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  • TeamCity 8.1.5 (build 30240) Release Notes
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TeamCity 8.1 Release Notes


  • TW-37241 - Option to specify additional parameters to nuget commands
  • TW-31550 - Provide option to enable verbose output or custom flags for Nuget Installer

Usability Problem

  • TW-37877 - Improve support for hosted TFS in create project from URL wizard
  • TW-36092 - Set focus on Name field on Create Build Configuration page
  • TW-35367 - Default version setting in Nuget Pack build runner does not comply with Nuget specification


  • TW-38021 - Investigation is removed right after assigning (sub project case)
  • TW-37969 - Additional command line arguments field looks inconsistent for NuGet installer and NuGet pack runners
  • TW-37940 - "Download patch" action can be missing without obvious reason on (personal) change details page
  • TW-37904 - Build queue gets stuck (BuildTypeNotFoundException in build queue priorities plugin)
  • TW-37858 - Startup screen "Proceed" button is disabled even if all mandatory settings are specified for MSSQL database
  • TW-37855 - Error connecting to vault after certain check-in conditions
  • TW-37832 - Agent push help link invalid
  • TW-37813 - Uncaught TypeError when trying to open popup in Start Investigation dialog
  • TW-37801 - Build created by VCS trigger has wrong 'Triggered by' field
  • TW-37763 - Error collecting changes after password expiration/change
  • TW-37742 - Creating a build configuration, vcs root, or template with id ever used by some other entity causes critical error
  • TW-37736 - AssemblyInfo patcher not triggered when building Xamarin.Mac project on OSX
  • TW-37723 - Deprecated -Verbose option is still used in Nuget Pack build runner
  • TW-37711 - ClassCast exception when trying to submit remote run on SVN
  • TW-37692 - Trouble with "Investigate / Mute 1 Build Problem" dialog
  • TW-37667 - VCS change files popup doesn't respect build configuration checkout rules
  • TW-37666 - Deadlock during build status text recalculation
  • TW-37630 - All running builds can be hanging for minutes (interlocking of "Processing 30 agent messages for build" threads on BuildOrderSupport.getBuildsAfter)
  • TW-37617 - PostgreSQL database setup fails
  • TW-37586 - MS SQL: do not use default port if Database Instance is specified
  • TW-37579 - Unexpected error on Projects overview page
  • TW-37567 - Cannot send patch to server via proxy with authentication
  • TW-37561 - dotCover -m issues after TC update from 8.1.3 to 8.1.4
  • TW-37537 - Multiple builds failing with "Build Canceled" message
  • TW-37527 - Up to 10 seconds delay after finishing build and starting a new one on agent
  • TW-37383 - Copy project dialog does not appear
  • TW-37351 - Unable to find P4 executable (on server)
  • TW-37328 - VCS Regenerate ID should reflect project scope of VCS root
  • TW-37321 - REST API - search build configurations by template id fails
  • TW-37220 - Unable to connect to Subversion using NTLM
  • TW-37118 - Cannot edit VCS root: Argument for @NotNull parameter 'value' of jetbrains/buildServer/parameters/ReferencesResolverUtil.mayContainReference must not be null
  • TW-37032 - "Branch Remote Run Trigger" may trigger insane amount of builds
  • TW-33732 - Maven artifact dependency trigger produces two builds
  • TW-31312 - TeamCity can stop re-reading file until restart
  • TW-30712 - Nuget Installer - updates - Builds "hang" using nuget 2.5 when prompted for file overwrite
  • TW-29801 - NuGet package download count is always 42
  • TW-26582 - Build Chains page with branch is selected can display running builds for another branch
  • TW-24477 - Scroller position is reset constantly on build's Dependencies tab when there are running builds in the chain

Performance Problem

  • TW-37971 - Slow web UI in case of large build queue (SBuildType.getQueuedBuilds())
  • TW-37915 - TeamCity server unresponsive when queue size gets very large (7000 items)
  • TW-37843 - Slow REST API request: /app/rest/changes?sinceChange=id:xxx
  • TW-37663 - Slow Overview or Project pages loading (related to ModificationDAGInt.getNodesWithoutChildren)
  • TW-37612 - TeamCity server performance degradation after cleanup (audit cleanup)
  • TW-37294 - Slow personal change details page opening (waiting on lock for P4 process execution, too many "p4.exe -V")


  • TW-37810 - TFS VCS settings UI:
  • TW-37794 - Open JetBrains dotCover link in a new tab.
  • TW-37732 - UI Text: NuGet Installer
  • TW-37728 - Add some space between icon and text in NuGet fetch dialog
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