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  • TeamCity 8.1.4 (build 30168) Release Notes
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  • TW-21501 - Allow to configure web page refresh interval
  • TW-36761 - Add JVM architecture (32/64 bit) to Java version details

Usability Problem

  • TW-36825 - Zip is opened as a plain text file in Diagnostic->Server Logs admin tab


  • TW-29976 - Swabra may kill TeamCity agent during locking processes killing (system process is locking checkout directory)
  • TW-30028 - New build step not saved if switch to another tab while editing
  • TW-30210 - SSL problems when connecting to HTTPS from TeamCity
  • TW-30568 - TeamCity don't save powershell "Add -NoProfile argument" option in metarunner
  • TW-33322 - Failed to load TeamCity configuration. GC overhead limit exceeded
  • TW-33786 - nant runner on osx/mono never returns
  • TW-34670 - "Unassign" button is misplaced on User/Group Roles tab
  • TW-34886 - Some github urls are recognized as subversion
  • TW-35501 - Cannot insert archive file via artifact chooser in Artifact Dependency
  • TW-36573 - Build can be run on outdated agent after server upgrade
  • TW-36644 - Artifacts download via REST does not set Content-Length
  • TW-36702 - agent stops using expected p4 commands
  • TW-36724 - IndexOutOfBoundsException in BuildTypeRequest.addArtifactDep
  • TW-36758 - JaCoCo report generation failed. Can't add different class with same name.
  • TW-36766 - Restore of test_info table into MySQL and PostgreSQL is very slow
  • TW-36787 - Report for Jacoco coverage fails when there are spaces in the path
  • TW-36790 - MySQL LockWaitTimeoutException during cleanup (action_history case)
  • TW-36791 - Cannot queue a build with custom artifact dependency described by "buildId" as revisionName: "buildNumber" is used
  • TW-36799 - Agent artifacts showing up on TeamCity server - via "Check Dependencies" button
  • TW-36826 - Automatic merge in git VCS root fails when merged branches have several merge-bases
  • TW-36830 - BuildLog index file is not removed while cleanup
  • TW-36843 - In compatiability bw Commandline RR +temacity 8.1.2
  • TW-36863 - A lot of threads blocked in VcsRootInstanceImpl.getCurrentState() method
  • TW-36865 - TeamCity Rake Runner Plugin isn't compatible with this RSpec version (3.0.0)
  • TW-36873 - Endless checking of a build failure condition
  • TW-36925 - Deadlock in database when publishing build statistic value (build_data_storage table)
  • TW-36944 - Test investigation can disappear if assigned while build is still running
  • TW-36986 - VCSRoot Deletion via REST API returns invalid JSON
  • TW-37021 - VS Addin invoke msbuild.exe on solution load which leads to failure of a build triggered by user
  • TW-37032 - "Branch Remote Run Trigger" may trigger insane amount of builds
  • TW-37044 - getCurrentState hangs trying to connect to github repository
  • TW-37057 - TeamCity rearranges tests in "Intellij Idea Project" step even with "Run new and modified tests first" disabled
  • TW-37068 - Old disconnected agents are note deleted during cleanup after two weeks
  • TW-37086 - Builds hang forever, all threads wait for a thread that do "SQL SELECT: select… from test_info i where build_id = ? and status >= ? order by test_id"
  • TW-37122 - Git shallow clone doesn't work for tags
  • TW-37148 - NuGet Feed authentication does not work in NuGet 2.8
  • TW-37154 - Cleanup rules are not reset on moving build configuration to another project.
  • TW-37155 - MS SQL: Looks like TC hangs with message В«Could not reach the databaseВ» when really JDBC driver is not configured for integrated authentication
  • TW-37191 - Wrong server-side patch in the case of mercurial subrepos and exclude checkout rules
  • TW-37203 - Fix texts and links on the Build Features page and the dedicated build feature pages
  • TW-37204 - Fix/add links to the online help on the Failure Conditions page
  • TW-37230 - Amazon EC2 t2.micro series instances missing from cloud config list
  • TW-37280 - Maven runner sometimes fails with IllegalStateException at jetbrains.buildServer.xmlReportPlugin.XmlReportPlugin.getBuild
  • TW-37284 - Wrong tooltip for the "Addin for Visual Studio" link
  • TW-37298 - Restore from backup: Wrong number of indices failed to create

Performance Problem

  • TW-34232 - Slow projects popup filtering on large page
  • TW-36805 - Slow pages loading (threads blocked on tests.BuildOrderSupport.getBuildsAfter)
  • TW-36836 - Some configs occasionally hang on resolving artifact dependencies
  • TW-36945 - ALL_PAGES_HEADER and ALL_PAGES_FOOTER extensions are called too often on /agents.html page


  • TW-36999 - UI: Database Connection Setup screens
  • TW-37221 - Fix messages related to the license maintenance period expiry date
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