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WEB-12516 (Feature)

Google Web Starter Kit into WebStorm

WEB-12234 (Bug)

inspector doesn't know about MutationObserver

IDEA-129481 (Bug)

!null !null

IDEA-128272 (Bug)

Shortcut for "View assertEquals difference"

IDEA-129708 (Bug)

action "Annotate method foo as NotNull" missed

IDEA-129633 (Bug)

Copy/Paste from image viewer

IDEA-129735 (Bug)

Do not log ProcessCanceledException upon cancelling project opening

IDEA-129015 (Bug)

Settings Window: Link "Configure 'Spelling' inspection is broken

IDEA-129518 (Bug)

Find in Path "Class Hierarchy" Scope won't cancel

IDEA-129127 (Bug)

Scope include recursively not working

IDEA-129453 (Bug)

Quick fix to add Java7 multi-catch exception as method parameter in multi-catch block causes IncorrectOperationException in IDE

IDEA-129587 (Bug)

Code folding of one-line methods hides array brackets

IDEA-114797 (Bug)

good code is red: generics, return type inferred wrong

IDEA-129573 (Bug)

'Check for Update...' does not work when invoked via 'Find Action'

IDEA-129492 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.debugger.engine.SuspendContextImpl.a

IDEA-129306 (Exception)

ISE at com.intellij.openapi.roots.impl.PushedFilePropertiesUpdater.getInstance



IDEA-129401 (Bug)

Android XML code style notification opens wrong settings tree node



WEB-13315 (Usability Problem)

HTML "Create selector" intention don't append it at end of stylesheet if file ends with a comment

IDEA-129463 (Bug)

CSS autocomplete not available



IDEA-124381 (Bug)

Cloud Foundry plugin does not support private clouds



IDEA-124946 (Feature)

OpenShift: fetch domain name from account

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-79962 (Feature)

Inspection "equals() and hashCode() not paired " does not provide miss method insertion

IDEA-129549 (Bug)

Invalid suggestion to make enum final

IDEA-56775 (Bug)

Generic error by javac not detected by IntelliJ code inspection.

IDEA-129437 (Bug)

PreparedStatement.setQueryTimeout(0) incorrectly triggers warning on use of index 0

IDEA-129331 (Bug)

False positive for possible NPE

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-80173 (Feature)

Add a wrapping "Wrap always, except if only one" (Code Style > Java > Wrapping and Braces > xy annotations)

IDEA-126408 (Usability Problem)

Code Style | Arrangement: list of rules could be scrolled on moving rules up/down

IDEA-94953 (Usability Problem)

Code Style | Arrangement: settings could be scrolled to the bottom on adding a rule

IDEA-126489 (Usability Problem)

Code Style | Arrangement: when editing text components of rules, delete button should not delete rules

IDEA-128859 (Bug)

Surround with try-finally inserts invalid indentation in 'finally' block

IDEA-125070 (Exception)

Arranger: exception is thrown during rearrangement of empty xml

Code Navigation


IDEA-129527 (Feature)

Navigate to declaration from test class.

IDEA-89136 (Bug)

Constants in annotationvalues in javadoc should be clickable

IDEA-129496 (Exception)

"java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Argument for @NotNull parameter 'owner' of com/intellij/lang/folding/CustomFoldingBuilder$FoldingStack.<init> must not be null" on navigation to swift bridging header file declaration



WEB-13312 (Bug)

Bad sample code in Dart code style preview: Spaces and Wrapping and Braces tabs

WEB-13201 (Bug)

Dart: wrong Settings page is opened from Dart support panel actions



DBE-776 (Usability Problem)

hint cover "more" button

DBE-503 (Usability Problem)

Table Editor: when editing long strings they disappear to the left

DBE-775 (Bug)

first item in table filter MRU not selectable

DBE-774 (Bug)

Data extractor ignores Data viewer's column order

DBE-761 (Bug)

Display multiline data in the results pane

DBE-784 (Bug)

Table Editor: Ctrl + C copies wrong value when you try to copy database error report



IDEA-129063 (Feature)

Show warning when 'Drop Frame' is invoked inside 'try' block with 'finally' section

IDEA-129621 (Bug)

Watches cannot be modified when not debugging

WEB-13249 (Bug)

support names mapping (function params and locals)

IDEA-129232 (Bug)

Debugger: switch language in evaluate expression window doesn't affect on selected EvaluationBuilder

IDEA-128022 (Bug)

Missing "adjust range" for arrays/collections

WEB-11324 (Bug)

Live Console vs. stdin

IDEA-124066 (Bug)

Debugger expression evaluation: ClassCastException when using Java 8 Stream API

IDEA-129313 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.debugger.engine.SuspendContextImpl.a



IDEA-127466 (Bug)

decompiler: dup_x1 semantics broken

IDEA-128676 (Bug)

Initializer in a nested class disappears

IDEA-128591 (Bug)

Infinite loop ignored

IDEA-127301 (Bug)

NPE in decompiler

IDEA-128593 (Bug)

Wrong order of switch cases

IDEA-128594 (Bug)

Variable type incorrectly set to boolean

IDEA-128595 (Bug)

Variable name set to 'this'

IDEA-128685 (Bug)

Incorrectly typed assignment expression

IDEA-127465 (Bug)

Decompiler may restore order of field initialization incorrectly

IDEA-129221 (Exception)

StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in decompiler after opening class-file from IDEA sources



IDEA-86098 (Bug)

Merge tool doesn't work at all: Error "Cannot find file" is shown.

IDEA-70425 (Bug) can only work with absolute paths

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-11900 (Usability Problem)

Replace C-style array declaration with Java-style

IDEA-106985 (Bug)

Incompatible type params not highlighted when they are inferred from assignment

External Tools


IDEA-108491 (Usability Problem)

Command line launcher ignores the merge command

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-76660 (Feature)

New multi-line search/replace should have Regex option

IDEA-122268 (Usability Problem)

Replace in Path: "Cancel" should be "Review"

IDEA-107627 (Bug)

Find key command select input text even if already focused

IDEA-129537 (Bug)

Scope "Selected Files" finds nothing when selected file is directory

IDEA-73862 (Bug)

Focus moves to the editor, when switching to Multiline mode in find/replace

IDEA-129326 (Exception)

IOOBE is thrown on attempt to expand Find Usage results

GUI Designer


IDEA-85423 (Bug)

IntelliJ behaves erratically when exiting the GUI designer



IDEA-74455 (Feature)

GWT: no way to set environment variables

IDEA-24138 (Feature)

Allow load selected GWT modules in GWT run configuration



IDEA-128514 (Bug)

Gradle project totally fails to build



WEB-13155 (Bug)

set a User-Agent header when downloading libraries using intention

WEB-8217 (Bug)

Edit injections in HTML attribute escapes nothing

WEB-369 (Bug)

"Duplicate ID reference" error shown when the ID of an element is the same as the name of an anchor tag

WEB-12667 (Bug)

'symbol' element from SVG namespace is reported as 'unknown HTML tag'

WEB-11558 (Bug)

'Fix all "there is no locally stored library" problems' do nothing

WEB-13309 (Bug)

Emmet trips up on rules with parenthesis

WEB-10812 (Bug)

Can't download library from using intention

IDE Configuration


IDEA-129351 (Usability Problem)

Cannot restore deleted live template

IDE.User Interface


DBE-635 (Feature)

New Column dialog: Identity Column for Microsoft SQL Server

DBE-346 (Feature)

New Column dialog: UI element to mark column AUTO_INCREMENT

DBE-782 (Bug)

Sybase: incorrect syntax when adding identity column with UI

DBE-781 (Bug)

Create Table: 'Tab' does not move focus to 'Auto inc' option



IDEA-129245 (Bug)

Deadlock in 138.1696.2



WEB-13231 (Bug)

Jade: do not reformat indented content after the include statement

WEB-13264 (Bug)

Jade: recognize &attributes keyword

WEB-13354 (Bug)

script + jade

WEB-13220 (Bug)

Jade: support optional white space after plus on mixin invocation

WEB-13234 (Exception)

Jade: SIOOBE while typing quotes for the script type

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-129485 (Bug)

Completion: Incorrect semicolon tail added

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-129251 (Bug)

Compilable Java 8 code is treated as error by IDEA

IDEA-124983 (Bug)

'Cyclic inference' and 'unresolved method' false errors in lambda expressions

IDEA-129727 (Bug)

success compil, but red code in editor

IDEA-128982 (Bug)

error shown in valid lambda code

IDEA-126778 (Bug)

intellij incorrectly shows error on valid lambda expression



IDEA-24275 (Feature)

Introduce Holder quick fix should use the name of the variable as the class name rather than the name of the type.

IDEA-117715 (Feature)

If "Package 'com.example' is missing a '' file, offer to create it

IDEA-129780 (Bug)

"Statement lambda can be expression lambda" inspection false negative

IDEA-125264 (Bug)

IntelliJ editor shows error with java 8 code where there is no error

IDEA-129320 (Bug)

Add more options to Inspection: Nested Method Call

IDEA-129589 (Bug)

C-style array declaration in method return type not detected



IDEA-119323 (Feature)

Deploying artifacts to Jboss 7 (Jboss 6 EAP) in domain mode.



IDEA-115771 (Task)

Struts 1: DOM stubs



WEB-3660 (Feature)

JSDoc @this support

WEB-13270 (Bug)

Simplify if statement intention does nothing for empty if-block

WEB-12185 (Bug)

Functions not resolved when file is referenced via another file in Node.js

WEB-12278 (Bug)

JS inspections: using the wrong namespace is not reported

WEB-13229 (Bug)

Live Template variable disappear while editing another variable

WEB-13306 (Bug)

JSDoc @typedef properties overflow to classes

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-5653 (Feature)

JavaScript: add wrapping for comments on code reformatting

WEB-11401 (Bug)

Smart indent: don't auto-indent block contents on Enter if it's aligned with braces

WEB-12086 (Bug)

Comments before function-as-argument produces wrong indentation

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-12475 (Feature)

Angular plugin should assign *.ng pattern to HTML file type

WEB-13091 (Bug)

AngularJS: recognize custom element directive when second argument is array

WEB-13200 (Bug)

AngularJS plugin doesn't recognize ng-repeat-start/ng-repeat-end

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-12074 (Bug)

Quick Documentation don't work with constructor property

WEB-11121 (Bug)

Good code is yellow: JS: Invalid number of arguments

JavaScript. Refactoring


WEB-2088 (Bug)

JS, Extract Method refactoring: with 'global' scope, created functional expression is not resolved

JavaScript. Templates


WEB-10221 (Bug)

Embedded javascript in script block placed after template script block not rendered correctly



WEB-13316 (Usability Problem)

HTML "Create selector" intention don't jump to LESS file

WEB-13314 (Bug)

LESS unclosed comment not detected as error

WEB-13120 (Bug)

code style -> align values mistake for media query (LESS)

WEB-13334 (Bug)

Less: don't add spaces after ampersand (&) on formatting



WEB-13203 (Feature)

Node.js: provide support for "peerDependencies" section in package.json

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-129700 (Bug)

Corrupted Info.plist

IDEA-129628 (Bug) doesn't detect 64-bit linux if used with IBM JRE

IDEA-129262 (Bug)

Failed update from 138.1751 to latest version

Plugin Support. API


IDEA-128774 (Feature)

Add ConsoleView as parameter into ConsoleFilterProviderEx

Plugin Support. DevKit


IDEA-128588 (Bug)

Context menu in editor does not open during indexing

IDEA-128345 (Bug)

Can't create plugin SDK on OS X

Project Configuration


IDEA-65708 (Bug)

Java SE libs not added to a classpath

Run | Debug configuration


IDEA-81929 (Feature)

Support java -jar run configurations



WEB-12533 (Bug)

Do not run 'ruby compass' with read lock

WEB-13092 (Bug)

Sass stdlib framework is detected but configuration fails



IDEA-127975 (Feature)

Spring Mongo: support @EnableMongoAuditing#auditorAwareRef|dateTimeProviderRef

IDEA-129136 (Feature)

Spring Integration: spel-function#method: provide intention to create missing method

IDEA-127853 (Bug)

Spring MongoDB: @EnableMongoRepositories#mongoTemplateRef support

IDEA-118996 (Bug)

Inlining a bean that is referenced via p: namespace removes the bean

IDEA-126893 (Bug)

Spring: parse custom beans for Cocoon Spring Configurator fails

IDEA-118460 (Bug)

Move bean refactoring does not copy p/c namespace attributes

IDEA-107872 (Bug)

@ComponentScan inspection should highlight value/basePackages red for packages that don't exist

IDEA-128689 (Bug)

Spring: do not mark @Bean annotated methods as "may be static"

IDEA-129349 (Bug)

Spring: Injection annotations should not affect unused parameters highlighting

Structural Search and Replace


IDEA-129604 (Bug)

Structural Search: use static import if possible breaks code



WEB-12866 (Bug)

TypeScript - no code completion for result of function with generic

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-129268 (Usability Problem)

Run abstract test class: show number of test classes for "All"

IDEA-119967 (Bug)

Test runner: FileComparisonFailure diff window misses Prev/Next failure arrows

Unit Testing. TestNG


IDEA-129448 (Feature)

testng: resolve dependsOnMethods/dataProvider in groovy

IDEA-129770 (Usability Problem)

Rerun Failed Tests makes not involved modules (or makes whole project)

User Interface


IDEA-129741 (Usability Problem)

Settings, File Colors tab: defult size of "Scopes" dialog window is too small

IDEA-129565 (Usability Problem)

Settings|Notifications: table with notification's groups should be disabled if checkbox is disabled

IDEA-129344 (Bug)

Dialogs invoked from expandable tooltip (debugger hint) appear under it

IDEA-129568 (Bug)

'Tab title limit' setting does not dither out when Tab Placement set to 'None'

IDEA-129655 (Bug)

Inspections UI: Dragging details pane divider too far right makes it disappear

IDEA-129395 (Bug)

'Do not ask me again' option of 'Confirm exit' dialog is saved even when 'Cancel' button is pressed

IDEA-129246 (Bug)

search in new settings doesn't find inspections

IDEA-129623 (Bug)

'Quick Documentation' doesn't show content of image file when invoked on a file reference in java code

CPP-725 (Bug)

L&F mess after "Java outdated" modal message dialog on project load

IDEA-129614 (Bug)

NullPointerException on "check for updates"

IDEA-129381 (Bug)

Settings dialog: not the whole area of hyperlinks is clickable

Version Control


IDEA-128954 (Usability Problem)

Push dialog: enter invoked on the repository node should move it to edit mode

IDEA-117057 (Bug)

Merge commit changes are not shown in (new) log

IDEA-129253 (Bug)

IDEA hangs up on opening the checked out project

Version Control. Git


IDEA-129682 (Feature)

Allow to create common branch, even if it exists in one of repos

IDEA-75353 (Usability Problem)

Git, commit in a detached HEAD: Intrusive warning message

IDEA-120604 (Usability Problem)

Github create pull request: two modal progresses instead of one

IDEA-120605 (Usability Problem)

Github Create Pull Request: get rid of initial modal fetching

IDEA-120608 (Usability Problem)

Select base fork dialog should not appear before create pull request dialog

IDEA-117553 (Performance Problem)

Vcs log: initial loading is significantly slower than in the command line

IDEA-115997 (Bug)

Git Log: create Tag action doesn't update log

IDEA-129048 (Bug)

Github: Create Pull Request: Diff window is not available until dialog closing

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-98785 (Bug)

Cannot commit Mercurial subrepo change from interface

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-127026 (Bug)

Perforce connection doesn't recognize config file starting with .

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-128840 (Bug)

While browsing svn repository "Loading..." node is always shown in case of error (during children load)



IDEA-119253 (Feature)

Option to turn off auto-complete for HTML

IDEA-129462 (Bug)

Spring batch plugin wrong support for version 2.0 vs 2.1 NS

IDEA-127191 (Exception)

"can't find tag for interface org.jetbrains.idea.devkit.dom.ExtensionPoint" thrown by 'Analyze Dependencies' action



WEB-13343 (Usability Problem)

Spy-js: Evaluation: provide warning about enabled evaluation in the current session

WEB-13244 (Bug)

running spy-js on a nodejs cluster -> port in use

WEB-13243 (Bug)

Spy-JS for Node.js does not work with SailsJs projects

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