again

IDEA-130848 (Usability Problem)

Push dialog initial selection & enabling policy

IDEA-116192 (Usability Problem)

Show star* near date/author in the log table if commit-date/committer is different from author-date/author

IDEA-131859 (Cosmetics)

Grammar error in the Settings | Version Control page

IDEA-118653 (Cosmetics)

Weird background for containing branches section

IDEA-131186 (Cosmetics)

Vcs log does not look nice after look&feel switch

IDEA-131301 (Cosmetics)

Push dialog has wrong indents in the commit tree view

IDEA-133197 (Cosmetics)

VCS log: Log vanishes after invoke "Collapse linear branches" or "Expand all branches" actions

IDEA-119375 (Bug)

Unable to assign keyboard shortcut to "Move to Changelist ..."

IDEA-131956 (Bug)

Tons of exceptions after closing the project

IDEA-131489 (Bug)

Git-Log: not able to filter by author and by branch in external git log window

IDEA-132492 (Bug)

Don't show origin/HEAD in the log

IDEA-107117 (Bug)

Filter part of toolbar panel in Changes->Log disappeared

IDEA-130032 (Bug)

Compare with screen smooshes commit messages.

IDEA-130660 (Bug)

Push Dialog: "No remotes" caption, if target branch is empty.

IDEA-132090 (Bug)

Using F6 to move changes between change lists does not work anymore

IDEA-124768 (Bug)

Git: log for external repository is not shown if vcs-integration for current project is not enabled

IDEA-133320 (Bug)

Unregistered root detected: combined link Add Root and Configure in Event Log

IDEA-132577 (Bug)

Git Add does not fully stage the conflicted file

IDEA-133475 (Bug)

Remember filter text in Log when mouse covers '>>' icon.

IDEA-115773 (Bug)

File Cache Conflict after updating from SVN with symlinks in the project paths

IDEA-132149 (Bug)

Changes -> Log view does not works for projects with many modules

IDEA-132218 (Bug)

Filter by relatively old branch + user name => empty log is shown

IDEA-120133 (Exception)

RE at com.intellij.openapi.vcs.changes.ChangeListWorker.removeChangeList

IDEA-130779 (Exception)

Exception when pushing Mercurial repository in a mixed project

IDEA-133194 (Exception)

Change Log view: IAE: Comparison method violates its general contract

IDEA-121949 (Exception)

Exception on trying to filter by non-existent branch

Version Control. Git


IDEA-98693 (Usability Problem)

Git Push dialog does not remember remote branch

IDEA-112732 (Usability Problem)

git changes log: copy & paste does not work as expected

IDEA-120611 (Usability Problem)

Github create pull request dialog: master should be default branch unless other branch was previously selected

IDEA-131714 (Usability Problem)

Copy revision number should copy full revision number

IDEA-84771 (Usability Problem)

Cherry-pick: do not propose to commit empty changelist

IDEA-131973 (Usability Problem)

Push: load order of commits should depend on focus in Editor

IDEA-84497 (Usability Problem)

Version Control settings is polluted with 'unregistered roots' errors

IDEA-82746 (Cosmetics)

Disable "Push" button in Push dialog when there is nothing to push

IDEA-130889 (Cosmetics)

push dialog cosmetics: community repository is truncated

IDEA-116489 (Task)

Handle VFS refresh after pull same way as for checkout

IDEA-131705 (Bug)

EAP: Unable to push into refs repos after git push dialog redesign

IDEA-87769 (Bug)

"Unregistered git root detected" pointing to HomeBrew's /usr/local

IDEA-132298 (Bug)

Can't run offline inspections because of PluginException: git4idea.test.GitTestRepositoryManager PluginClassLoader

IDEA-131036 (Bug)

NPE when using git push or pull/fetch with proxy

IDEA-132502 (Bug)

Git Pull Dialog with many branches: FrequentEventDetector - Too many events posted

IDEA-95523 (Bug)

Live lock when calling Update Project during Cherry-Pick

IDEA-130245 (Bug)

Git Push: pushing from detached HEAD state produces exception

IDEA-133368 (Bug)

Enable Git Add on a newly added and changed file

IDEA-131438 (Bug)

Git Push ignores choosed repository

IDEA-132430 (Bug)

'Open on GitHub' doesn't use http if specified on host

IDEA-132199 (Bug)

Git>Branches... Dialog does not pop up when module is "library home"

IDEA-111168 (Bug)

"Add All" button to add all unregistered roots at once

IDEA-133876 (Bug)

Pull Changes from Remote - remote change doesn't filter remote branches list

IDEA-130702 (Bug)

Using git-svn: git4idea.branch.GitBranchUtil - No remote found with the name [origin]

IDEA-115997 (Bug)

Git Log: create Tag action doesn't update log

IDEA-133652 (Bug)

git confusion when branch name is the same as file/directory name

IDEA-116748 (Bug)

Git Cherry-Pick didn't commit more about a half of the files (150)

IDEA-98781 (Bug)

Unregistered Git root detected in excluded directory

IDEA-95947 (Bug)

Git: the same notification for unregistered git roots appear every time on adding new module to the project

IDEA-84715 (Bug)

Non-latin letters and git

IDEA-130898 (Exception)

RE at com.intellij.util.xmlb.XmlSerializerImpl.newInstance

IDEA-133309 (Exception)

GitPushSettings.getUpdateMethod must not return null

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-130781 (Bug)

Diff is broken for files with spaces in name

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-132170 (Bug)

Perforce integration: do not block EDT processing VFS events

IDEA-131255 (Bug)

Perforce Job Specification Parse Error

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-130628 (Performance Problem)

Subversion-related CPU hugging

IDEA-131413 (Bug)

Schedule for Addition deadlock - after importing project from Eclipse

IDEA-104940 (Bug)

Subversion: the very first History invocation returns the single (latest) revision only

IDEA-130923 (Bug)

Deadlock when trigger SVN-Commit

IDEA-118950 (Bug)

VCS 'Limit history by' value is still applied even when checkbox is unchecked

IDEA-118826 (Bug)

svn annotate doesn't work on moved/renamed files

IDEA-130912 (Exception)

CCE at org.jetbrains.idea.svn.auth.AuthenticationService.requestSshCredentials



IDEA-125016 (Bug)

Commenting out a line in an XML file with commented out comments lower in the file can cause unwanted changes (and invalid xml). REGRESSION

IDEA-133531 (Bug)

IDEA ignores the xsi:schemaLocation under certain circumstances

IDEA-132828 (Bug)

Strange line breaks in the middle of the attribute name

IDEA-121450 (Bug)

xsd:boolean - Idea is highlighting 0 and 1 as invalid values



IDEA-132585 (Bug)

NPE when XSLT debug

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