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IntellijIDEA lets you perform different actions with strings in Scala. IntellijIDEA also supports a Scala multi-line strings feature. This feature lets you format literals and helps your code to look more orderly.

Scala offers a method called stripMargin that removes the left-hand part of a multiline string up to a specified delimiter.

Adding Different Intentions for Strings in Scala

You can add a number of intentions in your strings in Scala.

How to Insert Gap with concatenation into a String

IntellijIDEA lets you insert a gap with concatenation intention. To do that, in your Editor type a string litrals and press Alt + Enter. The list of appropriate intentions opens.

Select Insert gap with concatenation ("+ +") and press Enter.

Insert a value in your string. If you want, you can evaluate the result in Scala Console.

Entering Multi-line strings

To envoke stripMargin method, in the editor, enter triple quots. Now you are able to enter multi-line strings.

The white spaces are also preserved. Please see the following example:

Selecting Intentions for Scala Multi-line Strings

You can choose different intention options for Scala multi-line strings. Place your cursor on the string and press Alt + Enter.

For example, if you select Convert to "String" option, you will see the following result:

The multi-line string is converted to the one-line string.

For examle, you can choose option Insert gap with concatenation. For the Scala version 2.10 and later you also have the ability to convert a string concatenation into the interpolated string.

Now you can convert the concatenation into the interpolated string.

The result is as follows:

Editing Multi-line Strings Settings

You can set a different format for multi-line strings options such as Margin char indent or Margin Char. You can also disable a multi-line strings support.


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