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  1. Anonymous

    A feature I would really like is a way to visualise cascading keys. Too late for what I am constructing now, but I will be writing similar tools in future.

    I am currently coding a script that changes the product model of an ecommerce site and want to keep data for wishlists, orders, carts etc (which have cascading deletes from product entity table) but keep the other keys with products (e.g. bestsllers, stock, etc). Then I will change the product model, convert the remaining wishlists / orders / carts to use the new model. 

    So although I can see direct delete foreign keys between these tables, I do not see for example the theoreticla delete cascades from e.g. delete product ===> delet product option ===> delete wishlist item. 

    You could visualise this in a kind of tree structure I think